Happy 3rd Blogversary Dolce Vanity

Dolce Vanity is 3 years old today!!

Talk about time flies, it honestly doesn't even feel like I've been doing this for 3 years.
I appreciate the readers, followers, supporters, commenter's ahh I just love the lot of you!

Thank you!!

I'm following up this post with a blog post about why I started Dolce Vanity if anyone is interested.
It could end up a little long winded but ... hey ho ; You should be use to that one by now lol.

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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday~!!! That cupcake looks delicious! lmao

  2. thank you @MissAshDG lol it does look delicious. I only wish I was binging on it xoxo

  3. happy 3rd! :)

    and yes the cupcake looks so good!

  4. Happy 3rd...... for sure ..!! and well
    I am now a new follower great blog you have!
    I invite you to my blog !


  5. Congrats! I love hearing why people started their blog. & thanks for the FF on twitter!

  6. oooh congratulations!!


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