Deep Cleansing MakeUp Brushes

It's fair to say I have been wearing next to nothing in the make-up department in the last month or so but that doesn't mean that make-up brushes should be neglected. I thought it's about time mine was in need of deep cleaning..right to the root of the brushes. I think sometimes we do forget how much bacteria are brushes end up carrying. The same way we wash our faces ... you know that a deep cleanse makes it feel just THAT much more clean & you benefit more from it.

Brushes should be treated that same way, I mean at the end of the day we are using these tools to apply our make-up.

I gathered all my brushes that I use regularly together .... say hello to these grubby fellas.

You may or may not already know about using EVOO ( extra virgin olive oil ) to clean brushes, well what I like to do is get a glass and kind of soak them for 5-10 minutes.

One by one using a paper towel / kitchen paper I start to brush out the gunk.....Look at the second picture...that's out of ONE foundation brush - eekk.

After that is done ... I then clean them with baby shampoo or if there is none of that available good ol' Fairy Antibacterial Liquid. Laying them down to dry I then start taking certain brushes such as my blending, blush & my crease brushes and to help them keep shape I use toilet paper as a brush guard, it's free and simply. All other brushes I reshape and put down to dry on a flat surface on top of a clean towel.

Just take some toilet paper and wrap it taut around the brush handle and then slide the handle downward so your bristles are now within the taut toilet paper and leave to dry.

There's are different ways to clean make-up brushes, mostly revolve around the same products but just different ways in which people find comfortable to clean their brushes, this is just one of mine

I use rubbing alcohol to wipe inside my make-up bags & holders to get rid of any germs, the few ones that are fabric I tend to put those in the washing machine to wash the outside.

I've got into the habit with brushes that I use daily with liquid products (such as my foundation, concealer, lipstick & gel eyeliner) I clean those daily. Not a deep cleanse but I'll run them under the tap with b.shampoo or if you have a daily brush cleaner you can use that. They'll be dry by morning to use once again.

All my other brushes I will clean once a week.

It's important to remember that sometimes when we break out it can be due to the product or just because our brushes are not clean enough and we are just spreading bacteria.

Is there a method you use that you've found works with cleaning your brushes ?

How often do you clean your brushes ? Or are you guilty of not doing it as often as you know you should ?

Thanks for reading ...

Peace & Love
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