Beeday 28/04

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on Thursday.

I kept it very low key didn't have anything planned - last minute I ended up in West London for a couple of days as a couple of friends were not approving of me just treating it like any other day.

A childhood friend baked me some cupcakes ( image above ) sugary goodness mmmm-mmm. I ended up with THREE birthday cakes on top of that

My mum & stepdad got me this cake because it had the shoe ( shoe obsessed ) & of course it's a pink shoe and he saw it even more because of the 'ohh la la' and as my other name is LaaLaa it fitted perfectly for me - sweet huh.

My best friend got me a "Forever Friends" cake & my Nan got me a "Winnie The Pooh" one... I just love it when people bring out my childhood favourites. There's a lot of cake distributing today ... I mean look at my breakfast ...

Guilty... May 1st signals a diet to get rid of all the sugar consumption.

On the gift side, I'm never so fussed anymore when it comes to presents as you get to that stage where you buy what you want, when you want / can but my grandmother, bless her, knows I'm a Jennifer Lopez stan *screams*

She got me the JLO LA Glow perfume and the Venus razors that JLO endorses... it's sweet because she just buys things that are little gifts that have meaning to me. Can't deny I cried.

My mum got me Marilyn Mornoe wallpaper...even bigger stan there for Ms.Monroe - couldn't you tell?

I decided to get a few things off the ASOS website during the up to 70% sale

My best friend got me this little Monkey teddy....a friend for Monchichi :o) cute huh.

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  1. yummmmm yumm and happy bday xoxo

  2. AWW Happy elated birthday honey,wishu many more years 2come! love all ur gifts they r amazing!!!!!!!!!!! the cakes are yummy im drooling over them hehe and lastly love ur pictures,cant get my pics to lok this good ouch!

  3. belated happy birthday love!

    i love that gold watch btw =)

  4. Awww Happy Belated Birthday :) You've got some awesome presents, and we have so much in common like so many girls. Shoe addict, Monroe super fan, and great taste in jewelry. That watch and ring are gorgeous!

  5. Happy belated birthday hon. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments ladies xoxo


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