HD Brows Consultation

Hey loves,

The Background :

Remember my March/April monthly challenge I had four different ones to keep me occupied and one of the major ones was to grow out my eyebrows.

My birthday is in two weeks so therefore I must get my eyebrows done ( doing something or not ) I was just going to get them threaded as you know I do them myself but as a treat I was going to allow someone on my face - after my last 2007 eyebrow waxing disaster - I knew I had to find someone who has a great reputation and reviews that are 4 - 5 star worthy.

A few months back Sarah from I Heart Cosmetics had a post reviewing and explaining HD Brows I was so intrigued as I normally fill in my eyebrows using MAC Espresso eyeshadow but having a palette like that seemed very handy. I decided against it - for the meantime.

I did contact the Nouveau Beauty Group and asked them how to purchase a palette as I could no longer find it to buy on the official website and I was informed by Jeanette Rostron Head of Product Sales:

Unfortunately we have no palettes left as they are redesigning them, so until this has happened we are unaware as to the finished product reaching us as yet.

Doing a search I wanted to find someone within Bedfordshire as that's my county. I come across Touch Luton and one business listed is owned by a beauty therapist by the name of Michelle Alexander " Beauty's Within ". These are the reviews and star points I was looking for please read them here

Upon contacting Michelle I felt ever so excited for the consultation and the prospect of getting such a fabulous procedure.

Beauty's Within is run out of Michelle's own home, which automatically makes you feel at ease, I was greeted with such an energetic warm welcome it was hard not to feel like I haven't already meet & been here previously.

The Consultation

After being taken into the beauty room, Michelle even took care of my Nan who came along with me and allowed her to sit on the comfy chair ( being that of the massage chair ) we began talking about HD Brows I explained that I had been growing my own out for the past two months and I wanted to take the plunge and try something new and I had come across Michelle via the great reviews I had read online.

I was then informed on the procedure of HD Brows and always told that it's never guaranteed that you will get the 'Perfect HD Brows' the first time round -which is always great to know before hand. To remember that our eyebrows are SISTERS & not TWINS. You know how much I fret over having those near enough identical eyebrows - it's why it's the longest thing I fuss about.

Michelle also told me about a common problem I think a lot of us have run into. You've got a thick hair in your eyebrow...you pluck it out, now what's happened?

Your left with a great gap of missing hair - it's happened to me so many times, Michelle's advice ... DO NOT pluck it. With HD Brows it's trimmed and your HD Brow shaper will trim it into the direction where your hairs grow.

A new piece of information I learnt during my consultation - the three stages of hair growth


When the hairs are in the ANAGEN stage after getting HD Brows I was told not to pluck the hairs away. That is when the shape that has been created will be destroyed.

TIP : Daily use a eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrow hairs into the same direction over time the hairs will begin to grow in the same direction

The steps to getting HD Brows included waxing, tweezing, threading, tinting, trimming & shaping. Michelle wanted to give me her opinion on how she would like to shape my eyebrows and I would then chime in if I agreed or not. It was noted that I had great eyebrows to work with lol thanks Michelle. I also found out my face is oval ( always wanted to know that ) the vision is how I saw it, still keeping the fullness of my eyebrows and a low arch *PERFECT* I was asked what colour was I thinking with the tint quite dark or to blend into my skin & hair tone and I said the latter.

Now this is when I thought Michelle had scored even bigger points with me during this consultation, there were forms to fill in, in the years that I've had waxing and acrylic nails not once did I fill out a form. Which consisted of basic details, name, D.O.B, age, address, allergies, diseases etc which Michelle noted should be standard practice yet Michelle knowing that it is important to be well aware before doing anything on a client as you don't know the harm / dangers you or your beauty therapist could be exposed to.

Also noted was if I would be continuing to come to Beauty's Within any health changes that has happened in between visit, your own personal sheet would be updated - thorough & exceedingly professional.

Skin tests need to be done prior to EVERY HD Brows treatment. A signed ( by Michelle & I ) patch test - standard after care advise sheet was then given to me which Michelle ran through with me and gave me to keep.

Michelle was nice enough to speak briefly on other beauty treatments that Beauty's Within offers. With unbelievable prices and such a relaxing environment it's hard not to imagine being such a regular client. Being shown the room where Michelle does her massages/aromatherapy/holistic treatments was absolutely jaw dropping. The d├ęcor alone makes you feel relaxed!

In her office, I was shown before and after pictures of her clients. Jaw dropping amazing, quite like magic it can make anyone have the eyebrows that they desire. I cannot say how rare it is to find someone who is the utmost professional yet very welcoming & friendly. I walked away with a quick appointment for next Tuesday and some AHAVA samples to sink my teeth into that I cannot wait to share with you guys.
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