Mes chéries happy new year & good health to you all !!

However you left 2010 and ended 2011 I hope you was in good spirits while doing it.

So this is normally the time we reflect & decide on what we are going to do for the next 365 days. I don't like 'New Years Resolutions' they don't stick & I don't believe on waiting until the next year to get on with things. So this will be more of my list on what I would like to continue to do maybe throw in some hopes.

Continue to improve : That can be with various things, especially with myself & Dolce Vanity. Seeing as I started this as a hobby to document my growth it's something that has turned into a passion that I'd love to continue see grow & love even more - if that's possible. Yet I have my lovely readers for helping me too as you show & give me the encouragement as fellow addicts too so I thank you

Continue my 90 day workout plans : I decided to purchase the EA Sports Active 2 and wow does it kick butt. Since I have been laid up in bed with flu, I haven't been able to continue with it but I feel the withdrawal of not getting in a daily workout.

Continue to just .....let it go : I'm such a stress head & I can't deal with that no-more I see how much that takes out on my health so I will continue to breathe & let it go ( well at least try ) until I get it down pat. Life is too short to worry about negativity.

Continue to just BE ME : The main thing I've never 100% been able to do without being judged but in the last couple of years I've learnt to be happy & comfortable do things I'm interested in & at my own pace. Don't shy away from what you believe, love, loathe or have to say. I am me and at the end of the day if I'm not harming anyone what's the problem ?

There's things I want to try & do in 2011 such as burlesque -( & no I haven't seen the film, but I've certainly seen that sexy aura that Dita Von Teese posses) I'd love to meet some beauty bloggers that I've been interacting with for a while & get tatted up some more lol!

Basically make this year what I want it to be. I hope you do the same.

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