Versatile Award & 15 Random Tag

The beautiful Jacenda LeeAnn awarded me this bloggers award. Thanks honey.

So it goes as follows :

The "Rules":

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass it along to 7 beauty blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy

4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about the award

7 Things :

1. I'm a Pescatarian - I'm a Vegetarian but the correct word for it is Pescatarian as I still eat fish

2. Huge animal lover, I guess that's why I have 16 rabbits and 1 cat and 1 goldfish -( was two but he died) I'm looking for a lizard to add to the collection.

3. I'm an only child & unfortunately not the lucky few who are spoiled rotten

4. My ethnicity is one of question from people, so let's break it down. My mothers side is Jamaican but my great great grandmother is of Syrian & Jamaican mix. My fathers side is just (white) English - I'm not that hard to figure out lol.

5. I'm not much of an alcoholic drinker but when I do, I'm certainly no lady. I'm a Stella type girl.

6. Heavily influenced MTV's 90s child. I miss my old MTV that was the highlight of my childhood!

7. I'm a neat freak. I will scream at you if you misplace my stuff, my friends do it on purpose to watch my head explode lol love it .

7 Blogs :

Cheeky Beauty

Lipgloss And Leopard Print

Juicy Beauty Gossip

Make-Up Addict

Beauty & The Blog 23

La Dolce Vita

Sofia's Brighter Days

& while I am at it, I shall do Sriya's 15 random facts about me tag as she did ask me to do it lol :

1. I'm a bath freak. My friend told me I must be one of the cleanest people who knows because I'm forever in the bath lol another called me a 'taking a bath expert' I adore baths, I just love having such a heavenly fragrance atmosphere with candles and some music blaring from my phone and soft bath water ahh just thinking about it.

2. I am a Taurean born the year of the Dragon on the 28th April. I do posses most my traits stubborn, ferocious temper but I'm not sure about the financial wizard sector, I must of left that on Venus.

3. My first major 'woman crush' was Lara Croft. Yeah loved Lara was even better when Angelina stepped into the gear. Yet everyone who knows me knows I'm a Jennifer Lopez girl too through & through.

4. I loved Spongebob Squarepants & I wrote to Nickelodeon seeing as they were ever so friendly with giving 'children' goody bags for simply writing in and I never heard from them nor did I ever get a goody bag silently sent to my home. *sniffles* Well I know now don't was always a big scandal and no-one did receive anything DID THEY!

5. I'm obsessed with serial killer crime documentaries. If someone asks me 'What are you doing?' & I reply 'Watching a documentary' it's always ' You & your serial killers ! ' - Just for the record they are not mine, this is no Rosemary's baby. Yet the mind intrigues me to very deep depths.

6. Reading. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. I know reading is not for everyone, I discovered that through years of taunting for enjoying to read, to this day I still hear it. ( Quite pathetic ) but I enjoy it. I'm more on the historical & biography side of books. Give me an interesting book & my glasses & I'm more than happy - reminds me of an out of print autobiography that I have wanted for a while now that people are selling from between £300 - £1000 on Amazon. I managed to find one for under £5 ( imagine it's a fluke aahh )

7. There's this toy monkey I have, I loved him as a little girl he sucks his thumb & is oh so cute. When I re-discovered him last summer I asked my grandmother who bought him for me, she said no-one I stole him when I was young from the church toy box - I am so sorry Jesus.

8. I'm not much of a "Girlie Girl" I never have been, doubtful I ever will be. I need that bit of edge !! I was that little girl when young who was in her 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' jumper playing with a Barbie but would soon enough dump it to go play with the boys outside in the garden for a game of football but in 4 plus I was one of the girl's who would fit for that empty washing up bowl to play ' hairdressers' ahh the eccentricity

9. My taste for Rock music has developed more in the last couple of years. Its the only music for me that's stayed consistent for my liking. If I listen to anything else it's all pre 2006 - what happened to music afterwards ?!

10. If I was to tell you my obsessions lie with Marilyn Monroe & Leopard print, would you say ' duhh pretty obvious!' because that's where my obsessions lie lol.

11. In my younger days, I use to write short stories at school & sell them for 10p for the first one and 20p per story afterwards.

12. I learnt to play the piano from 10 - 12 years old. My first instrument was a piano and I then decided to want to learn the recorder & violin. Now I want to learn the guitar ...... *turn up the amp* & rock .

13. I'm a Winnie The Pooh fan. My first EVER teddy bear was a Winnie The Pooh that my mothers friend made for me when I was born, so that was my first ever teddy and the obsession is still here 22 years later. It just spawned more books, teddies and little other items.

14. I've noticed I have this 'thing' where I put on Marvin Gaye & clean my room. It's the only way forward.

15. Addictive personality. That is what people have told me I have, I don't want to admit I as then it's the truth but I guess it's time to be honest with myself.. I have an addictive personality. Therefore you will not catch me doing lines of coke as by the next week I'm sure as hell going to be a crack fiend.

I tag anyone who is anyone to do this, just link back to me & it's all cool. That was quite hard trying to think of something 'interesting' well 22 things all together *phew*

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  1. Anonymous3/1/11

    Aww you're so sweet! Thanks for the award :D And well done for receiving one.. You totally deserve it!!
    I'm a complete neat freak too! I freak out when someone tries to move ANYTHING.. Even if it's just a crisp packet LOL! Everything has got to be in it's place right? Haha!
    I love reading too *Geek* & have an obsession with leopard print (if you didn't already gather?) LOL :P
    P.s. You was one cute child! Awww xx

  2. Thanks honey.

    Exactly everything has a place lol! I have things in alphabetical order. My cosmetics and beauty products in place, gosh even my underwear is arranged into styles.

    Oh no way you have a leopard print obsession too =| haaha!

    Aww thanks, I look like a little boy LMAO in a confused state, I think that teddy has a nappy on xx

  3. Anonymous3/1/11

    Oh wow alphabetical order you say? And I thought I was a neat freak.. Obvs not haha! :P
    Oh snap.. My make up & underwear are arranged that way too.. & all the clothes in my wardrobe! GO US! We're so cool! LOL xx

  4. Yeah lmao alphabetical order, you should of seen me the other week put them in order and my best friend come by to help take down a wardrobe and he was like ' are you seriously putting them in alphabetical order ' and when I left the wrong RE-ARRANGED them to drive me nuts, which nearly drove me to tears lol!

    OMG, yes I'm the same with my wardrobe and shoes Jesus Christ and my hangers have to be a particular way too.

    We are def too cool for OCD ahaha xo

  5. Anonymous4/1/11

    You have major OCD haha! I used to keep my DVD's in alphabetical order when they were on a shelf but now they're in a drawer so I just left it random LOL!

    My hangers are colour coordinated! I have pink ones, silver ones and white ones and they are never allowed to be mixed together haha! xx

  6. Thaks for the award lovely.x

  7. I miss the mtv from my youth you remember singled out? I dunno if it was on mtv but it was good nontheless

  8. @ Beauty And The Blog : anytime gorgeous xo

    @ Imo : Do I ? Yes. I loved Singled Out. Was never a fan of the U.K. version that come out pft lol.

  9. Anonymous5/1/11

    =) thank you!!!
    yahh for being Jamaican mix and im a neat freak tooo im seriously pyscho when things are out of place lol.

  10. Haha it's the only way. I live with my Jamaican grandmother and well there's not much she won't let me get away with not doing such as learning to COOK!

    Yes seee, you understand too. Everything has it's place - leave it ha :o)

  11. haha omggg thats so weird about the serial killer thing im the EXACT sameee!!! i also read alot on crime library about serial killer stories haha!! i get scared afterwards but give me a few more days and im reading another one lol!!
    cute blog! xx

  12. Thanks soo much for the award!
    means alot