No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick - Gay Geranium

Continuing my new fetish for all things Coral I was searching online for a Coral lipstick & come across this image :

Turned out that the wonderful makeup artist was the oh so talented Lisa Eldridge the model was walking the runway for Osman Yousefzada in 2008 and Lisa teamed the perfectly clean base with striking bold eyebrows and the ever so striking coral lipstick. So I continued to read the article and hoping that she was using a Boots No7 product it turned out she was !!

Spending my £5 off Boots voucher wasn't a hard choice after I found this coral lipstick " No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick, in Gay Geranium, (£10).

The colour is quite bright in the tube and indeed it's intimidating no ?! But I've found you can't be scared of colour well there's looking fabulous in colour and looking like you've been applying a highlighter to your face. I can't wait to see how I can incorporate this into a FOTD .

Feels moist and soft on the lips during and after application
Colour is striking
On trend

It doesn't last during drinking, eating or even from talking a lot - lip liner definitely needed
It takes a few swipes to get a bit of cover on my lips to get a nice coverage.

Price : £10
Would I buy it again ? Yes I would, once I find a great lipliner that goes with the colour I think it would be fantastic.
Where to purchase : In store in boots OR via Website (direct link)

Have you purchased this lipstick or any from the No7 Stay Perfect range ? What are your thoughts I'd love to know !!
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  1. This looks are darn sight better on you than the model! I like bright lippy.

  2. @Old Cow Yeah it looks real BOLD on the model, not so everyday. My nan saw the image and said to me 'are you sure?!' LOL! Braved it for £5 so hey. Thanks honey xo

  3. Oooo I like that! Im kinda getting into my brights a bit now, well slowly anyway ha.

    LOVE the new header too babe. Do you make them yourself? I want one!


  4. I love bright bold lips so much I wear them on a daily basis and that shade is oh so pretty! That's right girl, can't be scared of colors!

  5. Anonymous31/1/11

    What a pretty colour! x

  6. @Jo YAY!! It's good to explore! Thank you, I do..I just mostly find inspiration from cd artwork etc and put them together via photoshop.

    @SOPHIE WEARS It's true love, gotta love those bright colours, can make a grey day great.

    @makeup Barbie thanks honey :o) xo

  7. ..this colour looks amazing , even for me - I own only one lipstic lol ..I would love to try this one as it look perfect olour for summer day's..and No 7 is great great brand anyway ..
    he he he I love those 5£ vouchers , I always buy No 7 eye make-up remover (the best ever )

  8. Anonymous31/1/11

    Gorgeous colour! Really suits your skin tone! :) xx

  9. @ellinelle
    Yeah No7 is a great brand, this was the 1st lipstick I have ever purchased from the brand though and I'm quite happy. I've read such great reviews on the makeup remover... I think that will be my next investment :o)

    @Sriya isn't it, aww thank you. I was quite ooooh when I saw it on the model but on me it's not so bad & I do think that's down to skin tone also <3

  10. what a great blog!


  11. I want a lip colour that's more darish for summer, and this colour is going to have to be a must for me, but going to have to see how it will look like against my skin colour and lip size first...x

  12. Hello, if you like coral colour,the most amazing lipstick for Coral is "spiced Coral" by Estee Lauder.but they don't produce anymore:(((
    I hope they begin to produce it again.