D.I.Y. Homemade Wax Hair Removal Results

Viewing this blog post yesterday afternoon was like a God send to me, mainly because I was thinking this week of going to purchase a wax heater as I have a kit but no heater - hmm.

But while doing a blog catch-up & being on Sriya's blog she had a post on D.I.Y. wax hair removal. Screaming GOD SENT.

I've been waxed before - professionally of course & any-time I got a Brazilian wax it hurt more than my ribcage tattoo - says a lot right !? I hated it but it has to be done so times are hard right now, money has to be stretched and we need to find things that work for us where possible.

Meaning a lot of D.I.Y. ladies so, I made the wax but I changed the two cups of sugar for a cup of sugar & a cup of honey and of course did the rest of the ingredients to a T.

Thank goodness I didn't turn the mixture black *phew* but I was sceptical if it was going to work, I had friends on stand by just in case it was the case of A&E !!

Here is my mixture :

So like I said I've already got waxing strips & spatula's and that is my mixture....ermmm I used freshly squeezed lemons soooo, those may be the lemon bits in there.

So I dipped my spatula into the mixture and spread it on my arm.

Applied the waxing strip onto my arm and gently rubbed my palm across is to make sure it sticked onto the paper well enough for the removal part.

& I ripped against the hair growth...& voila. That is my successful wax removal & I continued all around my arm & onto the opposite side. How I forgot how damn smooth waxed skin feels. I'm in love, I did nothing but gush about my arm last night. I want to wax everyone. I have gone wax mad!!

Have you ever self waxed or even made your own wax ? Willing to try ?

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D.I.Y. Waxing Removal Instructions : Lipgloss & Leopard Print Blog.
Where I Purchase Waxing Strips : Ebay Results
Where I Purchase Waxing Spatulas : Ebay Results

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  1. Anonymous10/1/11

    I am SO glad it worked for you :D Imagine if you went through all that trouble and it didn't! Phew!
    I need to buy me some of those strips you used to wax.. Any ideas where I can pick them up? :) xxx

  2. @LipglossAndLeopardPrint. LOL! I was thinking to myself ... watch this not work for me it would be my typical type of luck too.

    Thank goodness it did, your post was the biggest GOD SEND of 2011 ( so far lol )

    I would say Ebay. That's where I normally find my bits & bobs for stuff as in Luton, they hardly have NOTHING here to buy :o( - that I want. So I'd try Ebay babes.


  3. I get waxed but I feel like I would have a hard time doing it myself. Great post. I will definitely have to try this.

  4. @LaTonya I know I'd have a hard time giving myself any sort of Vayjayjay decoration lol but arms, legs etc I think is a sorted thing.

    Glad you enjoyed the post :o)

  5. Thanks for the informative blog post. ;) I've waxed myself before, but I always bought the wax from a store. I will definitely try this one out.

  6. @GlamourMe Yeah see I would of got some microwaveable wax or a wax heater but after seeing the blog post by Syria I decided no need.

    http://lipglossandleopardprint.blogspot.com/2011/01/diy-hair-removal-wax.html - GREAT SOURCE!

    :o) xoxo

  7. Oh wow, it looks amazing! Thanks for this!

  8. @G A B Y lovely, so glad I could help pass on this info :o) xo

  9. Anonymous10/1/11

    Ahh thanks my lovely! I'm gonna look on ebay for a few bits n bobs.. I wanna try the heated wax thing you have! But I'm broke right now so I'll wait haha! xx

  10. @LipglossAndLeopardPrint. join my club LOL!

    It's all necessary product buying ( coughs ) I will try.

    Yeah I know Argos have a few but a pan does just as great, I've gone wax crazy :o) xo

  11. I haven`t tried it by myself till now...does it hurt less than at the salon?xx


  12. @Alina A. Hey sweetie, I couldn't 100% say about any other body part besides my arms at the current time as I removed hair previously before seeing Syria's post.

    Yet my arms didn't hurt at all & that was a first time wax on them for me. xoxo

  13. It didn't hurt?!
    omg girl bottle this up and sell it lol

  14. @Jennifer lmao, wait until I've ventured elsewhere on the body and then I'll be saying mmm it hurt.

    Might of been just because it was my arm or my pain tolerance has been set to high due to tattoos LOL!

  15. This is amazng! WAX me! lol, I hear ya in the expensive waxing tip DIY is the way forward when your being a penny pincher like me!

  16. @Imo YAY, I will kidnap you and go wax crazy LOL!

    Yes, it's all about making those pennies stretch so if we can do it for less and at home why not.

  17. Eek! SO excited to try this :)

  18. @Lucky YAY. Girl try & you'll love and like most things it gets better with practice :o)

  19. Anonymous14/1/11

    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  20. I've been slowly wading into home waxing/sugaring -- This is so much better than the process I've been using! Where were you a few months ago when I was getting started? :) I just invested in a wax warmer this week (great deal at Sally Beauty), but I wouldn't have had the guts to do it if I hadn't tried doing something like this at home. I'm totally comfortable with doing my own eyebrows now... next up, legs!

  21. the diy home made treatment for wax removal is very effective. You can know about it from this post

  22. I tried cold waxing and it didn’t turn out well. haha mababa ang pain tolerance ko but still it’s much much cheaper than having it serviced in the salon Men's Reviews