Live Without Regrets


It's been a little while huh !? Okay so I hope those who was celebrating Christmas had a wonderful day & got things that they are loving.

I got another tattoo to add to my collection. I wanted to get a script tattoo & really wanted to do my ribs. Worst place as I kept getting told & reading. I have to say YES it's the most uncomfortable place but it's bearable & I loved it.

I love the Italian language & decided on script in Italian but it was finding something. Hayden Panettiere has the same text but unfortunately misspelled on her side.

I went for Vivere senza rimpianti meaning Live without regrets .

My step-dad decided to pay for this (Xmas present) as well as get my mum one too. I'm in total love with this tattoo & as I don't really show of my stomach much it's quite a tattoo for me in a sense.

Christmas Day

Dress : Dorothy Perkins

I never just want to slouch, eat and chill on Xmas day. I'm the type who gets a Christmas outfit haha, it's nice to dress up and feel festive, until you have to slip out of it into something comfortable because you've now been roped into a game of hide and seek. I had a real nice day all the family was round which was so nice :o) & I got stocked up on my essentials such as Vaseline, bubble bath, pyjamas & a new electric toothbrush.

My Nan got me some 'stripper' shoes as my shoes are always nicknamed lol! Yes gold heels & platform with LEOPARD PRINT. Wouldn't be me otherwise.

Did you all enjoy you Christmas? What's your plans for the New Year ? Are you going to be a loser like me and be sitting in your pyjama's no doubt watching Beavis & Butthead ?!

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  1. Awesome tattoo and LOVE the outfit.

  2. Wow! You hottie :)

    Love the tattoo, would love one myself, but no idea where or what he-he!!

  3. Anonymous28/12/10

    I love the dress and tattoo. The Italian language is so beautiful, I need to learn more of it.

  4. I love the tattoo, it's beautiful! I've always thought about getting a tattoo, but I'm an impulsive person, and I'd probably regret it.

    I don't have any NY plans, probably stay home :P

  5. Gorgeous tatt hun; your body is so sexy!

  6. dang girl, lookin AMAZING!! no nye plans yet...expecting the hubs to pick a place tonight, lol

  7. Amazin tattoo! I want a script tattoo, too! Maybe with the name of my first dog <3

  8. Anonymous31/12/10

    LOVE the tattoo and the 'Stripper' shoes :P xx

  9. @L, thank you very much.

    @Cheeky Beauty, missy you can talk, I saw those holiday snaps *WOLF WHISTLE*
    I find tattoo's very addictive, I want another one lol. Maybe you should do the wrists or by your ankle
    I could imagine you with something script and meaningful xo

    @Tanisa O Rossi, thank you, me too it's absolutely gorgeous. Knee's buckling - that's why I'm trying to get
    me an Italian Stallion lol.

    @Arezu, :o) thanks, lol I know what you mean luckily after being inked for nearly 6yrs now I haven't regretted none YET.
    Your NYE plans sound just like mine hehe.

    @Jennifer, thanks my love.

    @adina renée., <3 mwah!

    @Kyrstia, *blushes* thanks honey

    @Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita*, thanks so much beautiful, I hope he picked out a great place :o) xo

    @ G A B Y, Oh how sweet, that would be so nice & thanks.

    @LipglossAndLeopardPrint, yay for the stripper LEOPARD PRINT shoes :o) xo

  10. Anonymous31/12/10

    love the tattooo <3