It's Halloween *ooooo*!! This evening I've snuggled into my bed under my faux fur throw and I'm having a scary movie marathon. Some of my favourite movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining & The Silence of the Lambs. Guess it's safe to say I'm in the fun spirit of it all lol, just an excuse to stuff my face & live by candlelight, tonight I have the NEOM Real Luxury Candle* burning. I think it's safe to say NEOM candles are my favourite, especially the three wick editions.
They last, they have such a strong but soothing aroma and if there's anything you need to put you to sleep after a gore fest besides their Sleep Kit (which I wrote about here)it's these to give a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. Infused with Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood - this has kept the ambiance more soothing than horror tonight.
I've even had some fun carving pumpkins. It's been my first time and instead of doing scary faces, I've done one of the BEST faces EVER! If you know me, I'm a South Park addict, Butters is my FAVOURITE! Ooo how I could squeeze & tickle that little guy for hours on end, move over Elmo. That's who I've carved engraved into my pumpkin. So currently I'm watching Nightmare on Elm Street - that and Silence of the Lambs were the first two horror films I watched as a chid, yes I know lol!

I found this first via Fashionicide's (Halima) instagram and was so intridgued I had to find my own:
Attending a 'tea picnic' hosted by Russian spies you suspect foul play after they spike your drink with polonium-210. Collapsing, you gasp for air and accidentally suck a bee off a daisy. In defence it stings you on the tongue which, combined with the radioactive power, turns you into BEE MAN! Weeks later, fighting your first crime, you sting an escaping mugger and tear your own arse out. Slowly bleeding to death on the pavement you crawl around in circles saying “bzzzzzzzzz” with your human mouth, wishing there was a boot big enough to finish you off, although realistically you were going to die off in winter anyway.

- find yours here

What are you doing?

Neom Luxury Organics Real Luxury Candle £39.50

*pr sample

All Hallows' Eve!

We think about our face, body and hands but sometimes forget the feet. We hide them away all day, make sure they are cosy and warm during the Autumn / Winter. Get home, pop on our slippers or slipper socks and continue beating away on them, bathe or shower - dry and cream them - repeat next day. Our feet need more attention than just a routine, if you treat yourself to a weekly pedicure, they get the attention then but during the days before and after we need to still prevent things.

I was sent the Scholl Express Pedi* and I think it's worth the investment, it's a lot quicker than a pumice stone to make sure any dead, dry & hard skin is eliminated from the feet. Leaving such a smooth appearance to look and touch. Thankfully I don't suffer from hard skin but I spend a lot of time in water, which isn't good. Therefore I make sure I prevent anything before having to find cures for different ailments.

I make sure my feet are clean before starting, so I will wash over them with a cloth and make sure I clean in between my toes and the soles of my feet before drying them so I can begin to remove any dead skin using the Express Pedi. You don't need to use hard pressure while using the Express Pedi, you need light to medium pressure and gently roll over the problem areas, you'll need to put a towel down because you will see the dust begin to shed (ew!) now if this is all too much to take and your not seeing results as quickly as you'd like you can try foot masks!
I got one last month and it got 'lost' in the house ( like a lot of stuff ) and while hunting for it I couldn't find it and decided to buy another one - different brand and what happened a few days later I find the previous one - damn it. So I've applied the original on Friday which has Papaya & Chamomile extract and of course I was interrupted with the doorbell ringing and then my neighbour popped over so I wasn't relaxing as I was meant to so I was unsure if this was going to work. I stepped out of the bath on Sunday and the feet were just peeling slightly but looking at it by Tuesday (below) it's going pretty well!

Whenever I wash the feet I make sure to keep them soft and moisturised because I still want the new skin to be treated well. So I  use either the Tulécos Tonifying Oil that has organic peppermint oil in the ingredients - When I first received this and didn't read the box I thought it was for the face until I went to try it and read before hand - phew! Or The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector with my moisture socks to soak in a lot of the moisture and have really soft feet in the morning.

How do you keep your feet soft & in good condition?

Tulécos Tonifying Oil £33.00*
*pr sample

Winter Footcare

Face masks and me go hand in hand. I love them during the week, nothing better than giving the facial skin such a boost. I try to do it at least a few times a week with and without my weekly facial. I've been using this one as of late, it's by Janjira it's an Argan Oil facial mask. The number one thing I look for in a mask is clay, that's for two reasons, I like to see the product actively working and absorbing all the oil. This does contain clay - Bentonite, a clay I use in it's pure form with normally another active ingredient, you may have already seen my D.I.Y bentonite post, it is the last ingredient within this so I wouldn't say it contains a lot and it did show in the fact that when I do use it, this mask doesn't harden and you can't really see it in action. It's more of a cream and applying a thin layer I evenly distribute it over my face and I find it absorbs nicely, still doesn't harden as clay does but there is a slight tightness around the face as it begins to absorb and the face continues to feel smooth.

I honestly don't know 100% how I feel about the mask. It has two of my favourite oils Jojoba within the ingredients quite high up in the list (3rd) and Argan listed at (18th). Of course it holds bonus points by not breaking me out and keeping my face feeling soft after my facial but I must say I have noticed the decrease in the oil in my skin which even coming into the colder months sometimes my skin likes to keep producing oil as if it's going out of fashion, SO would I purchase it, I'm on the fence. It's quite expensive for a face mask than what I would normally purchase but I still have a lot left and think it may take me into December.
Paraben Free
Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Cetearyl Olivate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Sorbitan Olivate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Illite, Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Phenoxyethanol, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Parfum (Fragrance), Chlorphenesin, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Propylene Glycol, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract, Terminalia Bellerica Fruit Extract, Terminalia Chebula Fruit Extract, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract, Linalool, CI 77004 (Bentonite).

pr sample

Janjira Argan Oil Facial Mask

image credit JustJared

When I was asked by those who represent Sleek MakeUP to do a colourful & quirky Halloween look, I thought hey why not? I was set the challenge and sent products that I was to use to recreate and put a twist on a look. Being that Sleek MakeUP is affordable and easy to purchase the majority of us will no doubt have these products lying around, we can all do it *yay*
I decided to put a spin on an image of Rihanna & become a ragdoll of sorts.

Starting off with my base using Be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Medium, I applied it using my hands and then added Luminaire Highlighting Concealer in L03 & filled in my eyebrows using the Brow Kit in dark then I continued with the rest of my eyes, I smudged some of the colour Latern & Squash from the Blush by 3 Pumpkin trio and applied on my lower lashes. Afterwards take Dip it liner in Black & add some fake lashes on the lower lash corner and lined my upper eyelid where the eyelashes Russian Blue will lie you do the lashes after you apply the mascara. Taking Dip it liner in Caribbean I used this glitter liner up to my crease and allowed to dry, was a lot of looking downwards to wait for it to dry so it didn't smudge and dry where I didn't want it too. Line the waterline using Eau La La Liner in Noir. Once the eyes are set, apply Lethal Length Mascara on the top half then on the bottom half use the Full Fat Lash mascara. Apply P Pie & Squash on the cheekbones and Squash more prominently on the apples of the cheek - giving the ragdoll look. I added some freckles using the colour Latern from the Blush by 3 in Pumpkin. Finish off with Tangerine Scream True Colour Lipstick!

Get your Raggedy Andy or Raggedy Ann on :)

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Halloween Challenge : Colourful & Quirky Ragdoll

First and foremost, I like the name of this palette. I'm not quite sure why it strikes a happy cord with me. The colour combinations of this palette are autumnal, beautiful and suit well together. It's a sure hit palette for the upcoming party season. Once I'm done with the Halloween aspects this week I can get into this little gem. Besides the last Sleek MakeUP palette (Vintage Romance) this may be my favourite, I would say most of these are favourable, solar, aurora, stargazer, terrestrial, lunar, eclipse - especially eclipse, BEAUTIFUL taupe shade, it's divine to me.

As always you get a matte dark shade and this one is a black / grey infused with some faint shimmer. If you want a autumnal look, try Solar, Lunar & Eclipse together with Dark Matter in the outer V to add some definition.

How are you loving the Celestial palette?

-- I love how my swatches got longer and wider as they went along the arm.

this post contains a sample

Sleek MakeUP Celestial i-Divine Palette

Ok I couldn't help myself with the Jocelyn Wildenstein reference but it does obviously resemble her, I mean who could have plastic surgery to please their husbands love for the big cats, ah well. The "Bride of Wildenstein" name comes from Steph from NerdAboutTown lol had did I never think of that (obvs not smart enough lol0 I had planned on doing these from the start of the month but well I explained in my last post what I ended up doing so rush, rush - slowly but surely. I posted a preview last night on my instagram & facebook so here is a look that's suitable for everyone who can adapt it into there own.

The contacts are from Eyesbright and I think really make the looks finished appearance, I've previously worn their contacts and these ones are of course the most creative. The best thing to do while wearing these lenses are to get the Max Optifresh Lubricating and Reweeting drops. Perfect for me as I always get dry eyes while wearing contacts.

*pr sample

Halloween Look - Bride of Wildenstein - Lioness (Jocelyn Wildenstein) Tutorial


It's been a small while, I've been on a break, just stepped away from it all and I've had such a relaxing time, I've truly enjoyed it and I think I'm going to keep that part happening while blogging. Even though it's been an unsocial break, it's been so peaceful and a truly thoughtful one that's been long overdue.

I've kept busy the last three weeks. Let's see...

1. I've been redecorating the kitchen, which is nearly finished, brightened it up with a nice light lilac and been painting the cupboards, anyone who has come by since it's been done has said how good it looks, decorating is a messy job but it's sure relaxing for me but during that time I ended up with a horrid toothache and mouth ulcer, which left one half of my face looking like I was the elephant man's daughter - oh when it rains it pours.

2. Took a weekend out and decided to sort through a lot of my products, sure does piles up, really had to get rid of products that are associated with animal testing & have been unused, it's unfortunate that products don't get time to be revisited because I'm always moving onto the next so not to let them go to waste gave a lot to a few neighbours & church and there's still more to go - I didn't get rid of any make-up cos well you should all know how expensive those are to just be throwing those away but yet everyone has been grateful for some good quality freebies.

3. Finally got my Malm dressing table even though my Alex 9 drawer tower is still full it's a lot easier having most things in front of me than behind me. I might do a post on my dressing table, feeling now that my bedroom is piecing together a bit more to my liking, the dresser is smaller than the table I had before but it makes way for more room.

4. I won a giveaway on Stephanie's blog (nerd about town) a few months ago and bless her bottom dollar, she got a lil pre-occupied and she sent me a little extra to say sorry for her delay - was ever so beyond but was a nice little spirit booster. We've had a few good personal chats as of late (hence "those" chocolates lmao) she's such a funny & sweet darl. Seriously if you haven't you should check out her blog, I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction - Thanks once again Steph ♥

5. Talking of giveaways there was a delay in my announcing my Agese Oils giveaway but the three winners are : Bex Smith, Jessica Riley & Laura Chapman - there's no guarentee you'll get the exact oil that you wanted as each winner will get either the face, skin or hair oil but I will make sure to tell the Agese oils team on your preferred oil. Share the news that the giveaway has been announced.

6. I should have a few videos coming up over the weekend, Halloween is quickly approaching and there's a few looks I want to try & share and also I did promise to do a tutorial on my man brows lol, there's so much to do but I won't be stressing myself to do it but to make sure you know when a video is uploaded before it's up on the blog, subscribe to the YouTube channel if interested.

7. I completely switched off during my time away until my mum text me to tell me that her emails are rebounding, I go and investigate and my email address had been cancelled and all details wiped clean, luckily I use my Windows Live Mail for all my emails and it kept all my contacts and previous emails but I also had run out of space - ffs! It was a nightmare but I managed to reclaim the exact same email details but I know a few people have experienced problems and some won't receive emails when sent from my phone, pain in the ass. I had to go through 4,000+ emails deleting and sorting out, was such a headache but hey, it's done now.

8. O.k. so yes I was away and I'd say it'll probably be like that more so, my online presence I'm not sure will be so heavy, not that it was so much before but my Twitter for the meanwhile will more than likely be just for blog updates as you'll notice when I post anything on here or YouTube, to be honest the blogging environment is just too negative for me, I don't need to go into detail with what happens online cos a lot of us know, call me naive but I'd rather be in the dark and doing me. The tides of blogging can be strong and before you know it your swept away and losing yourself and introducing all different people into your life and it can be good but for me, 90% of the time it's not an ideal situation.

9. The blog turned 5 years old on October 13th without fanfare and of course Halloween is soon, a few people I know don't 'believe' in the whole Halloween thing, regard it as evil & whatever but pfft to me it's just light hearted fun, I'm not going out trick or treating but I'll be settling in with some DVDs and probably wetting my mum's bed but it's also my stepdad's birthday so it's a busy month.

How's October treating you?

This Lonely View

O.k. not quite a year but near enough so putting myself on repeat, last November when I got my hair chopped off it was in need of it, the heat damage was real. From all the constant colouring and then of course I went blonde and even though I kept the initial condition of my hair up to be honest, bleach is bleach. It's game over & the hair condition is just destroyed. My curl pattern was messed up look November 2012, this was when my hair was first cut and washed again to get my curls back. Look how short my hair was in it's dried & natural state and the heat damage from the straightening for years but I was informed by Jason Cocking (hairdresser) that the curl pattern damage wasn't primarily down to the straighteners but colouring also destroys the pattern.

I kept the hair curly and continued with the apple cider vinegar rinses, conditioner & deep treatment hair masques - also protective hairstyles trying to make my hair remember it's hair pattern. Have to remember the cut was that of a layered style so the back generally was going to grow a lot faster and I also had a side swoop fringe cut, my hair was more of a 2C /3A type.

Getting the thickness and pattern has been the aim, I wasn't too fussed with length as I more was condition of the health of the hair. Trying to get the pattern back by May / June it was getting there but of course I got curious and wanted to see how did the hair look when it was straight, considering it was chin - mid length straight when it was first cut and even shorter when back in its natural state...I did blow my hair out a few times....

Wearing the exact same top in June the hair was just over the shoulders but September there was considerably more length to my hair.

Yet around September I noticed the heat damage more as my curls became more defined and around this time I was using Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum* , treatment is around 4 weeks, applied every day. I applied it each night while I was getting my hair prepped for bed as I thought it's the best time for me to let the serum work. I noticed my hair was getting thicker and even when my hair was worn up, I hadn't seen my mum for a few weeks and she said to me 'Laa, your hair has grown!!' When it comes to me I never notice hair growth, I see myself everyday and just don't see it so when someone else who hasn't seen me for a while notices - something is going right. I got my nan a bottle as she wanted to try it, be amazing if she had the same thicker hair results as I did.

Yet I had those strands of heat damage and those pieces of hair was a lot longer than the rest of my hair as it was stretched out. I took the plunge and trimmed my hair, nearly 4 inches in various spots but I'd rather my hair be healthy and not breaking and out of shape.

Coming to October. I didn't blow out my hair in the images above but I have been doing so much deep treatments, the weather is changing, the hair knows it but one thing I noticed when I was getting ready to wash my hair - once I detangled everything, my hair is ridiculously thicker. Maybe the Nanogen helped? The lack of using heat and keeping the hair in protective styles and really just noticing the hairs pattern, condition is necessary.

Lesson here : limited - no heat, is the truth. It's the patience that has to be gained. Think I asked my nan nearly every week since I had it cut, "has it grown back yet?!" lol. I've found a good routine happening for my hair now and I believe my hair is happier for it.
I've been using since August this Ebody Spa hair turban*, sometimes I just take the Sports & Travel towel* and when air drying I put on my back and let the hair rest on that so the cloth soaks up a lot of the excess water. oh my goodness - just no joke, my hair dries naturally so quicker and with less frizz If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 

*pr samples

One Year Hair Journey - Getting back Health, Curls & Length!

While browsing through LUSH I decided to pick up a few Christmas favourites. So White Bath Bomb & Snow Fairy Shower Gel while adding Golden Wonder Bath Bomb into the mix, I fell for it because it's golden & looks like a present.

So White has been one of my favourites since last year and of course gutted when it finally was taken out of stores, this bath bomb doesn't add any colours of combustion to the bath but it makes the water ever so soft with a soft pink tint once the white begins to fade away. Smells gorgeous this bath bomb includes Bergamot Oil, Rose Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute & Neroli Oil.

Snow Fairy. The favourite amongst so many. If there's anything to get you in the Christmas mood it's this, just makes me think of snow days, by the fire, cosy jumper on and hot chocolate with sweeties to nibble on but of course this candy floss scented shower gel treat is one for EVERYONE - even those closest males who wouldn't want someone to know they are lusting over the pink dream :)

Golden Wonder looks like a cute little Christmas gift this is one bomb that the LUSH makers wanted to include their most popular perfume, they say the smell is that of light fizzing champagne cocktail with Sweet Orange Oil, Cognac Oil, Lime Oil & Cream of Tartar. It has EDIBLE Gold's like a suppers treat in the bath, I'm not sure if I'm going to try and eat anything though lol.

Last but no means least - Dragon's Egg isn't part of the Christmas mix but this is my second time buying this bath bomb after I fell in love with the glistening glitter in the water and the ring of gold it leaves once the water is drained away soak in scents of Lemon Oil, Bergamot Oil, Jasmine Absolute & Cream of Tartar.

Are you looking to pick up anything from the LUSH Christmas collection?

LUSH Mini Christmas Haul

Last month saw the change of what use to be Beauteco Box to Love Me Beauty. For Octobers box I decided on Menu 3 (I'm sure I always get menu 3?) Anyway it's about a week late but none the less you can still grab your chosen menu after reading my quick feature.

Lord & Berry Smudgeproof Eyeliner £7.50 & Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara £10.00 - Full Size
Let's start off with the eyeliner it's in the shade 'Smoke' it's has a Taupe Grey look to it so it's not fully bang on ashy smokey grey but here was my issue - the pencil I received seemed damaged already I had to sharpen it start using it. Then using it on my lids, seemed like an issue it's quite a dry formula which I didn't like I could apply the pressure on the back of my hand to get the colour to show but I wouldn't want to be dragging the skin around on my eyes. I even tried to heat it up to soften the pencil and apply easily - nope didn't happen. I managed to get it on with a back and forth motion until the colour formed - too much hassle for something that should be easy. Yet it didn't budge much and especially on my hand I had to really scrub it off.

The mascara I like, it doesn't load up on the brush and it doesn't seem to clump up the lashes neither - win - win. It's  a lengthening & thickening mascara & also a waterproof one and boy, is it stubborn to remove. I did like the overall look this mascara gave my lashes as it kept them looking natural and  full.

Balm Balm Indulge Bath & Shower 5ml £6 Full Size
Bath oils, I'm always down. Love the feeling and look of oils on wet skin - can you say shiny sexy! Ha! So I've used this and I really like this oil..I'm bias as I like oils but being that it's natural and not tested on animals it's right up there for me. More I say. A little pricey at £6.00 but I always remind myself it's organic - paying for good skincare!

Weleda MILLET Nourishing Shampoo 18ml Sample Size RRP £8.95 190ml
My poor nan is my guinea with all my hair products as of late - especially as I'm really trying to keep a regime going with my products and haircare but this one has been voted as the 2013 Best New Natural Haircare Range - so it cannot be all that bad. It has grapefruit and peppermint extract (oh em gee peppermint on the scalp, such a beautiful feeling) Also contains macadamia nut oil so this shampoo has a nice conditioning feeling to it - unlike other shampoos that strip the hair - ew.

Amie Skinare Bright Eyes £4.95
Where does the majority of my make-up lie? On my eye area, concealer, primer, eyeshadows, mascara, liner ....the odd glitter perhaps. This is the thing, we all want something that takes off our make-up, doesn't dry the delicate thin skin around our eyes and also doesn't irritate, am I right!? It makes the point of not drenching the cotton pad because that in my younger days was a huge mistake for me. I'd be OTT with the remover on the pad and it would seep into my eye area causing me to run around like Homer Simpson screaming and waving my arms around like a bafoon. So of course I tested this out once I was taking off the Lord & Berry mascara & eyeliner and let me tell you, the liner it removed itself some what well but the waterproof mascara - nope! Wouldn't budge and I also found my eye area feeling quite dry afterwards and I didn't want to rub at it but it was making it impossible to even budge the mascara. A little let down I must say.

Love Me Beauty

This box is a PR sample sent in consideration for a review.

Love Me Beauty October Box