Bronzed Goddess | Summer Beauty Challenge

bronzed goddess
Wow, this feels like a long time coming, this video was meant to be done a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't 'camera ready' unfortunately life played it's hands and threw me so many inconveniences but now it's done, phew. I was asked to do a Summer Beauty Challenge and I chose the Bronzed Goddess look as I thought it would be a challenge (so to speak) and be fitting for this time of year as Summer has showed itself.  Most important thing for me when recreating a look, is making it your own. I hope the video is good, I debated doing a voiceover because it was pretty straight forward but I still included it just in case. Oh so accomadating lol. Enjoy xo
products used
*pr samples
All products used within the video were sent to me, to use to recreate the look. Thank you World Duty Free




    Bladdy loved the video my love! You are a natural beautayy!



  2. Really enjoyed this! Some gorgeous products and you look beauts :)

  3. You are far too pretty, stop it this instant!!


  4. You are so pretty!Your blog is lovely!!!! xxx
    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

  5. Yay! A video! Loved it, gorgeous x


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