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Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Oprah are just a select few who are Anastasia Soare's clientèle for their eyebrows but when it comes to our eyelashes there's just one thing that we really need and want ... waterproof mascara that works!

The brows so many want.

I know from experience that Benefits Bad Gal mascara is such a pain to get off but what if we have a favourite mascara that's not waterproof what can we do!?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is offering us clear waterproof topcoat which holds a few claims :

  • Instantly waterproofs any mascara 

*BOOM!* That's the only claim simple enough right.

So here's my test, I've coated my lashes using Nouveau Lashes 'Noir Mascara' [1 This doesn't claim to be waterproof but it says it's quick drying, flake free and has excellent staying power.

I decided to test how resistant this top coat is :

  • Lush Ultrabland :  ultrabland is great for taking off makeup, I wanted to see how different it felt for me to take it off with the top coat on my lashes.
  • Normal Water : Being waterproof I decided to see how resistant it was to just try taking it off using normal water. 
  • Spraying water : Lastly the squint test, once spraying my face with water and squinting does it smudge, run ?!

Once the lashes completely try after the last test, I could see on the tips the white gel of the mascara.

I would say that of course if I was underwater this mascara top coat will indeed work, it's a little stubborn and flakey to come off but it's manageable with anything that's quite oily and can work through the waterproof top coat.

Yes I would recommend this if it was something you wanted.

Price : £14 - $21
Purchase in the UK Cult Beauty or in the US Anastasia Beverly Hills

what do you think of lash genius? hit or miss ?

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  1. Great review hun,I tried mine last month and I quite like it every now and again!