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Glossybox - The Mystery Box ...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Remember earlier this week I told you that GlossyBox from the 24th February are going to start announcing their 'Mystery Box' ?

It's all starting now www.glossybox.com/mysterybox ... loading the site you get the logo and a box with the lid slowly bouncing up and down with a countdown underneath ticking down to the big unveiling I guess.

I clicked mine and got :

Sharing it on Facebook I then got a new letter 'E'  .. so far three letters have been discovered by me D E I  ( feel as if I'm on Seaseme Street .. Today's Letter is.. )

Curosity has got the best of me with this 'mystery box' but knowing myself oh so well, I'll probably get bored and only want to see what's happening once the timer has reached 0 : 00 : 00 : 00

What letter did you get ?
LaaLaa x Dom & Ink


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  1. Maybe designer? I don't know, but it sounds so exciting! xxx

    1. Oh that's a good guess. 'Designer box' maybe so!! xxx

  2. i dont know but i only signed up last month so an very exceited to see whats in the black box!!

  3. I got a T, I'm so impatient with stuff like this though! xx