I've had a second blog for a little while now. Quite hard to juggle two but it's quite a way to keep on track with my weight loss & fitness.

Starting the 30 day abs challenge to tone up the abs while losing weight ... If your interested it would be lovely to have you follow (: & join in.

Motivation Into Habit Fitness Blog

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My nails for the Cosmo Blog Awards. I had originally wanted to have glitter somewhere in my outfit but it wasn't working out so I went with my nails instead. I got this tutorial from a Beautylish newsletter I received and thought hey perfect time to use my glitter pieces from Born Pretty.

What You'll Need :

  • Base Coat
  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Silver 
  • Dotting Tools
  • Glitter Pieces
  • Top Coat
  • Scissors

I started off with OPI Nail Envy as my base and did two coats of AVON SpeedDry+ "Twilight Blue" and let that speedily dry.

Taking my dotting tools I dropped a few drops of China Glaze "2030" onto a piece of foil paper and dipped one of the smallest dots into it and onto my nails in random areas on all my nails

A metallic silver would work so much better but not having one to hand Deborah Lippmann "Kitty" (from Octobers Glossy Box) was the next best thing. Repeating the same steps as I did above.

Cutting pieces of gold glitter sheets into smaller pieces. ( You may want to do this before you anything ) I did a thin coat of Save The Nail "45 seconds coat" and using a toothpick/cocktail stick I picked them up and randomly put them onto my nails, even overlapping some of the metallic spots.

Repeat on your opposite hand and viola (: finished.

What do you think? Enjoy the sparkles on nails?

Metallic Glitter Nails Tutorial

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Wednesday was Cosmopolitan magazine's 2nd Cosmo Blog Awards 2011 and I was one of many fantastic ladies who attend.

As you know I was short-listed in the Established Beauty Blog category ... I didn't win but Zoella did (:

Yet all of us were winners to be short-listed to begin with.

Upon arriving into London I meet up with Corrie from Dizzy Brunette and we headed onto Alphabet Bar in Soho which was arranged by Sarah from I Am Fabulicious which included Amy, Milly, Holly & Vivianna

{ I actually went back to the Alphabet Bar later in the night for a real Cosmopolitan }

 Nail bar in the corner.

 Sarah & Amy

 Cupcakes Galore. 

 Holly getting her make-up done at the Benefit stand ... I'll never forget how excited she was lol

 Stylist Pick Shoes & Handbags & the entries post to win goodies from them every half hour

  Holly .. me & Amy ... our delicious cupcakes

The Goody Bags 

Inside the goody bag

FML lmao I made the Cosmo Style Section if you want to see what I was wearing but what a TERRIBLE photograph HERE

Corrie {Dizzy Brunette} Holly {Holly Arabella} Milly {Pearls & Poodles} Zoe {The London Lipgloss} Me. Sabrina {A Little Obsessed} Sarah {I Am Fabulicous} & Amy {Amy Antoinette} & in the bottom left hand corner photo you got Best New Beauty Blog Winner Vivianna {Vivianna Does Makeup}

( oh I forget I did 'promise' the photobooth man I'd add this lol 'Our photo's were taken by Adam who was on the first season of Take Me Out' )

Thanks Cosmo for having this event and for all the people who voted to even get me shortlisted and of course Cosmo for picking my blog out of thousands of entries too. Was a fantastic night!!


Cosmo Blog Awards 2011

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Hello beauties...my name is Melanie from AdoraBeauty! I'm super excited to be guest blogging on Dolce Vanity and hope you enjoy my review!

This product review is going to be on Rimmel London's Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara in "001 Black" which I recently received as part of a giveaway win! The packaging is adorable, and I was really intrigued about the different length and volume wands that are supposed to create 2 different looks. The top wand (length) picks up less product, and the lower wand (volume) picks up more product, therefore creating more volume.

I can't say I was super impressed with the length wand. My lashes are already fairly long, so this didn't have too much of a noticeable effect on my lashes. It does, however, separate and darken my lashes nicely. The volume wand, however, really provided a noticeable difference! The wand really packed on the product, making for a very thick and wet application. You have to be careful applying the mascara with the volume wand, as the amount of product can make it a bit messy. My lashes ended up being super thick and volumized. What I tend to do when using this mascara is go over my lashes with the length wand after I use the volume wand. Because the volume wand deposits so much product, it does tend to get a bit clumpy, so going over it a little with the length wand helps to separate the lashes and break up the clumps a bit. I also use the length wand on my lower lashes because the lesser product amount is perfect for them.

Despite the tendancy to be clumpy, I would say that this mascara provides a great amount of volume (at least when using the volume wand). Its definitely a decent option for the drugstore price!

If you want to see any other product reviews or other beauty-related posts, please be sure to stop by my blog!

- Melanie

About the Guest Author:

Melanie, 24, Philadelphia PA. I love trying out new beauty, hair, and skincare products and sharing my honest opinion on them! I try to make my reviews as in-depth and helpful as I can! In addition to product reviews, I love sharing any helpful tips or great beauty deals that I come across as well as weekly nail and fashion looks!
Where you can find Melanie : Blog · Twitter ·Beautylish

Rimmel London's Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara Review

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'Whoa { 13th Oct } - Dolce Vanity was 3 years old'

It gets my brain ticking as to how much beauty blogging has evolved since I first decided to sign up to blogger and begin my journey.

I'll never forget I never had a clue about anything, what a blog was to begin with. Make-up, was always an interest of sorts, not a fanatic but I did like to dabble about in my mum's make-up case but besides the  make-up cases I had received for two consecutive years. I never knew techniques or that there was certain brushes for certain things *shock horror* & don't even ask me about high end / drug store brands besides ;

' NYC, Collection 2000, Maybelline & Rimmel ' 

I started this blog as a real novice and I owe a lot to this ever growing community too. When I began most blogs I came across were from Asia & the United States. Amongst the first people I began to correspond with were : -

Curvaceous in the City
Dreams and Egos
MakeUp Babble
Made in Taiwan 

Tuotierugif { inactive }
Ahoy Mate!!!
The Pages Of My Diary 
Brook Lynne Carter

& my first make-up look I tried : -

“ lol ”

We all start somewhere. I regret deleting a lot of my past posts but I can always refer back via RSS.

Even though I started this blog on a whim when times were hard & I had no-one to turn too. I took the plunge and started it as a hobby. Not sure what I was doing or going to be honest but this whim took a life of it's own it became my sanctuary.

Why Did I Start ?
In 2008 I had an ectopic pregnancy which led to a battle that I still today fight with - depressionagoraphobia {taboo subject} that in turn had it's other spring off's and challenges but you know what my blog helped me get back up on my feet. Communicating with people that I finally had something in common with, when I had no-one I had you guys and I appreciate the support all of my loyal followers have given me.

In these last three years I've become so close to people who are even overseas that I email - tweet on a regular basis, they check up on me and vice versa it's such a warmth to feel a whim blog that I originally named LaaLaaOnline has giving me something to aim for career wise and a whole new view on online communities.

Blog Layout 
I love to make my own blog layouts { I no longer do them for others due to me being impatient at the best of times } but I feel like it's something I enjoy doing at times but it's a pain cos I have a trait that I get bored very quickly and easily { can be such a bad thing a lot of times } it something I feel gives my blog a more personal feel.

I love it because ...
  • Discover the latest available products on the market & overseas
  • Make new friends
  • Develop skills & tips
  • Gain inspiration 
  • Great opportunity to share your views and thoughts
  • It's my space to be me !!

I believe starting a blog is hard. Can be easier for some than others but I view blogging as it's not a numbers game. Numbers are nice but it shouldn't define how you feel about your content. I view a blog is your own personal space that you want to share with others. Find a niche that works for you and run with it!

When I first started I dabbled and shared whatever music, celebrity outfits, various products that I found that I liked. Until I kind of settled into something I liked.

The bad ... ? 
Now I have had my fair share of negativity, that was well documented at the start of the year in a blog post but to be honest this will come along with anything you may chose to do you can't let the negativity of others overshadow the positivity you feel for what you do.

Views on blogging ...

My views on blogging is it's basically the WAY FORWARD. Before when I use to have to go out and buy my monthly magazine to see what was hot it's now a daily formation with it being online.  I like to follow bloggers of all different ages & ethnicity. Everyone has different views, tips and things to share, it's a great way to meet people who have the same passion as you. If your anything like me and don't have friends who are into being product/beauty junkies beauty blogging is the format to expose yourself to lol. Your not going to get along with everyone as that's just life but believe me you can find those you can really click with.

To be honest with you ...
If it wasn't for this blog, I honestly don't know what I would be doing in a lot of ways. When someone says that they found something that 'helped' OR 'saved' them - my blog was a huge part of that in my life. It helped me gain a direction I never had before. So to me blogging is more than sitting behind a screen and doing writing about whatever it is I'm about to post. Yet if it wasn't for the support of my readers and the community it would of been an even slower process. Beauty honestly does start from within! So...

  Thank You

Why I Started Blogging & My Views On It

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Dorothy Perkins Glitter Shoes 
BNIB Size 7 

{ but better for a size 8 }
I purchased these online and took a little long to return them when they didn't fit 
{ shame on me }
I'm a size 7 but I have a gap at the back and being that they're peep toes, the foot slides and it's too big for me so therefore that's why I think it's better for a size 8

£35 p&p £3.99

interested leave me an email laalaa@dolcevanity.com with your paypal email & I will send over an invoice. 

I decided that when I need to get rid of things I opened a bigcartel shop to sell on... so take a browse.

Glitter Heels For Sale + Shop

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The Bold and The Brow

Bold eyebrows are going nowhere fast. I love them personally. You may remember I spent a couple of months growing mine back to get them fuller so I didn't have to fill them in.

Having a brow palette isn't necessarily a bad thing even if you have thinner eyebrows cos it gives you the opportunity to fill out your brows, reshape and define them if you choose too.

Sleek MakeUP are launching on the 26th October 2011 their ultimate tool for the perfect brows. Coming in two different shades light & dark you will have a compact kit that's small enough to fit into your daily makeup bag to carry for any touch ups if needed.

What's included : 
  • Shaping Wax
  • Setting Powder
  • Mini Tweezers
  • Angle Brush
  • Blending Brush

I'm an eyebrow fiend so this is a product that I would personally pick up BUT is it any good? 

We know there are a handful of different ways to fill out our eyebrows but it's all down to personal preference : 
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Eyebrow Powder
  • Eyeshadow
  • Brow Gel

How To : 

Start with a clean brow. { If needed prior to doing this use the tweezers to tidy up the stray brows } Taking a brow brush, brush through the hairs in an upward motion

Using an angled brush, use the brow wax and start to shape your eyebrows by following your natural shape.

Taking the blending brush use the powder and blend it in to fill in any sparse gaps and get a fuller brow.

Okay so it's not anything new on the market but it's affordable compared to some others I believe. 

My first brow kit cost me £15 compared to what Sleek are selling their's at £7.99 it's good for someone on a budget. Darker and fuller brows *thumbs up* quite reminds me of the HD Brows effect { minus the tinting, waxing, threading and tweezing }

Available to purchase at Superdrug & Online - SleekMakeup.com  from 26th October 2011 
RRP: £7.99

Do you love the bold brows look ?

Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit

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For months I've heard about the GlossyBox but I haven't been exactly been tempted enough to subscribe in all honesty.

I've read the good & the bad 

Contacted to sample the October box I thought well why not. Let me see & decide for myself what the hype & disappointment conflicted opinions have been about. Every month there will be a different review from a subscriber because the products and brands change monthly so therefore one month you can get something you find extremely useful and look forward to the next month but be totally disappointed.

Initial Thoughts upon being handed this box it I noticed that it had their logo all over the outer box with GlossyBox's URL on the side. Opening it up to see the pink baby pink box and black it looks more comfortable and warming, nothing to in your face.  The carded paper in the bottom, with black tissue paper that holds the products inside with a logo stamp to close it and a pink ribbon to finish it off - looks cute & somewhat personal. 

Reading the card that is included monthly that gives you a newsletter type feel told us this month that they wanted to do something extra special being that it was their sixth box so to be honest I didn't flip over the card to see what the contents were, I was more intrigued to see what was that extra special something....

The Contents :

  • Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Thermafoliant 
  • Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Recover Masque
  • Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour & Care { Sex Kitten }
  • Stila Smuge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Moray
  • Robert Piguet Eau de Parfums
  • Dermalogica Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex { with beauty bag } *

Dermalogica I have experienced before but the other products such as Stila & the Robert Piguet fragrances I have not. Now if your sitting here reading this and you've never subscribed to GLOSSYBOX you may be wondering where is the 'extra special' ? It comes in the form of a 6th gift as milestone 6 month "Thank You" plus a small beauty-related gift to help carry your six pack GlossyBox.

What's New? GlossyBox have launched a "Refer A Friend" programme. For every person that signs up based on your recommendation, GlossyBox would like to give back in the form of 200 GlossyDots.

GlossyDots are what you collect to use towards a free box. 

Overall Thoughts I can't compare GlossyBox to the other beauty boxes that have now arrived on the scene. What I can say is the products will get a test drive but I'm not a product junkie who really relies on samples to be honest. Subscriptions for me I don't really do let alone kind of a hit & miss type product. 

Do I believe it's a good concept? Yes, for someone who doesn't really buy a lot of make-up or beauty products to begin with. It's a nice way to be exposed to products and the cost works out for itself per month. For myself personally I wouldn't subscribe. I'm not saying a beauty/product junkie shouldn't because if you would like to have the whole surprise element once a month and be exposed to more then sure but does £10 per month plus p+p on samples with the odd full sized product work for someone who buys products weekly and buys something they have already swatched in-store or gained a liking for a product before hand. Nope & that's how I view it. Good concept but it's not for everyone. 

So my question is to you : -

Have you been a solid subscriber of GlossyBox for the last 6 months? If so what has kept you as a customer ?

& if you have never subscribed why not?

Glossybox - October 2011

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Heyyyy LaaLaa Monroe's Readers && Fellow Beauty Lovers! :)

My name is Nykki from mymaneblog.com and let me just say I am SO excited about writing a guest post on Laalaa's wonderful blog! If you want to get to know me better you can check out my bio here on Laalaa's blog!

What am I going to write for you today? Well, I am OBSESSED with lipsticks, I have over 40 in my collection! So, I am going to be sharing my Top 10 with you! This was not an easy process, choosing 10 was almost impossible, but nothing is impossible right?! :)

By: Nykki @ mymaneblog.com

oh, && did I tell you? All of these lipsticks are drugstore! :)

Let's get started! These lipsticks are going to be in order counting down to my #1 favorite lipstick!

Number 10...

Pink Blush by Rimmel London #006
Price :
$5.19 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstores)

This lipstick is from their lasting finish line. It's a perfect light pink color! 

Number 9...

Classy by elf
Price :
$1.00 (eyeslipsface.com)

This lipstick is ONE DOLLAR! :) It's a nice nude lipstick.

Number 8...

Gypsy by elf
Price :
$1.00 (eyeslipsface.com)

I love elf products and I just can't believe that they have such
wonderful lipsticks for only one buck! :)
This color is a fuchsia shade.

Number 7...

Sociable by elf
Price :
$1.00 (eyeslipsface.com)

I wasn't kidding when I said I love their lipsticks!
You will find some sparkle in this lipstick. (The camera didn't catch it)

Number 6...

Ripe Rose by elf
Price :
$5.00 (eyeslipsface.com)

This lipstick is from elf's mineral line. It is such a nice rosy color!
This was actually recommended to me by one of my readers! :)

Number 5...

Voodoo by elf
Price :
$1.00 (eyeslipsface.com)

This color is my perfect red! It is a vintage red and very wearable!
I LOVE this color! This is where it began
getting difficult putting the lipsticks in order!

Number 4...

Mauve it Over by Revlon Matte #003
Price :
$6.99 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstores)

This was my perfect nude before I found the next lipstick,
but I am still in LOVE with this shade!
You can find it in their Super Lustrous line.

Number 3...

Rosy Nude by Revlon #065
Price :
$8.99 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstores)

This is my PERFECT NUDE! :)
You can find this in Revlon's Colorburst line

Number 2...

In Vogue by Rimmel London #038
Price :
$5.19 (Ulta, Walmart, drugstore)

I love this color, I was in search of a fuchsia pink and found it in this color!
It is a bit bold but I really love it!

Number ONE...

In Vogue and Pink Blush by Rimmel
# 1 and # 9 mixed

Okay this is a bit of a cheat, but this is my current favorite. 
You will find this on my lips in my bio picture! :)
I have been wearing it like crazy lately and I don't plan on it changing! 
These two colors combine to make a perfect baby doll pink! I absolutely love it!

Alright, there you go, my top 10 favorite lipstick shades! If you have any of these colors please let me know how you like them - and if you don't like them let me know why!! If you have any favorite lipsticks please recommend them to me, I am always on the look out for some amazing lipsticks and I love hearing from my readers! :)

I have really enjoyed preparing this post and writing it for Laalaa's blog and I just want to say thank you Laalaa again for this opportunity! :) I love your blog and also want to say congrats on having such an amazing blog for 3 years now!! Wow, I can't imagine what my blog will be like in 3 years!

Please don't hesitate to stop by my blog and say hi! :)


About the Guest Author:
Nykki, 23, a beauty blogger from Arizona. I love anything beauty related. My current obsession is lipsticks, but this changes frequently! I love doing my hair and make-up, it not only relaxes me, but it also makes me feel beautiful (and what girl doesn't like to feel beautiful).

Where you can find Nykki : Twitter · Facebook · Beautylish · Makeup Talk · Blogaholic · BlogLovin'

Lip Perfection: My top 10 Favorite lipsticks

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