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Yves Saint LaaLaa
est. 1988

vegetarian · make-up artist · content creator

As a young girl, there were dreams of being an entertainer (while holding down jobs as a vet, wrestler, hairdresser, teacher, artist & archaeologist)
- growing up with the theatre will do that to a child.
In some ways I've always wanted to be able to learn, share and give back. Growing up an only child, gave me a lot of time to create & expand my mind.

My teens were all about butterfly clips & white or blue eyeliner cat flicks, ohh, the late 90s & early noughties. My first lipsticks was a stack from Mizz magazine and I was devastated when I could no longer get the one lipstick I used most - my first experience of being heartbroken over a limited edition product. Never would've thought makeup would of been something I'd of desired to have a career in but I made those first steps by opening this blog and going for my make-up qualifications at AOFM. I've grown to love & appreciate s/fx more - I'm always seeing the beauty in what the majority deem ugly.

I've been told my style is Kate Moss meets Daria - I like that! Just need to find my 90's Johnny Depp or Kurt Cobain.

"Tweezed on the brows & the brows got thicka"

The Blueprint.
est. 2008

life · beauty · controversy

Basically a spot for me to share opinions on the internet.
Born in the fall of '08, when blogs were not yet the today phenomenon the early days consisted of me documenting a new part of my life, being open and struggling with being diagnosed with depression & anxiety while discovering my new deep found passion for make-up. This became my outlet for a creative mind but troubled soul.

Nominated by Cosmopolitan Magazine for Best Established Beauty Blog in 2011 and 2012, which I went on to win.
This has lead to collaborations and working with reputable brands / press coverage can be viewed here .

Over the years my blog has evolved but I felt the blog lost the reason as to why it was voted to win to begin with.
I had to take a step back and remember that this blog is my own space and I want to show more of me to my readers.

As much as I love hair & beauty, I like to voice my opinions on other topics. Look at this blog as being in my brain.
- good luck.

interests from the outernet
on the internet.
‣ Life : minimalism, meditation, art therapy, juicing, vegetarian.
‣ Art : frida kahlo, jean michel basquiat, keith haring.
‣ Reading : forever been an interest of mine. Mostly I read biographies / crime / contemporary horror / history.
‣ Music : music taste is formed in the womb. Genres I like rap / country / lovers rock / reggae / rock / r&b / neo soul.
‣ Writing : duh! I've got a blog but my love for writing came young. I use to write fiction & poems when younger and sell them.
‣ Creating : all around, being creative keeps my mind going. Take it back to MySpace it moulded my CSS / HTML brain.
‣ Telly : t.v. didn't raise me but I sure live that life. South park / bob's burgers / sons of anarchy / american horror story / the simpsons / empire / chewing gum / anything on crime & investigation 'n id....& trash.
‣ Others : madonna moulded my no inhibitions, marilyn is my lost soul, lisa bonet is my boho mum but zoë kravitz is my spirit animal, sade showed me fame. skull collector, animals, faux leather, black, grey, nude & white, plants, horror films, beetlejuice, white sheets, natural beauty, diy beauty,

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein.

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