H&M - No Mambo Jambo

When I saw this on the H&M website I just knew I had to get this along with my clothes order. It's such a striking, fun colour. Automatically I think of a peacock.

Against the sun light it has a slight iridescent sheen to it that gives it a nice glisten.

At £2.99 it's quite a steal. I've not seen any reviews on H&M nail polishes before but it only needs two coats. It's not watery which is what I always dread it's not to thin or thick and glides on easily.

Have you tried H&M nail polishes before?

Disclosure : This product was purchased by me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
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  1. That colour is WONDERFUL on you

  2. This color is so pretty! And look how long and amazing your nails are! Omg how pretty!

  3. I agree with the Old Cow. It really looks gorgeous on you. It looks a bit like material. I have never seen any of their nail varnishes in store before and I don't want to order from their site as it will be next Summer before the items get here.

  4. beautiful nails,lovely colour hun it looks like Rimmels 60seconds in Envy

  5. @Ninya thank you babes. I'm swearing by the OPI - Nail Envy.

    @Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup Yeah what is the deal with there posting. I got to wait until May for the next part of my order.

    @Sher :o) thank you. Oh I actually think I have that shade, I see what you mean.

    @Jennifer thanks babes.


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