Beyond The Indigo

This is the first time I've had coloured nails in quite awhile. I didn't know what I was feeling for but I decided to pick up Barry M "Indigo" ... Indigo is that colour that's between violet and blue in the bottle it screams a dark purple but on the nails it appears differently.

Me & my BFF Leila concluded it looks like biro ink - even when I had a nail mishap and it smudged when it dried on my finger it reminded me of when a biro leaks and you get that smudge ..anyway point is, it looks different in the bottle to how it comes out on the nails ..*sighs*

This was the first Barry M nail paint that I purchased ummm I wasn't 100% in love the application of the nail polish came out THICK even when I wiped the brush it still managed to come out quite thick ... meaning longer to dry.

( with flash )

I don't know why I'm so on the fence with this shade, maybe because I didn't 100% get what I saw before the application...over the hours the colour is growing on me but I'm not sure if it's a FAVOURITE - resist temptation to apply everytime favourite.

Barry M is available in the U.K. at Boots, Superdrug & of course via the website . Priced at £2.99

Have you tried any Barry M Nail Paints ? If so I'd love to know a shade to try 

Disclosure : This product was purchased by me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
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  1. beautiful nails&colour..wore indigo for New years 2011.U gotta love Barry M nail paints try Pink Flamingo,Coral,Spring Green&Cyan blue all great for spring and summer

    Boots have 2for£5@e moment

  2. @Sher thank you lovely. Just the word Coral always seems to sell me lol.

    Thanks for the boots heads up :o)

  3. ..beautiful colour , so rich ..

    p.s LOOOOOVE your new logo - beautiful ..


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