2011 Skincare Rehab Products

Embarking on a new skin regime is scary & exciting we never know what to expect.

For whatever reason we decide to embark on a new one it's quite fun to share the journey with others SO... remember when I was ever so disappointed that LUSH discontinued Baby face Cleanser and I frantically stocked up like a woman possessed & even received a few at Christmas lol. I've held back on using the two I have left as the only negative side I experienced with baby face was that the fact it was an oil based product therefore when I put it under the tap get the produce off to put on my face...I'd never have that much control on what was actually coming off. Therefore .... more product gone than what you needed but I loved it, swore by it...wanted to marry it and make more and more baby face babies because it helped clear up my face.

Going into the store in January I asked the assistant ... "Do you have a dupe for baby face ? " and she recommended me :

She said it's the same oil based constancy as Baby face but you have more control over what you are using.

- Worth a shot right ? 

As you can see it looks like a cream it's very soft and you can feel it's an oil base. Massaging it into the skin without any water you can just see a slight sheen they then say you should use a damp cotton wool pad. I've found on myself that it's best to use at least 3 because if I use the same one, it seems I'm spreading the oil residue around my face instead of taking it off and I'm left with a shiny face.  Yes my face is smooth and soft afterwards but I don't feel I get the same benefits I did from my baby face. I think it might be back to my Liz Earle Hot Cleanse & Polish....

New Face Mask
On my old twitter I asked if anyone could recommend me a deep cleansing face mask as right now my whole body is in rehab. Imo from It's A London Thing recommended me Queen Helene " Mint Julep Masque"  read her review here.

I ordered mine off Ebay as I found it the cheapest there for a 12oz tub. I was seeing websites selling it for £32 I thought nah uh ... I paid £8 in all and I got it the next day - on standard delivery ( the seller no longer sells this item ) but if you search on ebay grab the best deal :o)

The first time I opened up the tub, I got the BIGGEST whiff of mint but what did come to mind automatically was toothpaste

Applying it, which I left it on for quite a long time.. to the point it set and was cracking. Even though it does tighten and your left not being able to speak I just enjoyed the deep cleanse and when I washed it off with warm water the feel of my face afterwards was like "Hello baby's bottom" .. I used it during my time of the month and my breakout spots were very limited.

I do have to say so far... I adore this face mask it's working quite well for me. While my body is in rehab this certainly does rejuvenate the feeling of my tired skin.

Have you tried either products ? 


What face products can you currently not live without ?

Peace & Love
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  1. Wow, the Queen Helene mask sounds amazing. I MUST buy it! Will definitely have a look for it and see if they have it at the shops close to me.

    The one product I cannot live without is retin-a. It's a life saver. I used to have the most disgusting hyper-pigmentation marks from spots. Even if I didn't pick them they would leave a dark mark butr etin-a just gets rid of the marks and the spots in a matter of weeks! Defo try it out if you can xx

  2. I have the Queen Helene mask except mine is in a squeeze tube and I now see I need to use it more since you had such great results.

    I dont have just one product that I cant live without since I am a product junkie. I do love both facial and body scrubs but I dont use just one all the time.

  3. I need Queen Helene " Mint Julep Masque"!

  4. I want that Mint Julep Masque! Heard so much about it

  5. this sounds amazing hun,great review I cant live without my Simple Oil balancing exfoliator

  6. I didn't know this masque was available in a big tub like this! Now you really make me want to try it x

  7. I have been using the Queen Helene for years...since about high school. It has been around forever because my mom said that my grandmother recommended it to her back in her 20's. It works wonders for your pores. That and the St. Ives Apricot scrub are great cleansers passed down from my grandma to my mom to me and now to you guys.

  8. Babe, check out my post


    I've tagged you for two awards! x

  9. I recently tried out the Queen Helene mint julep. I absolutely love it and it's a staple of my skin care now. I also like to use St. Ives Naturally clear green tea scrub & Yes To Cucumbers Calming Facial Cleansing Gel. I have combo sensitive skin & all work great for me.

  10. I've heard so much about that mask. I'd really like to try it, might go the ebay route since I never see it in stores around here.