March & April Challenge

This is my first monthly challenge but it's going to more than a month really as I'm going to make it a two month challenge as I've added in extra things.

1. A - Z Map Of Health : On twitter last month ( before I deleted mine ) Sriya, Kaushal & I were talking about lack of vitamins in our diet. Me & Kaushal are vegetarians and someone asked us how we don't get enough vitamins but there is only so much vegetables we can eat right lol! So we said that it's all about the vitamins baby for March.. I got A - Z 60 day Superdrug branded vitamins for £1.99 I believe. So alongside with that I should be taking my Iron tonic too *fingers crossed* ( Image from Etsy )

2. Nail Rehab : That's where my nails will be. At the moment there getting neglected - not fully but I know they need extra TLC so once my OPI Nail Envy arrives I will be trying that out for the next month and hoping I see a difference so expect a review on that. -( not to mention shouldn't the extra vitamins help )

3. Lemon Juice : Got to admit this one has been an on /off one. Instead of me before when I used it buying just the bottle I was constantly running out of lemons so that wasn't ideal. I've got a few dark blemishes that I want rid off and lets brighten up the elbows and kneecaps while were at it.

4. Eyebrows Getting A New Growth : This one is atrocious because considering I do quite a bit of FOTD / EOTD me growing back my eyebrows oh goodness lol this is going to be a tough one but I want them back to there virgin state and reshape them.

I'm hoping to do all these before my 23rd bday ( 28th April ) so I got two months worth of positive challenges.

Before photos will be done with all challenges that of course are possible. Things are just so up and hectic right now away from the blogging world so I'm so pleased you all are staying loyal and once I get a chance I'll get to replying some comments. Thanks loves!!

Do you set yourself monthly challenges ?

Peace & Love
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  1. I feel you on your vitamins journey! Im kind of a new vegetarian but I've suffered with anaemia so I have to stock up on the vitamins this week. And yes my monthly challenge is to loose a stone by my 23rd also in april *bursts into tears at prospect of getting old* xx

  2. @BeautyStalker congratulations on becoming a vegetarian :o) yay. Love that! Oh yeah I thought I had that just turned out I was really lacking on the iron side.

    Oh ditto mine too, well I'm 159lbs and want to get down to 131lbs the weight I was at the start of 2008.

    Such a struggle ... Good luck honey.

    Woop for the April babies - were diamonds :o) *hugs* xoxo

  3. I set myself a challenge this month to do dance, pilates and yoga. So far i LOATHE yoga haha. The vitamin picture is just too cute!

  4. @EllysMakeupbag lmao ... I use to do yoga to ease a injury I had. It's def not for everyone. I hope you get into it more honey :o) Good luck.

    * I know..I saw it and thought okay gotta use that. Oh so cute

  5. I normally set myself for the coming month,im liking your challenges honey goodluck didnt know u were vegetarian lol

  6. @Sher Yeah I think it's better doing it monthly rather than come new years giving yourself all these challenges for the month. Takes 3 weeks apparently to pick up a bad habit so why not take 3 outta the 4 to pick up a good one :o)

    Yeah nearly 3 yrs now I believe I've been a vegetarian - I love it lol

  7. Anonymous3/01/2011

    I'm loving this post :D Our challenge rocks! We shall be looking so radiant with all these vitamins in us.. I hope!! Hahaha xo


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