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I see a lot of females in www land that love Kim Kardashian's style. It's okay but I'm not a huge fan.
I've always thought and believed that Kourtney was the better looking & styled sister and she is just one of my style icons.

The one item I am dying to own that I keep seeing on her feet those Alexander McQueen Scrimshaw Gilly Boots. - I am in in shoe orgasm overload.

Who is your Style Icon ?

Peace & Love
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  1. I totally agree with you now that I've seen more pictures of Kourtney. :D

  2. @Nina I think she's amazing. She dresses comfortably when needs to and doesn't seem to stray too far from her style and comfort when attending events etc.

  3. Don't hate me, but i loathe the Kardashian styles. Kourtney is a bit better dressed i admit. With so much money, do you even need to hire a stylist and promote nice handbags? Their clothes look stiff and unatural on them too...

  4. In total agreement Kourtney is my girl!!! Well I wish... Beg friending it for life! lol I love her style its amazing. I cant deny yeah yeah yeah Kim's perfect, but I just adore Kourtney her taste is amazing! X

  5. Yes, LOVE her! :)

  6. i do love kourtney, she is the most natural, kim worries too much about how she looks and now shes screwed her face up because of it. kourtney had the bigger eyes, nicer smile, natural look, great stuff!

  7. ..thank you for this inspirational post , I love her style especially her cute blouses she always wear..
    hmmm ..I adore so many woman , hard to say the best one - Miroslava Duma , Christine Centenera and many mooore :)

  8. @EllysMakeupbag Oh I'm not going to hate you darling, everyone has their own style preferences. Well that's the thing when your a celebrity I my opinion it's the downside for us at times because they get things for free to promote items and sometimes you don't even know if they truly love the item they are flaunting.

    @BeautyStalker & @The Kikay Girl yay :o) #teamkourtney lol xo

    @TzeYien89 I do think Kim's done something with her face, it's looking quite plastic but Kourtney besides her boobs lol does look better imo but that's me, her style is more where I would lean towards.

    @ellinelle Oh yeah her blouses are so cute and I'm not normally much of a blousy girl but I'm swaying a lot when you see nice ways to wear them. Aww thank you so much for sharing your style icons.
    Oh dear Jesus, those ladies are beautiful and their style wow ...

  9. Style envy :/ shes hot

  10. GREAT blog!

    follow me?

  11. I have to agree! She is my fave Kardashian.

  12. She is so cute, love her style and personality...x