OCC Lip Tar Grandma

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Worth The Hype ?

Finally indulged in a lip tar. Didn't want to be 'normal' and go for my usual reds even if the swatches I've seen have been tempting & divine but you know what's coming .... Corals.

OCC Lip Tar - Grandma

Jesus, I'm going to tire out that word before the end of the upcoming seasons.

How did I find it

I barely felt anything on my lips it's so lightweight and we all know that the pigmentation is crazy. I did get quite a lot of bleeding with this product in my opinion so a lip balm or primer before hand would be best and a lip brush for a more precise application. Yet the first time I did use it without it so either way is preferable. To me it dries to a semi matte & glossy texture but not so matte that the feeling it drying.

Colour pay off
Glossy shine
Light peppermint & slight cooling effect

Once removed it can leave a stain
Due to a squeezable application tube you can squeeze out more product than needed.

I purchased mine from Cosmetic Genie, it's the cheapest I found it online. I decided on only the one just in case I wasn't sure on this hype product. Yet after such a successful purchase....there will be more added to the collection.

Have You Tried OCC's Lip Tars ? If so what shades have been your most reached for ?

If not would you consider buying any Lip Tars ?

20 Comments so far

  1. number 1)
    your header is effing amazing!!
    number 2)
    Corals is your color :)

  2. @Jennifer hey babydoll, thank you..decided on a change :o)
    aww thank you. I feel the poor colour is going to get worn out soon lol xo

  3. that colour was made especially for u,u rock coral like no other hun,I absolutely love it..My fave is Anime I want 2more...Beautiful!!!!

  4. @Sher such a sweet compliment. Ahh I'm dying for Anime it looks like such fun. Thanks for the comment honey

  5. Thanks for the review, the colour is gorgeous. I prefer lipstick tubes though :P

  6. Oh God! I love this! I wonder if I can find OCC over here in Canada??
    Have a great one! x http://xnta.blogspot.com

  7. @EllysMakeupbag Yeah me too. I can't deal with the squeezing out. Yet I'll bare with it as they colour is so lush lol

  8. @xNTA thanks honey. You too, they have an official website at http://www.occmakeup.com/ check it out :o) x

  9. this color looks amazing <3 i want to try them so bad

  10. So so gorgeous, its an amazing colour. I'm adding this to my wishlist x

  11. I need this in my life :O perfect colour! great blog btw, new follower :D xx

  12. @Princess Feef try them, I'm sure you will not be disappointed :o) I can't wait to get more x

  13. @nicoletta yay I'd adore to see a FOTD with you wearing a OCC shade x

  14. Grandma looks great on you! :)


  15. Oooh Woow!! I've seen a review about those lip tars before, I absolutely love that colour, defiantly going to have to try those out..x


  16. This is a GORGEOUS hue on you!! I must have it :)

  17. Lovely coral color!! I think the stain is quite nice after, it gives a just bitten look once you take the OCC lip tar off and of course you won't feel the consistency of anything. Great post hun - i think OCC is great for theater but i'm not so sure for myself for everyday - have actually done a few swatches Strutter, Stalker and paegent http://roseannebeauty.onsugar.com/Roseannetangrs-Review-OCC-Lip-Tars-11288464 if you're looking to add more to your stash. Paegent is like a super hot pink and the rest are classic, striking reds :)


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