OCC Lip Tar Grandma

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Worth The Hype ?

Finally indulged in a lip tar. Didn't want to be 'normal' and go for my usual reds even if the swatches I've seen have been tempting & divine but you know what's coming .... Corals.

OCC Lip Tar - Grandma

Jesus, I'm going to tire out that word before the end of the upcoming seasons.

How did I find it

I barely felt anything on my lips it's so lightweight and we all know that the pigmentation is crazy. I did get quite a lot of bleeding with this product in my opinion so a lip balm or primer before hand would be best and a lip brush for a more precise application. Yet the first time I did use it without it so either way is preferable. To me it dries to a semi matte & glossy texture but not so matte that the feeling it drying.

Colour pay off
Glossy shine
Light peppermint & slight cooling effect

Once removed it can leave a stain
Due to a squeezable application tube you can squeeze out more product than needed.

I purchased mine from Cosmetic Genie, it's the cheapest I found it online. I decided on only the one just in case I wasn't sure on this hype product. Yet after such a successful purchase....there will be more added to the collection.

Have You Tried OCC's Lip Tars ? If so what shades have been your most reached for ?

If not would you consider buying any Lip Tars ?


Jennifer said...

number 1)
your header is effing amazing!!
number 2)
Corals is your color :)

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@Jennifer hey babydoll, thank you..decided on a change :o)
aww thank you. I feel the poor colour is going to get worn out soon lol xo

Old Cow said...

Fantastic colour on you.

LaaLaa Monroe said...

thanks a lot @Old Cow <3

Sher said...

that colour was made especially for u,u rock coral like no other hun,I absolutely love it..My fave is Anime I want 2more...Beautiful!!!!

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@Sher such a sweet compliment. Ahh I'm dying for Anime it looks like such fun. Thanks for the comment honey

EllysMakeupbag said...

Thanks for the review, the colour is gorgeous. I prefer lipstick tubes though :P

xNTA said...

Oh God! I love this! I wonder if I can find OCC over here in Canada??
Have a great one! x http://xnta.blogspot.com

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@EllysMakeupbag Yeah me too. I can't deal with the squeezing out. Yet I'll bare with it as they colour is so lush lol

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@xNTA thanks honey. You too, they have an official website at http://www.occmakeup.com/ check it out :o) x

Princess Feef said...

this color looks amazing <3 i want to try them so bad

nicoletta said...

So so gorgeous, its an amazing colour. I'm adding this to my wishlist x

CarmenSays said...

I need this in my life :O perfect colour! great blog btw, new follower :D xx

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@Princess Feef try them, I'm sure you will not be disappointed :o) I can't wait to get more x

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@nicoletta yay I'd adore to see a FOTD with you wearing a OCC shade x

LaaLaa Monroe said...

hey @CarmenSays welcome & thanks sweetheart <3

Barbie said...

Grandma looks great on you! :)


Promise said...

Oooh Woow!! I've seen a review about those lip tars before, I absolutely love that colour, defiantly going to have to try those out..x


Ms. Nik said...

This is a GORGEOUS hue on you!! I must have it :)

Roseanne said...

Lovely coral color!! I think the stain is quite nice after, it gives a just bitten look once you take the OCC lip tar off and of course you won't feel the consistency of anything. Great post hun - i think OCC is great for theater but i'm not so sure for myself for everyday - have actually done a few swatches Strutter, Stalker and paegent http://roseannebeauty.onsugar.com/Roseannetangrs-Review-OCC-Lip-Tars-11288464 if you're looking to add more to your stash. Paegent is like a super hot pink and the rest are classic, striking reds :)

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