Lavender Whip ..... What Took Us So Long To Be Together

Friday, February 11, 2011

What was I doing without LE MAC Lavender Whip before ? I've been wanting to venture into purple lipstick for a while now. I've had a few other plum toned purple's but I wanted something light & sweet.

The lovely Elly from Ellys Makeup Bag was having a blog sale and when I saw that she was selling Lavender Whip, I did a quick google lipstick swatch and decided I had to have it.

Before I knew it I had recieved my parcel and was overjoyed. It's not over bearing or too light when I swipe on just the once it's more a pink / purple tone against my lips after 3 swatches I get the above texture and colour pay off. I'm in love!

Do you wear purple lipstick ? If so what is your favourite, I'd love to know.

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  1. It looks amazing on you! This is a lipstick for very pale girls or darker skintones, on me it was kind of bluish :( I am so glad you like it! xoxo

  2. @EllysMakeupbag awww thanks honey. I appreciate you selling it in the first place :o) I'm in loveeeee, thanks once again xoxo

  3. I love Lavender Whip! It looks beautiful on you!

  4. I never tried that shade of purple. Would probably look crazy on me lol

  5. OOOO I think I need this, so thanks for the post. I thought this lipstick would look like MAC's Up the Amp but it actually looks quite different. Looks amazing on you. Another beautiful purple, is MAC's Rebel. Have you tried it I think it would look amazing on you.

  6. oh wow, that's just so gorgeous! i wanted a lavender color and that seriously may be it :D i have to try it out


  7. lavender whip is love <333

    I wore it all the time when it first came out! Now I'm kinda like... eeek, I feel self conscious! LOL, I shall wear it again in no time!

  8. Wow! I love this! Don't know if it would look good with my skin tone? but what the heck! It's brilliant! I want it now :)
    Have a great one! x

  9. Lavender Whip looks gorgeous on you. My fave purple lippies are Wet 'n Wild Megalast in Raivin' Raizin, Spitfire from the MAC Wonder Woman Collection and MAC Go For It from In the Groove


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