Soap & Glory Value Bundle

Browsing Boots' website one early morning a few weeks back I stumbled across this Soap & Glory Value Bundle and as I had missed out on the Boots "Soap & Glory" gift of the week when I saw this I didn't hesitate to order this being that it was worth £80.98 & the discount price was £30.63 !!!

I wanted to try more Soap & Glory products so this was a great opportunity to do that:

Soap & Glory Marvelips
Soap & Glory Clean Mary
Soap & Glory Wash Almighty
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker
Soap & Glory Slimwear
Soap & Glory Return to Slender
Soap & Glory Touch & Glow
Soap & Glory Eye Lift
Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth
Soap & Glory Wizard of Flaws

I've been using the "Wash Almighty" as you can just about see. I think I'll do product reviews on these once I go through them..What do you think ?

A great website that I like to stalk & get email newsletters from is Money Saving Expert you'll find great deals that you may not catch otherwise so don't forget to give that a look in, if you don't already :o)

Tried Soap & Glory ? If so what's your favourite S&G product ?

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  1. Damn i want everything. I wish we had S&G here, so many people rave about them :/

  2. @EllysMakeupbag ahh damn it. if you shop on ASOS I believe they have S&G to ship worldwide I think .

  3. I LOVE soap and glory..i always get a big set for christmas or bday the body butter smells lovely and the lime body scrub is great too... I also tried the lip plumper too wich worked really well and my lips did look noticabaly bigger (not in a katie price way lol)..have fun x

  4. @lotsalashes Oh you lucky lady. Okay LIME BODY SCRUB..need to purchase I'm a sucker for anything citrus smelling.

    haha oh goodness no-one wants a trout pout. Can't wait to give it such a go :o) thanks sweetie <3

  5. I have been wondering how these products work. I can't wait to see your reviews!!!

  6. I wish I had seen this im dying to try soap and glory products they look so amazing!

  7. Love this post. S&G products are brill ;)

  8. @Bonnie I'll be sure to do a review for you :o) xo

    @Alex Keep your eyes peeled. If I find anymore great S&G deals I'll be alerting you all. xo

    @ShoppingAddict isn't that the truth xo


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