SWATI Cosmetics Lash + Brow Booster Serum & Lash Booster Mascara

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Swati Cosmetics have launched two new products a Lash & Brow Booster Serum & Lash Booster Mascara. I've been secrectly using these products for over a month and now that it's going live for the world to try, I can share it with you babes! PLUS, I've got an exclusive discount code for you.

Lash + Brow Booster Serum

This serum is aimed at giving you lashes that appear longer, fuller and stronger by reducing hair loss and damage within 28 days of continuous use day & night. With ingredients such as Larch Tree Wood Extract, Carob Tree Seeds & Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, Biotin, Green Tea Leaf Extract & Zinc that allow for hydration, protection against free-radical damage and repairing damaged hair.

Vegan & cruelty free, free of oil and alcohol and day & night use. Which is recommended for best results.

The serum has a double applicator, being that of a doe tipped applicator and a spoolie wand. The doe applicator allows prescion along the lash line while the spoolie allows for you to coat the lashes and brow for a more even coverage and maximise the benefits.

Lash Booster Mascara

With up to 18 hour wear, this mascara in combination with the lash + brow booster serum allows for your lashes to be longer & stronger looking while being sweat & smudge proof which is so important these days I find.

Carob Tree Seeds, Provitamin B5, Biotin & Bio-Functional Peptides and Amino Acids. Again these ingredients are there for helping repair damaged hair, increase hair strength, reduce hair loss and healthier, thicker lashes.


Whilst doing my AM/PM routine, I use the serum after I've done my eye cream as I want to give it time to be absorbed especially if I'm going to be wearing makeup during the AM routine. I first go along my lash line as precise as I can as I don't want to waste product and then switch to the spoolie and pull the product through my lashes and I also do my bottom lashes. Then I move onto my brows and coat what's left on the brush through that brow and then repeat on the next eye. The pink hue disappears into the lashes, I'd say I'd give it about 10 minutes for it to dry but to be fair, by the time I've finished my skincare, I then move onto my hair before doing my make-up, so it's fully dry and ready for me to start on my eyes.

The mascara, it's advised to swirl it around the tube to make sure the brush is fully coated - I find for my lashes it's too much to load them at once, so I start off with a small amount and build up on it for more control and personally I prefer the aftermath of that technique but it's an each to their own.
I want to show you the progress, from the first day using the mascara and how my lashes looked, the middle photo is just after I've used the serum and allowed it to dry (don't worry about the redness, this is after I've waxed 😆). 28 days from the start, there is definitely more length to my lashes.
The serum is nearly finished and the mascara seems like there is still quite a bit left so I'm going to continue using the products until they're completely finished to get the most out of these. I have to say I'm pretty impressed and it doesn't feel like it's another step to my routine as I'll just use it when I'm doing my eye cream, so in my head it's all one step and to have conditioned, lush lashes - it worth it.

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  1. I have never tried these products before, I am going to have to try this as my brows could do with a bit of help

  2. Some great make up options here, those eyebrows look amazing! I would love to learn to do my brows that good.

  3. These sound like some really interesting products, my Mum has been complaining about her lashes of late so I think I might have to get her some (as well as me) to try!

  4. I have never tried a brow serum, but it looks like you had some amazing results, so I am going to need to try some!

  5. The lash serum looks like it's worked quite well for you. I've had lash serums before which have been good, but once you stop using them for a bit it's not as good x

  6. I have never heard of this brand before but I really like their packaging. Looks very pretty