Olaplex No.6 & Olaplex No.7: Heat damage over?

I decided to switch up my hair and have a little balayage done. The stages to begin going lighter, I thought I was over wanting to be blonde but after about 4 years of being natural and having ombré done and cutting that out, I was itching for a change. But as we know going lighter requires that extra bit more loving. Olaplex, well she is that, girl! Want your hair protected – Olaplex. BUT not only that we want hair products that are not going to change the colour of our hair afterwards, so using colour safe items are ideal PLUS heat also can do a lot more damage and I noticed my colour could change faster when using heat.

No.3 is the take-away babe, that you’re recommended and able to purchase for at home use the most popular and familiar product from their line and so is No.6 and No.7. These two newest additions are what I have been using the past month and I think I’m now qualified to speak on them.

No 6 Bond Smoother 

Protecting hair against heat, as well as colouring is key for me. Adding no.6 has been so ideal for me. After I wash my hair, I apply a small amount in sections, (so I mean very small amount through damp hair) mid-section to the ends before I blow dry my hair. I feel when I put it in, there’s no residue sitting on the hair strands, sometimes I can feel it speeds up the drying process of the hair. I love that it’s a leave-in reparative crème, eliminating frizz but helps to hydrate and protect the hair during the heat usage. I would say it helps with frizz, if I don’t use oil within my hair – it’s a wrap anyway. So following on with the No 7 Bonding Oil is definitely key.

No 7 Bonding Oil 

Oils. I love an oil, just the sheen it gives – beautiful. This one is super light, there’s nothing to weigh the hair down but it really does give my hair all that it needs. So what is No7 helping with? Protects against future damage, repairing damaged or brittle hair, strengthens while improving manageability. I’ve applied it before hair-drying after No 6 or after blow drying and before straightening. With my hair I love it to be light but at the same time smooth. The combination of these makes sure that I only have to use a couple of products to keep my hair acting correct. It’s small at 30ml, I simply, unscrew the cap, and turn it upside down and tap it out but it does have a measured cap which allows you to not overuse or waste product and at £26 a bottle – we are not into waste.

Purchase: No 6 Bond Smoother £26.00 No 7 Bonding Oil £26.00 or No 6 & No 7 Duo
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  1. Taking care of hair is so important, not heard of Olaplex before but I would love to try the oil and the bond smoother

  2. Ohh now this sounds like an interesting range of products. I have to admit like you I love a good oil so I would definitely be up for trying that.

  3. I've heard such good things about Olaplex. I'm thinking about going a little lighter too so its good to hear your thoughts.

  4. The bond smoother sounds really great. I have really long hair and I like to use oils to keep it looking sleek. Might have to try this one

  5. Heard so many positives about olaplax never tried them but these sound like great product, need to try them