TheVeganKind #41

Wow, when another box is delivered it reminds me of how quickly times going. This is some jam-packed box this month, with 8 items, 7 food and 1 bath product but all in all, some great stuff at an affordable price.

Clearspring Organic Seaveg Crispies Toasted Nori Snack, crispy seaweed thins and only made with 4 single ingredients - nori that's grown in the clear waters off the coast of Korea, unrefined sea salt and organic sesame and rapeseed oil. Having only baked them for a few seconds and you get this tasty and nutritious snack but it can also be put into sushi or sprinkled over salads or noodle soup. I've taken to just snacking out the packet but I definitely should save a few and try within a noodle soup. Mmm.

Long time - no taste. Hoots Smoked Bacon Multigrain Snack. It's great to see something like this available for vegans without compromising on ethics. I've tried Hoots before and thoroughly enjoyed them as they're baked and not fried they're a healthy option especially for me who has to watch what they eat and make sure I'm making wise snack choices.

Take 100% dry roasted chickpeas and sprinkle a blend of spice and herbs and you'll get Garbanzo Snacks Cajun Kick. High in fibre, high protein with a low GI (glycaemic index) these are another good snack choice between meals.

Oatly Chocolate Milk Oat Drink. Growing up, so many children LOVED chocolate milk, ice cream, bars...chocolate anything and they was happy. Me on the other hand - could take it or leave it & I'm still like that especially cold drink wise. But for those who adore it and also like the Oatly brand, I'd say try this out because it's got protein, carbs and fibres thanks to the oats while also being enriched with calcium and vitamins.

TVK have featured this in gift and limited edition chocolate boxes previously & after requests to see it in their subscription boxes - wishes have been granted. Sarelle Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Cream Filled Wafer Bar with everything being natural it's another guilt free choice. Now when I do eat chocolate I love to have nuts, so this is a 'take it' opportunity when it comes to chocolate and one that is not regretted.

Here is one for all you fudge lovers, Melting Pot Madagascar Vanilla Dairy Free Fudge. Melting Pot carry 4 delicious: Chocolate, Orange & Chocolate, Seam Ginger & Chocolate and of course the Madagascar Vanilla featured this month. From a family business in Belfast, they specialize in making a award winning handmade fudge - with a less is more ethos, they keep it simple from the ingredient list right down to the packaging.

I've missed being able to have melted cheese on things - seriously missed it. So the Vegan God send of Terra Vegane Easy Cheezy Sauce Mix is a blessing that I can't wait to try out. Hmmm cheesy garlic penne I think I see within the next week - YUM!

Faith in Nature Shower Gel and Foam in Pineapple & Lime - YES! You smell so good and if you know me, I adore citrus so hello. I agree TVK describe it as smelling like Summer and it does have this tropical, fresh and uplifting scent that makes me not want to leave the bathroom - what's new?

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  1. The Cajun change chickpeas sound delicious! Definitely something I would snack on

  2. Lovely blog and very nice piccys :) x

  3. Faith in nature is fab - use the shampoo and conditioner. I love citrus smells too. Sounds incredible! :)

  4. Oh I love fudge and I too love melted cheese on everything! Kaz :)

  5. Goodness what a great box of goodies - they all sound so good!

  6. I was just sitting here thinking I was a bit hungry... then I read this and now I'm REALLY hungry! They all sound delish. x

  7. The shower gel sounds gorgeous, like a real summery scent! I love the sound of the Oatly drink too ♥

  8. This looks like such a fantastic box of goodies! Its nice to see a box with something a bit different inside! x

  9. Beautiful photo! Those seaweed things look really interesting!