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No secret that I love essie’s colour range so when this new range was alerted to me, I found it interesting, I’ve not used any of essie’s nail treatment before and was pleased with being able to try the range as sometimes I like to give my nails a break from colour now and again but it’s always nice to be able to have a little hint of colour while the nails being treated.

If your nails break & peel easily this’ll be ideal especially as your nails will breathe, have sheer colour and still look great. My main problem is that my nails can break easily as they get longer, I try to not have them too long as it’s not practical for me but I like them to have some length. I’ve been trying the new Essie, Treat, Love & Colour range with three beautiful sheer colours available, Sheers to You – pink blush, Laven Dearly - lavender & Tinted Love – coral peach, the collections aim are too:

• Treat – restore strength to dry, brittle nails in just 1 week.
• Love – pamper your nails with a formula that locks in moisture and perfect nails.
• Colour – enhance nails instantly with visually brightening pigments for a healthy glow.
I’ve been wearing the colour for about a fortnight now, I do two coats & I remove them off after a week, do the usual routine file, push back cuticles, treat them – colour. A few nails were a little soft but I've found with constant use and probably using these underneath the polish when it comes time to wearing polish again, it'll benefit a lot. I've had no breakage, the nails don't bend - can I complain? No. 💅

Do you or have you used a nail treatment? 

Available at Boots £8.99 each.

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  1. I really need to get a good nail treatment, mine are so weak at the moment!

  2. I never normally get pasting looking at Essie colours to notice this, and looks like I have been missing out!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. My fingernails are ok but my toes definitely need some loving care. I wonder if these could help my toenails out?

  4. These are such beautiful colours! I love them!

  5. I love Essie so much! I haven't tried any of these yet.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  6. I haven't seen this brand - but the treatment looks great. Your nails look so healthy and fab! Kaz :)

  7. These are some lovely colours. I haven't heard of this brand so may have to try it. My nails don't like varnish and comes off so easily

  8. I like Essie too - great products, your nails look fabulous!

  9. Such lovely colours. I haven't used a nail treatment, no

  10. Oooh this sounds like a great treatment, my nails are in awful condition and I could do with something like this! xo