Al Din Sumptuous Touch Daily Moisturiser.

Recently I've been introduced to Al Din, a vegetarian, vegan and halal approved, cruelty free British skincare brand. Al Din is a family owned brand started by Muslim entrepreneur Suraiya Uddin. Inspired by her Grandmother and experimenting at home from a young age by formulating her own natural skincare recipes modelled on traditional Southeast Asian remedies. Suraiya has always been the go-to amongst family and friends for beauty advice. I like skincare brands like this, there's a passion and a heritage behind it. I'm very fond of natural skincare. It's effective and gentle.

No brainer to try the Sumptuous Touch Daily Moisturiser. The key ingredients helps the skin's hydration, anti-ageing and overall improve the skin's appearance and health. With ingredients such as:-

• Hyaluronic acid – naturally found in the body. Helps the skin to be plump, smooth, hydrated and youthful.

• Vitamin E – well-known and researched antioxidants. Occurs naturally in human skin and can help to prevent signs of premature ageing. Blocks free radicals from the body therefore slowing down the ageing process. Anti-inflammatory while helping keep the skin smooth and supple.

• Sunflower oil - An emollient with hydration properties. Keeps the skin nourished.

• Coconut Oil - Anti-inflammatory, hydration, antioxidant, anti-bacterial. Helps repair the skin while keeping it nourished and hydrated.

• Sweet Almond Oil – Rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, potassium & zinc. And a good few other minerals and vitamins. Nourishing and nutritious for the skin.

• Jojoba Oil – Moisturising and nourishing. As it closely resembles he sebum in our skin it makes it easily absorbed.

• Glycerin Oat Protein - Oats and Glycerin are known humectant meaning that they draw in moisture making it ideal for keeping the skin moisturised.

The bottle itself is beautifully eye catching with with combination of black and rich purples. It has a airtight twist-up pump which I like products like this, prevent contamination, waste and gives just the amount of product when dispensed. I think my only hesitation was the coconut oil ingredient, even though it's amazing for a lot of skin it's a well known comedogenic oil and rates at a 4 or higher on the scale meaning that it can block pores and cause acne in some cases. I was surprised by its light consistency but don't be fooled by that as it is moisturising, unfortunately due to the coconut I've had to pass this onto my nan to try because I've started to get little breakouts 😞 but so far she's fairing out so much better than I was. I think it would be great all year round for any skin type because of how it keeps the skin moisturised by drawing in the moisture due to the humectant ingredients.

It's a shame for me but it's definitely not a bad thing cos I too experienced the benefits minus the ingredient reaction - it sucks but don't sleep on Al Din. Try the brand out.

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