20-year Nostalgia Cycle - 90s Trend

Pop culture runs in a 20-year cycle. If you’ve been in the next solar system NASA has recently discovered the past few years, you’ve not been aware of the wave of 90s nostalgia that’s running wild for the past 7 years or so. I’m a 90s kid & there’s no doubt that the influence of the 90s has moulded a lot of my interests as an adult but even the 90s was inspired by the 70s quite a bit and evolved into its own style.

Pinafore dresses, platforms, tie dye, bell bottoms, 70s Blaxploitation influenced the rap ‘pimp culture’ hey Snoop, g-funk anyone? 70s artists were collaborating with 90s up n comers i.e. George Clinton, Isley Brothers. The 70s Show – I just hope I don’t witness the noughties revival. Here's a few that I'm loving.

A trend that’s going strong is the chokers, elastic, velvet, rope, metal – lucky enough – diamonds. I like the choker trend, my issue is finding chokers that vary in length, they’re made quite petite I find. I normally have to add extenders because I don’t want to die of asphyxiation. I have 4 chokers in my collection. The latest 3 are from Happiness Boutique, a black and pink velvet and a string/rope choker – which I adore.

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Slip & babydoll dresses.
Babydoll dresses remind me of the kinderwhore / Hole, trend, I couldn’t go full kinderwhore but I do like babydoll dresses as they’re effortless and good for daywear. Pair with Dr.M, Converses, sandals – whatever. Slip / Cami dresses – I can’t get enough of, I don’t know why I’m so drawn to them, I own quite a few in different colours and lengths but there’s something about the spaghetti straps and silhouette that screams, sexy & 90s supermodel chic.

Ripped jeans + fishnets.
This has been on the radar for about 4 years now but it’s getting a revival and I’m digging it the most, I use to have so many ripped jeans, quite loose – ah I miss being a size 10 – 12. Anyway…there’s a few ways to wear this trend, either fishnet socks or tights with intact or ripped jeans, roll up the jeans at the ankle to show off the socks or simply pair your tights and ripped jeans together. If you’re lucky to have a flat stomach, pair with a crop top/jumper and show the waistband off.

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