TheVeganKind #29


The Foods of Athenry Cookie Shots I can't say anymore than they're delicious, you'll not be disappointed with these in the slightest. I'm in need of more and I'll be finding more as these snack bites are a guilty pleasure but not so much on the guilty side being free from gluten, diary, gmo ah so much you'll be shocked at how you can't just eat a couple and leave alone.

Easter is upon us, if you didn't know by the commercials and eggs in-store. Considerit Chocolate Cream Egg is a hand tempered Belgian chocolate egg that's filled with white & yellow fondant, it's such a cute little egg. Have all the Easter egg treatment without any diary.

Soypresso. I'm not really a coffee drinker. On an occasion but it's rare so I can't feedback on this but I'll let you know this is a unique & creamy soya espresso in a recyclable can/carton. It's the first organic cold coffee drink from a soya base! For you coffee-aholics, it could be a change for you.

Hectares, I do love your crisps. This one is a newbie from the brand, it's a red onion & black pepper sweet potato crisp. Just the right amount of crunch with a peppery punch! This one was torn open and shared, be careful the little fragments of crisps left in the bottom are very peppery on the throat!

The product that reminded me of a sausage is an Wheaty Red Hot Chilli Pepper Spacebar from Germany. It's a seitan based spicy snack. It is a meat substitute that can be added on homemade pizzas or in pasta or eat it in one go, whatever your fancy. Looking at the brand, I'm shocked at the meat substitutes that they have, there's quite a good selection.
Ingredients: (water, WHEAT protein*) 86%, coconut fat*, spices* (contains CELERY* and MUSTARD*), rock salt, yeast extract*, onion*, thickening agent locust bean gum* and guar gum*, paprika extract, smoke **. * = certified organic. **= natural beech wood smoke.

The added extras that unfortunately haven't been photographed, sorry, a magnet - that went straight on the fridge as a daily reminder:- Vegan for the animals & also a Choose Compassion Go Vegan sticker. That can be put on anything, such as your wardrobe, notebook, laptop, tablet. I hope you can buy these from TheVeganKind shop soon!

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