The Zenuary Diaries #NeomHappy100 Week 4

Little late on the publishing, should've been last week but none the less it's here, my conclusion of the last week of #NeomHappy100.
22nd - 28th February.
22 · 02 · 16
Zen workspace in under 3 minutes, I don't actually have an assigned workplace, my workplace is wherever I feel comfortable but what I did do was clean up my dressing table, where I sometimes sit as it's pretty crowded for no reason, all my brushes out and products it was pointless to have them all on display, instead I put them in my brush rolls & belt and put them in my Zuca travel case. My papers I organised from the week before and they have an assigned place but I did get rid of my junk mail and unsubscribed from newsletters - bonus!

23 · 02 · 16
Today is about giving a feel-good gift, I made some whipped body butter, all natural and heavenly lemon scented and gave to my nan. The body butter just melts on contact with the skin into an oil, perfect.

24 · 02 · 16
I've been doing this every other day starting the morning with morning yoga to stretch the muscles and wake up. The fact my iron levels seem to have gone up, I'm starting to feel more rejuvenated when I wake up, which is a positive. I've been using daily a Pranamat as a deep massage, I'll fill you in on that more at a later date.

25 · 02 · 16
Treat myself to flowers? I prefer plants but I couldn't find a plant that'll serve a purpose. Instead I treated and loved my current plants, my Orchid is currently blossoming.

26 · 02 · 16
Back-to-Back Marathon, who needs an excuse to watch favourite movies. I was feeling for a Jack Nicholson night. Witches of Eastwick and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Always nice to watch some of your favs as it can pick up the spirit. I also binged on some 80s - 90s true movies, guilty pleasures FTW and 90s John Stamos, okay.

27 · 02 · 16
...unfortunate day pass on playing the hostess with the mostest.

28 · 02 · 16
Planning the year ahead...I kind of want to be more quiet this year. Socially and financally. My aims are very personal focusing more mentally and internally. I don't have my instagram active anymore and it's really been a couple of weeks since I've not had it active and I don't miss it, although I never was an instagram addict. It's been nice to not have it for awhile. I think my next social detox is Twitter, not used much by me. I'm just following a lot of accounts that aren't beneficial to me.

It's the last week and what a varied experience has this been. It's coming to an end...kind of because it gives an opening for it to just continue and progress and develop my own type of Neom Happy. The last week & beyond I've been in a happy place obviously certain things still occur but I've felt more at ease and rest as I've blocked out a lot of negativity and just been able to be me and do as I please and these tasks over the 29 days have helped as it's given me ideas to incorporate into my life to have my own happy days. I think it's something we can all do, finding time for yourself whatever you do with your daily life just taking those 10 or 60 minutes and dedicating it to yourself or others is 10 or 60 minutes of feeling good. Thank you Neom for asking me to participate!

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.

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