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Growing up, I hated water. I constantly would remark, it has no taste, it's boring. I'd only drink fruit juices and what changed in my late teens I don't know but I've never looked back and I drink water like a mermaid now so when I was contacted to try Nuva, a new brand of flavoured waters I thought, why not? The flavours are interesting and different to me, Cucumber & Garden Mint, Ginger & Lemon, Melon & Jasmine. Honestly it was a gamble as I'm not exactly keen on flavoured water but I've never given them a real chance.

Cucumber & Garden Mint you can smell the aroma of cucumber as soon as you lift it to your mouth. The cucumber is the most prominent ingredient in this water while the mint gives a nice after taste. Very refreshing. Ginger & Lemon, lemon lover and I drink ginger beer but I'm not that keen on the spicy taste or should I say it's touch and go, my nan loves ginger, she'll put raw ginger to chew in her mouth but I wasn't sure about tasting this one but surprisingly it's mild in the taste of ginger and you can taste both blends. My nan liked this one too! Melon & Jasmine a refreshing mix, don't taste much melon but as I've never had Jasmine before I'd say these compliment each other well.

All of these quench your thirst without leaving you feeling more thirsty or your mouth dry. They give a nice subtle blend to just ordinary spring water. Reminds me of fruit infused water that you can do yourself but these are just ready made for your convenience. Nothing is overbearing so you'll have nothing to worry about.

These can be great during the warmer months but all year round for a different taste.

-Nuva is produced in the Loire region of France using local Spring Water.
-Nutritional information, this is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, it's gluten free and suitable for celiac. There's no sweeteners, no sugar, no calories or artificial preservatives.

- This brand is no defunct. 

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  1. ooh these sound nice! I know exactly what you mean when you say about your mouth feeling dry and actually more thirsty when you have some flavoured waters so it's good to know that these don't do that, I was also curious as to whether they have sugar in them but they don't so they'd get a big thumbs up from Slimming World too (which is the plan I follow) :)

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Lesley9/01/2015

    I'm such a weirdo I actually love water though it's nice to jazz it up sometimes with different flavours. These sound awesome x

  3. I LOVE water too. I cannot get enough of it. I feel weird if I don't drink loads of it lol. It's nice to have a change, I tried to look for these in my Boots but haven't seen them yet :( xo

  4. Oh good luck with your Slimming World journey! Yes no sugar so definitely good as sometimes you crave more when things are sugary & they also leave you feeling more thirsty xo


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