Label M Powder Spray

These colour powder sprays are just dope.
I was sent the Red, Blue, Pink and Purple. For awhile I've wanted to have blue hair but I'm now at the stage where I'm just about to book a hair appointment and revert back to black kind of missing that shine and being able to have greasy hair without my blonde changing colour. Being sent these and being able to trial them while my hair is multi-toned made me realise that I can achieve the temporary hair colour once I go back dark. These work amazingly on dark & light hair tones - happy days.
Discussing the colours, the purple is a dark purple, while the red I'd say is slightly pillar box red, the pink is baby and the blue is more teal as you can see above.

I opted straight away for the blue and on one application think I nearly killed the can's contents off lol. I went outside to apply the colour, my room decor is mostly white and I'm not into having potentially powder spray colour on my walls resembling an episode of Art Attack. Best bet is to go outside if possible and do this! Any spritzes on the skin wipe off with a wet cloth easily enough.

Once it's dry, you can then brush through to give a lighter effect in the hair, I applied a bit too far up than I would've liked so I just brushed it downwards and it began to fade. Another thing best to do outside, during the week after brushing the powder out my hair, like powder does, it flies and speckles and these did exactly that over my furniture I noticed once I was wiping my surfaces down but who said being creative was a clean job? Nobody ever.

Only downside?!

They dried out my hair, I'm not sure if it depends on your hair type / texture but this is a style that should be left until the day before or on wash day. The powder sucked any grease in my hair, reminded me slightly of dry shampoo besides that they can't be faulted (oh and transferred on my jumper neckline)! Amazing for a night out, festivals or just when you want to have a non-commitment hair colour change. I've already spotted a couple gift sets I'm going to get family members for Christmas, Colour Makeover Set & Designer Mini Set - Party Pack!!

Prices start from £3.75 for 50ml or £9.95 for 150ml

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