Sure - Last As Long Challenge

Sure released a Compressed version of their antiperspirants which left some of us to wonder, how could a 75ml bottle last as long as a 150ml? I challenged myself to see if I could ‘last as long’ by not wearing make-up all week. This was going to be hard as I've recently got some new makeup that I've been wanting to try out. However, each morning after my shower I would spray one underarm with the regular 250ml bottle and the other underarm with the Compressed can.
Being challenged to go make-up free for numerous days is a challenge and of all the times I decide to do this challenge, my skin & hair are just a mess in my opinion. The hair can be a quick fix but the face, not so much. Think I've been over stressed personally and there's a failure to mention this house is cold ridden and after getting over the flu but parts still lingering, I'm picking up the germs very easily, ugh! I'm grateful my skin is better than others who really truly suffer but it's time like this when I realise make-up can bring a little ray of light into my life!
Wearing no make-up means that skincare is the make-up. Not that I regularly dismiss skincare, it's important regardless of make-up or not but you want to look like you're glowing from within, no?! Although my dark under-eyes are such an issue for me. I've been living on pasta and chilli tomato sauce for about...three weeks now. It's all I've been craving and now I've got a food baby and I think my skin is rebelling from all the pasta.
So...I decided maybe I should do my hair, so I look like somebody decent and not Felicia. I had a slight Felicia/Snoop Dogg hair day on one of my make-up free days & my nan told me I favoured an anansi. I went out Monday morning and me and my pigtails were not happy, I got caught in the rain, that's my upset face, I really should stop being so fussy and just choose a car already - who knew car shopping was so stressful? At least my underarms were protected!
Hair can make everything better. It's part of the overall package but do you know what I've noticed...too much time on my hands to spare, I start to mess with other parts of my face - my brows. I decided to do my brows after how many months and now I regret it, luckily they grow back quick enough but damn those tweezers were sharp. They left a little grazing waaaa! Alongside my lovely new spot that decided to grace me since the weekend. Yay!!
Green juice and stepping away from the pasta seemed to help my skin this week, not so much my stomach - I resembled Kim K's latest nude. Gluten is not my friend. I just felt so blah and lethargic most the week, the on/off weather can also just affect moods and my anxiety was on edge, I'm comfortable being outside without make-up on but I guess sometimes when the anxiety is rocky, the make-up can reflect away from it. As the week went on I had started to notice that while both armpits felt just as protected, the Sure Compressed deodorant felt much softer and gentler on my skin than the larger bottle and for me there was less white marks.
snapchat files this week, the weather took such a rainy turn, I was left to just glance out the window for the past two days. Gloomy! However after 6 weeks of the Sure Compressed challenge, I passed but guess what? Now I can't be bothered to do my face, maybe an occasion will come up that'll persuade me to wear my face again. The Sure Compressed antiperspirant is perfect for everyday use but also a handy size that can be popped into a gym bag, handbag or even in your car glove compartment - yeah I'm just going to get my glove compartment bits together and this little number will be included.
What would you choose for your "last as long" challenge? Share with me below!
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