Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini Review.

Social media keeps churning out hashtag trends for body parts that it's almost hard to keep up but the #Legfie hashtag is one that you can get your supermodel-esque legs out and your "favourite at the moment" shoes in shot to share, like mine above.

People might view this photo as being a typical 20 something female, legs out, heels on, makeup everywhere and it could signal to them 'she loves to be in the club!'...'She's high maintenance'...'insert compliment'...She's something!! A picture can say a thousands words to people with no description. It means a lot to me to be multidimensional, as women that's what we are. Being able to be that blogger at home & staying clear of online drama but being able to let loose with friends with no judgement. Being poised in photos online but being able to throw that ass in a circle while out. Reading autobiographies by historical figures but listening to gangster rap. The same way if I want to be able to go out and put my best legs forward and my face but also stay at home bare faced and wrapped in a throw watching crime documentaries. I can do and feel no judgment, this photo is another side of me..

Earlier this year, I was able to really let my hair down and feel womanly. Being able to dress up, go out and have a good night out is rare but I was able to do that on a few occasions, like my birthday for one. Even though I was feeling dog rough ill, I got ready in the hopes of feeling better inside and out. Shoes for me are what makes an outfit dress up or down and these Geneva heels* signal up. The nude suede, the gold straps enough to make the night and stomach feel better. Make-up strewn everywhere is typical me when getting ready, it takes my floor as much time to get ready as my face. Being able to just show and express another side is our prerogative and I don't get to show this side of me often so having a good excuse to share how I feel about being out as a woman and feeling sexy is a good feeling.
Legs have been given icon moments in history even if they weren't intentional. The most iconic leg moment of all time was unveiled by Wilkinson Sword being Marilyn Monroe's 1955's The Seven Year Itch moment of her over the subway grate cooling off and her iconic white dress blowing upwards and her 3 panties being exposed. A 60 year old moment in time!

I live this moment daily it's on my feature wall in my bedroom.

Although getting our legs to that ultimate point of iconic stature is crucial, if the legs are going to be one display, let them shine and be the focal point. Scrub off all that dead skin, giving your legs smoother and brighter appearance but also hair removal...Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini* is a good place to start. This gives you a 2-in-1 hair removal with a trimmer & razor. I had an older model and this one is a lot better, even the little stuff like the little support stand underneath that allows the razor to be propped up better and to dry without having to lean on surfaces. Pet peeve because then the moisturising area which would be wet would dry on the bath side and go hard and ugh...There are 5 blades for an even more cleaner and closer shave. I've always read, the more blades the better the shave. I always make sure my legs have been soaked and given enough time to be softened up, exfoliated, lather up with shaving gel or conditioner, run the razor under water to activate the moisturising serum and shave my legs but before challenging the bush, I trim down regardless. You don't want to dull your razor blades with shaving long hair so this will save you time and keep your blades a little longer. Simply adjust the white trim comb up or down depending on your hair length. If your hair is longer push it upwards so there's more room within the trimmer or push down for a more closer trim. Once you switch it on, you don't need to hold the button down. It's pretty simple but a very handle tool!

Do you have any leg treatment tips?

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