Mixed Chicks Review

I'd first used Mixed Chicks in 2012 after my dead end chop! My hair was still going through it's own repairs and I wasn't all that enthusiastic about how my hair reacted but as I've come to know my hair, I feel I can get to grips more with what it likes and how to utilize products to get the best out of it.

Within the trial pack you get 3/4oz shampoo, 3/4 oz deep conditioner & 3/4 oz leave-in. Depending on your hair length / thickness you might want more than one box of these. I found 2 boxes was enough for the shampoo and deep conditioner but I only used 1 half of the leave in conditioner.

I shampooed my hair as usual and got a nice lather, usually my hair feels stripped but it really cleansed my hair and it didn't feel dry which I liked. I shampoo wash my hair once a week and during mid-week co-wash. Due to how I might wear my hair during the week depends on product build-up. I had a little bit when I used this because I had a lazy week! Nice fresh scalp and hair. I put the deep conditioner in and decided to leave it on for a couple hours as I was going to have a bath put on a shower cap & got a little steam action happening and my hair was extremely soft and moisturised after the rinse. My hair is very particular with leave in conditioner, sometimes they're either too heavy or they dry and flake. Parting my hair and evenly distributing the leave in worked idealy. I combed it through but I paid more attention on my ends especially where it's coloured and I air dried before styling as usual.

My hair dried wavy, I had combed my hair into a side parting and brushed it down and it dried how my hair use to naturally dry when I was younger and wasn't tampering with my hair. Straight from the roots until my ear and then my hair would be wavy a mixture of 2B/2C curls. Next day the hair just needed a bit more moisture and I popped it into a loose bun. This time around I had more of a positive outcome with the products than before maybe I was more satisfied with how it felt and looked than when my hair was getting over the years of heat damage.

Mixed Chicks Adult Trial Size, for £2.00 it's worth it to try. Even though the company is called Mixed Chicks, their products are for every hair type and ethnicity so don't feel that it's an exclusive product!

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  1. Epiphannie Amusu7/8/15

    I love trial versions! I've only used mixed chicks once (and didn't really like it that much) but the trial versions should probably encourage me to try out a few of their products

  2. Yeah trials x free samples are always good. There products are large and can be expensive to buy and then you're pissed if they don't work for you but my hair surprisingly reacted well this time to their products but I'm not sure if I'd run out and buy full sized versions as of yet.

  3. I haven't heard of this brand, the trial sizes sound great x


  4. Halima8/8/15

    You know I think I've seen the full sized versions in Pauls Hair World due to the name of this product I obvs thought it wasn't for me, haha!

    I cba with expensive shampoos, I use this cheap SLS free one and it doesn't dry out my hair. X

  5. Kayla9/8/15

    Nice I like the it comes in this trial pack option.

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  6. Haha yeah the name doesn't make it sound like it's for all hair at all. They're expensive, my hair routine is expensive enough but it's good for those who might want to try. Curly hair is too damn expensive as it is but these bottles are HUGE! xo

  7. It's a good option definitely xo

  8. Lesley10/8/15

    I think I still have some of their products from a couple of years ago, untouched in the packaging *hides face*. The name is off-putting but I get why the founders called it 'mixed chicks'. The trial sizes are such a good idea for those looking to give it a go without having to commit to a whole bottle of their stuff x