MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask.

I mentioned in my Multi-Masking post I would do a review on the MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask. I've used it twice now so I think it gives me a good enough reason to review it.

It's claims are to help prevent acne, remove blackheads, oil and dead skin. The main ingredient is deep sea mud and it does contain alcohol as the alcohol is what makes the liquid go dry when in contact with air. The mask has no scent but like all masks if using the hands can be a little messy especially when breaking into the sachet. I use the brush and get a nice coverage on my face, I prefer using a brush to apply my face masks when possible, oh so fancy!
I made sure that my face was cleansed and dry before applying it. I also run vaseline through my brows because well who wants them to possible peel off? It's never happened to me but knowing it can happen is enough for me to protect my brows lol. I then begin applying my face mask from my forehead, down the nose, onto the cheeks and moving onto my chin and jawline.

Sit and let it dry for nearly 30 - 45 minutes.
Then the fun part. The peeling! Ahh what is it about doing this, it's like picking at a scab except this one you can do with no damage and guilt. Second time I did this I kept my face mask in tact and noticed different areas on the mask where some had more pore appearances than others, especially around my nose, part of my cheeks and chin. My face felt smoother and just the little blackheads I can get on my nose had disappeared.

Two things I learnt first time round, remove any facial jewellery if possible, my dumbass left my nose ring in and even just a bit of this mask attached to the ring was enough to make my eyes water. Also if you've got facial hair when removing this mask remove from the top pulling downwards - never up!

The only thing I suppose I didn't like was the sachet packaging, all the product is at the bottom of the sachet, just sitting there. Even when I cut it open, I found all sides need to be opened so it was flat to get the product out. I always found there was product left over even if when I moved it onto my neck. Not a bad thing but there's no-where to really store the remaining product once the sachet is opened. For me it would do better in a tube or container.

The face masks come in different packages the cheapest is 8 Face Masks for £19 or you can get 5 Face Masks x Brush x Guide for £19. 

Interested? I've got a 30% discount for my readers. Just used dolcefacemask30 at the checkout and voila! Thank me later for the peeling fun, smooth results and blackhead free skin!

Not tested on animals!!

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