Valeur Absolue Sensualité Eau De Parfum

Valeur Absolue Sensualité is inspired by the sensuality of women, as seen by us, for us. Fragrance Development Director, Marie-Aude Bluche describes the perfume as "super-feminine, super-bright with a very luminous sensuality. It's all about curves and light, sensual shapes. We created it with flowers that would reflect the curves of a woman"

A good old classic parfum shape, boxed and small. This see through bottle doesn't just boast a feminine scent but also a visible reminds at the bottle encased it contains mother-of-pearl, the symbol of femininity. When I first sprayed this on my wrist and it began to settle, I smelt a lot more fruity than floral but the rose is there during that last inhale as my senses trialled through.

Top notes composed of Sicilian bergamot and white pepper.
The floral heart of the fragrance combines the intoxicating perfume of Rose de Mai with Sambac jasmine.
The base notes reveal a sensual trail of cedarwood and a blend of amber and musk.
Scent would fall into the Fruity / Floral category.

Valeur Absolute perfumes avoid:
Polycyclic-musks (PCM) are synthetic aromatic compounds that are used in cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products. Musk-based ingredients have been used over the years for their scent and ability to mask undesirable odours that the formula base may give off. They are linked to numerous bioaccumulation and skin irritations. These compounds are also non-biodegradable.

Phthalates are a diverse and large chemical family that have a number of applications including a vast use in the cosmetics and perfume industries. Some phthalates - BBP, DBT and BEHP - have been said to be highly irritating as they can be absorbed by the skin and cause allergic reactions.

This is a great gift for a fragrance lover, not only that due to the fact it holds no nasty's it gives someone else who may get reactions for fragrances and can't enjoy them a chance to feel, womanly and sensual with a scent again.

Available at House of Fraser Sensualité Eau De Parfum 45ml £59.00 also available in 90ml

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