Philips Lumea Precision Plus - Update 2

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It's been nearly a month since my last post on the Philips Lumea and I've discovered something. I feel the heat more the week before my menstrual cycle.

After reading the booklet it said to do it every fortnight, after the first week, the second cycle was just before my period, considering I could use this on level 4 or 5 before without any discomfort, on that week, the heat was bearable but so much more heat to the skin. I realised, I'm due on! Could this contribute? Possibly. I did it this past Monday(3rd cycle) and the feel of the heat was just the same as it was on the first cycle. Go Figure.

I feel when doing this, it's setting aside a good hour in total for all the areas I wanted to do on my body, moustache, arms, armpits and legs. I've stuck to two, I didn't bother with my arms in the end. Not too sure why I decided to stop there, maybe because I'm not too fussed with the hair. It's just a good thing that I can go and do it at any time.
Another point is, I've got tattoos. One being on my leg and I cannot use this over my tattoo. It's quite a good way for me to compare growth as I have to shave that part. I've so far noticed that the hair is growing back quicker on the area where my tattoo is. I can get about 5 days of free hair elsewhere before I'm having to shave in comparison to the every other day.

The flashing light isn't too much of a problem for me. You do want to use this in a well lit room so that the flashing isn't too bright or you can do what I do - put on sunglasses if the eyes are feeling sensitive. Though it's really not necessary!

Also, I'm still trying to get the hang of the armpits, I can't glide it like I would do the legs just because I'm a bit more cautious of the skin around, I tend to go more at an angle near the bottom of my armpit. Other than that, it's easy enough and I can't complain due to the the fact that it's less than an hour put aside fortnightly so far Lumea, the secret to beautiful hair free skin, for up to 2 months is doing a good ol' job on my hairy mary.

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