I Love My Muff

I'm all for cruelty free & natural products, especially for the nether regions. It's important that we are gentle with delicate places and the products we use are suitable & safe.  I Love My Muff is exactly that.

Founded in 2009 by Ritz Clinging in Canada when she couldn't find products that were natural for herself she set about creating I Love My Muff. The range consists of clean wash,pure spray, soft lotion, fresh wipes and muff maintenance kits and  all products are cruelty free, vegan, free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colors and fragrances.

There are 2 different maintenance kits:
Green :- Green means ‘go’ and with this sweet citrus fusion of vanilla, grapefruit and ylang ylang there’s no telling where it will take you.
Fresh, warm and sensual… like the perfect sip of spiced tea and honey in a garden of vanilla and citrus blossoms.

Blue :- Elevate your mood with this spa fresh blend of lavender, clary sage and patchouli. It give’s ‘feeling blue’ a whole new meaning.
Pure extracts of orange blossoms and essential oils of clary sage, patchouli and geranium, invokes a mystical feeling of invigoration reminding you of botanical dew drops suspended in a welcomed breeze.

The blue kit* is what I have. I do have to say it does have this fresh smell to it also reminds me of aromatherapy oils, quite soothing on the nose. 

Each bottle has it's own number on the side. You do it in stages as you would do when washing your face.

Step 1 : - Clean Washdirections Apply a small amount into your palm. Lather, love & rinse desired area daily.

Step 2 : - Pure Spray - directions Shake well. Hold 4-5 inches from desired area. Spray loving and liberally daily.

Step 3 : - Soft Lotion - directions Apply a small amount into your palm. Loving smooth over desired area daily.

Not to forget : -

Red : - Individually wrapped feminine refreshing wipes moistened with extracts of cucumber, chamomile flower, vitamin E and lavender, providing freshness that smooths whenever and wherever you need it.

Simply pop one in your bag !! Just as the slogan says it's no longer a whisper.

Have you ever tried any I Love My Muff products ? 
Price : £28 - £38

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