AOFM - Half way point

Just completed my 3rd day at AOFM! Absolutely loving it the girls and guy in my class are fantastic. Also just the 3 tutors we have had already are amazing. I am having fun just like Henessy said I would lol.

Today we did 'Glamour' which involved, eyebrow shaping, eyelash application, red lips, smokey eyes etc. We was taught by Barbara who is a makeup artist from Mexico dubbed 'The Queen of Eyebrows' by other tutors. Very quick with her craft.

She liked my eyebrows but decided to move the arch slightly outwards to open up the eyes. I was more than glad to allow Barbara on my eyebrows and take charge.

before / new shape.

both new shape.

What do you think ?

Barbara was telling us the story of her tweezers as most of us were in awe of them, long handle and angled, nice slant, she had picked them up in Mexico and has had them for 13 years. Become her signature trade, we was lucky enough to be able to have one as she is now bringing them out herself. I had to snap one up, cos you all know I'm a brow fiend.

Cannot wait to try these for myself, currently shattered - feet, abs and bum - killing but all with a smile on my face lol.

Available now from Barbara Carranza £15.00
Peace & Love 

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