I'm sitting here staring at the Durex Invisible Extra Thin Extra Sensitive* condom box sitting by me and it got me thinking in my sexually active years I’ve never purchased condoms myself, I’ve either got them from friends or at a clinic where they’ll gladly hand you loads of a variety for free. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed to purchase them but I do understand for others it’s not as easy, while we live in a progressive society, you may feel those around are frowning and pre-judging a woman who is having sex and even purchasing condoms, so it’s much easier for you to expect the dude to bring one along. The difficulty of buying condoms for young adults just becomes another excuse not to use condoms.

So there you were, faced with the potential first hand embarrassment of purchasing the condoms, that you couldn’t go through with but now you’re faced with the dilemma that he doesn’t carry any because of the numerous excuses for not wearing one. It led me to ask around, what do men think of women who carry condoms (whether on their person or have them in their home) & asking women, if they feel comfortable to purchase and do some carry or leave it up to the man.

Q. Men, How do you feel about women who carry condoms?

"I don't like the idea of a woman possessing condoms. It exposes her true intent as a woman. Like, all you wanna do is get fucked? I admire the safety precaution but its the mans job to carry. No woman should carry! If he doesn't have one then, no fuck for him...I don't believe women should possess male condoms."

"It is very responsible of a woman to look out for her own safety and not rely on a man in that department BUT as a man you're responsible for your own safety so carry your own boots (condoms) cos if the boots have hole you gonna end up with cold feet when she's expecting or you gotta go clinic cos things aren't moving correct."

"I honestly never knew a woman that carried them around, maybe had them in the top drawer though... Which I think is good. But in the purse I honestly think it's suspect lol. I like to buy and use my own either way...Don't trust them."

"That's good, it shows you're responsible."

"Don't have one, stay protected, alie? Unless she was wifey & I'm not using condoms, I'd wonder why she's got them"

"Umm, that they practice safe safe and I guess that they're pretty loose too, man. To be carrying it you're preparing to be in that position to use it, indirectly similar to those who carry weapons but obviously not as extreme...having them at home is regular. Even if she went out to meet her partner, still regular...But to have it for having it sake on her person sends the wrong kind of message."

"It's not a bad thing. Like I might not necessarily go out expecting to go back home with someone. Hypothetically of course. But at least if I know I'm not taking a risk with my life. In many European countries women carry condoms so it's perspective and education. I'd be more concerned if a female said 'I'm clean and I trust you to be the same.' "

"For someone trusted not a bad thing at all. If you can trust someone and you want to link them it's your business but definitely equal opportunity. Man should carry and women should supply."

Q. Ladies: Do you feel comfortable purchasing condoms?

"I'd rather be purchasing condoms than a morning after pill."

"I've got no problem buying condoms."

"Yes, I would feel comfortable purchasing condoms."

"I have no problem buying anything sexual...call me bold but if I want to buy it...I'm a grown arse woman. I have condoms at home and won't feel no way to tell a man to put this on if it comes down to it. I don't carry them in my purse personally but I have done in the past and when it was pulled out it was received negatively...but saying that a woman should take precautions about her sexual health. A man should defo have them ready if it comes down to it. Works both ways!"

"I'd rather be purchasing condoms than a morning after pill."

"Safety first, women buying condoms, what's wrong with that?"

"You can swing an Ann Summers bag around proudly, shopping for condoms isn't a problem!"

"I don't buy them in a store but I will order them online."

Q. Do you carry condoms or leave it up to the man?

"I think both should be in the possession of them."

"I have some at home but not in my damn purse like I'm going out looking to get randomly laid."

"I don't lol. I always expect the man to have them BUT if he doesn't things aren't running until they are got!"

"Personally if a female is carrying them, she values her sexual health even if she is out sexing randomly."

My overall view is this: ladies, purchasing & having condoms should be like a political statement! There’s a terrible misconception that if a woman carries condoms with her, ‘she’s up for it’ which then leads to women not wanting to look a certain way to a sexual partner. When one from the feedback mentioned the fact "it's perspective and education", it hit the nail on the head. I remember reading in Spain they offer prostitution classes, it teaches women sexual techniques, sex toys, educates them about sex, how to conduct themselves and be safe. It really is a matter of education, I don't remember being taught anywhere that it's okay for women to carry condoms but I know in my younger days I would of been concerned what someone thought & I honestly don't know where I picked that train of thought from because the me now, I wouldn't care, I'm very brazen when it comes to the subject and act. I'm an adult who is being responsible. So if some view a woman who keeps condoms on her person because she's just being safe, regardless what she is doing with her body and with whom, she should be respected that she's cautious instead of shamed. There are reasons why I feel a woman should have condoms in whatever situation, first and foremost you are looking after your well being and considering someone else's, you can't expect a man to remember, nothing is stopping you from having fun, carrying condoms is a discrete act, they're small and who's looking?

Should Women Carry Condoms?


The traditional Hindu system of medicine (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas), which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.

Oil Pulling
An ancient Ayurvedic ritual, it was introduced to the modern world in 1992 by Dr. F. Karach, MD. He said that oil pulling could cure a variety of illnesses from heart disease, digestive trouble and hormonal disorders. You've probably seen oil pulling sponsored ads on social media which has raised more awareness over the past few years but it's been around for centuries. The idea behind it is to swish an oil around in your mouth for about 20 mins and while you're doing this, it 'pulls' out bacteria & toxins. Some may experience headaches while doing this which are referred to as detox headaches.

How To  – On an empty stomach first thing in the morning, take a teaspoon or tablespoon (depending how much you can manage at first then work your way up) of cold pressed organic oil, melted if prefered, most favour coconut oil for its properties but you can use any vegetable based oil. Gently swish it in the mouth, similar to mouthwash but not as aggressive because you've got to do this for 20 minutes so you don't want to tire out your jaw. If you get into a routine such as get the oil in your mouth, dry body brush, shower - you've used a lot of time. The oil will get thicker as your saliva & toxins builds up with it but try not to swallow any as it's defeating the purpose, you're swallowing the toxins back into the body & we don't want that. Oil pulling helps to expel diseases causing toxins, allowing the body to heal.

Oil Pulling is said to have the following benefits:
Prevents bad breath
Healthier gums
Improved PMS symptoms
Increased energy
Improved lymphatic system
Clearer mind
Clearer sinuses
Brighter, whiter teeth
Alleviated allergies
Better sleep
Regulated menstrual cycles
Clearer skin
Decreased headaches

Tongue Scraping
I use to just scrap with my toothbrush but since looking in Ayurvedic rituals, I decided to get a copper tongue scraper instead of gold or silver because they say it's a bacteria-resistant metal, copper seems to be toxic to bad bacteria and provides the positive enzymes that are needed within the mouth.

How To  – Rinse your scraper before use. With a relaxed tongue, using a u-shaped tongue scraper, gently starting at the back of the tongue as far as you can go, bring the white gunk forward, rinsing the scraper after each pass, as you're taking off bacteria. Some sites say a little gag is okay as it brings up mucus and ama (accumulated toxins from diet, lifestyle and the environment.) from the back of the throat - trust me, it really does. Follow up by brushing, flossing and rinsing with water.
Some like to scrap their tongue after brushing & flossing but before rinsing their mouth. I've tried it before and after brushing my teeth - still not sure as to which way I prefer.

Tongue Scraping is said to have the following benefits:
Reduces bad breath
Clears & balances taste buds
Clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue
Improves overall oral hygiene

Dry Brushing
Dry Brushing is something I've written about on Dolce Vanity before, which you can read here. You don't necessarily see the benefits but you feel it. Drush brushing is amazing for stimulating the circulatory system, it stimulates the connective tissue attached to capillaries sitting under our skin, improving circulation to the heart, this is why we brush towards our heart. It helps stimulate your lymphatic systems - this acts like the body's filtration system. Lymph nodes act as filters to help rid our bodies of toxins and harmful organisms. While our blood has our heart to help pump blood around the body, our lymph system relies on external stimulations such as muscle movement & also dry brushing meaning if you're not that active it's beneficial to help you remove toxins and body waste daily.

How To  – Using a natural bristle body brush (you can get these from most health/organic stores) as they give the best results for exfoliation & stimulation. Making sure your skin & brush are dry, the best time to do this would be first thing in the morning before a bath or shower as you need to give the body a hydrotherapy. Starting on the left side of your body from your soles up your legs, arms back and torso stroke the brush towards the heart (on your fingers and feet you can stroke backwards and forwards working in between the separation) before working on the right side.

Dry Brushing is said to have the following benefits:
Stimulates the lymphatic system
Aids in detoxification through the skin
Removes dead skin cells
Improves circulation
Reduces cellulite

Spending time to give yourself a self massage is an act of self love. Abhyanga is form of Ayurvedic massage using oils, nuturing your body and the therapeutic benefits of healing regularly. This could be done after dry brushing and while oil pulling.

How To  – Using a cold pressed organic oil with drops of an essential oil and combine them into a dish. Fill a basin with some warm water just enough to submerge the dish into, to warm up the oils. Already naked from dry brushing I begin with the crown of my head, it's a good opportunity to take time to massage the scalp, onto the face and circular motion on the forehead, temples, cheeks and jaw - always moving in an upward motion. Don't forget your ears and ear lobes - ah heavenly. Use long motions on the arms and legs, just like you did dry brushing towards the heart. Massage the torso & chest in wide, clockwise circular motions. Spend a few moments massaging your feet, fee being an important part of the body with nerve endings of essential organs. Let the oil absorb into the skin - this is why it's important to use an oil that your skin enjoys, prone to spots, use a non condegemic oil.

Abhyanga is said to have the following benefits:
Increased circulation, especially to nerve endings
Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology
Calming for the nerves
Lubrication of the joints
Increased mental alertness
Improved elimination of impurities from the body
Softer, smoother skin
Increased levels of stamina through the day
Better, deeper sleep at night

4 Amazing Ayurvedic Rituals!

As soon as I opened the cap, the whiff of the lavender within this Vitala Spa Chakra Balancing Compassion Bath and Body Oil embodied me. Once I had a dislike for lavender and now I enjoy it's calming benefits, I'm going to be including this oil within my Abhyanga (self massage) routine.

This Figs & Rouge evAcalm Perfect Calm Moisture+ AM PM Cream has been designed specifically for use on dehydrated and sensitive skin, reducing redness thanks to the blue daisy extract it's effective as an inflammatory. I think if I had any irritated skin days I would use this, I tend to not wear much make-up especially when my face is irritated I like it to heal, so this will be one to definitely try.

In the 5th TVK box there was an concealer / eyeshadow brush by Spectrum Collections, this month it's the Spectrum Collections Tapered Finishing Brush , I still stand by how amazingly soft this brush is, it goes to show synthetic isn't all bad. Being completely vegan and cruelty free. I love a brush like this for powders. I definitely need to invest in a collection of these brushes - faultless.

For how many years have I said, I must try a konjac sponge? I keep reading the benefits and I don't know why it's taken me so long, so imagine the delight when I saw the The Konjac Sponge Company French Clay Facial Puff Sponge in the box this month, I'm excited to use this, deep cleanse, exfoliating, detoxify sponge. You'll definitely be seeing a review on this because it's been a long time coming me trying and seeing how I get on with this one.

Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Travel Size Body Wash & Travel Size Hand Cream, these truly are travel size 20ml & 10ml, so small and handy to pop into a bag, Weleda is a brand I'm fond of, their skin food? Hello! I don't even really suffer from dry skin but I use it on my normal/oily skin. This is from their sensitive range and I can't get enough of the scent, can smell the almond it's sweet and heavenly. The range helps to protect the body and hands from irritated skin by soothing them whenever needed, with shea butter and pH balanced the wash certainly will not dry out the skin. The hand cream, is very tiny, possibly a lot may not need to be used but it's certainly a sample that you could use to see if your hands love enough to buy - hand creams important y'all, don't you think?

This says for mature/dry skin Shelia's Natural Products Face Cream is one that'll ease and clam symptoms of dermatological issues. Starflower, Safflower and Hempseed oils help to make up this cream, easily absorbing and beneficial for those dealing with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

This month's box, wasn't bad at all. I loved to see the brush, sponge and oil. I love Weleda so it's nice to try something else from the range especially as it smelt gorgeous, shame the samples aren't bigger but really I can't complain overall.

Have you tried anything from these brands before?

Purchase: TheVeganKind


TheVeganKind Beauty Box #8

Book Title: Six Years With God: Life Inside Reverend Jim Jones' People's Temple
Author: Jeannie Mills
Genres: Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir.
Every time I tell someone about the six years we spent as members of the Peoples Temple, I am faced with an unanswerable question: “If the church was so bad, why did you and your family stay in for so long?” This book is my attempt to work out an answer…Only months after we defection from the Temple did we realize the full extent of the cocoon in which we lived. And only then did we understand and deplore the fraud, sadism, and emotional blackmail of the master manipulator. We’d been had by a dangerous maniac and we set out to warn a world that didn’t seem to have time or the compassion to listen. It took the deaths 912 persons to spark a series of investigations into the Peoples Temple. To look at Jeannie Mills, you wouldn't think that for six incredible years her life went haywire. At 39, she's both smart and attractive, a good wife to a good man, mother to five terrific kids...the picture of everything that's right-and possible-in America. But from 1970 to 1976, she and her entire family were bound to a cult that finally became the story of the decade -THE PEOPLES TEMPLE. In a chronicle that talks of beatings, humiliations, and brainwashings, the author records her six years as a member of the Peoples Temple and describes the awesome and sadistic power of Jim Jones.

My Thoughts
Jeannie Mills known within The Peoples Temple as Deanna Myrtle was a defector of the organisation, along with her husband and daughter who were murdered not long after this tell all book was published, was it the last revenge of Jim Jones from his followers that still held his words in the highest regard? Even after more than 900 people were murdered that fateful day on November 18, 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana? No-one knows. So what was exposed in this book that would possibly cause the murders of defectors, even after Jim Jones died?

It starts off as a book that details their lives after leaving The Peoples Temple, from September 1975 – 1978. For about 60 pages for someone like myself who has studied the organisation, the names weren’t unfamiliar to me but for someone who is just starting to understand, it might be a little confusing. The fact they had to change their names to make void the power of attorney they had given him but they didn’t lay low from Jones & the Temple because they were very outspoken with their own organisation the Concerned Relatives organization, to focus media, political and government pressure on Jones. They helped to deprogram ex-cultist and persuaded Congressman Leo Ryan to undertake the fact-finding mission to Guyana which led to the largest deaths of US citizens before 9/11 and led to Ryan’s death.

The start of the second half of the book explains how she and Al (formally known as Elmer) were raised, met, got married & their children from previous marriages ended up becoming one big blended family. Admittedly before joining Peoples Temple she had decidedly racist views which she was ashamed of and after the first visit to the multiracial church she decided that she was going to be pleasant to the black people.

This book chronicles how the financial operations of the temple operated, how they managed to keep people ‘trapped’ within the temple, a lot of members signed over their homes & pay cheques to the temple, they were left with nothing but this connection to the church and even the elderly would have to then work to keep homes the church provided them to live in. With both Jeannie & Al, her husband being within the trusted circle of Jim Jones, Jeannie worked with Temple's publications office while Al became the official photographer they saw a lot of things first hand such as the public humiliations within a service & meetings, they’d see people beat other members within an inch of their life, women humiliated and made to strip to their underwear in front of the congregation and I’d read all the contradictions, physical and sexual abuse that occurred and would initially think why don’t you leave? But then to understand is to understand the hold, mentally, physically and financially. Cults are not easy to escape and you can’t just decide to not return one day, they’d tried to leave on a few occasions and the temple would send people and they’d be lured right back.

With an interests in crime, murder and cults this was the first book I had read about People's Temple, I've read numerous articles and seen documentaries. I try seek out books from those who have lived & experienced. This book wasn't easy to get hold of, it's out of publication and can retail for up to $70 on second hand bookstores but I managed to get this about 3 years ago on the cheap.

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Six Years With God.

Illustration Anna Sudit

I always think feminine hygiene is an important topic. Most these things growing up I was taught by my grandmother and magazines, - Remember when magazines were actually good and not full of bullshit? Although some young women/older women never had that upbringing where they were able to talk openly or felt comfortable to ask someone. As an adult I can talk to girlfriends about things because sharing is caring & you’re sharing knowledge and with no two bodies being the same the same simple principles for a happy healthy vulva, labia, mons pubis and vagina apply. Yes, I used all of those words because, it’s about spreading correct pro body language. It's important to remember that our vaginas are a self-cleaning orifice. They don't require a lot of excessive cleaning because throwing off the vaginal pH balance of about 3.8 to 4.5 is just asking for trouble, you didn't expect to invite such as infections.

Illustration Lucy Han.
What’s what?
Your vulva is all the parts you can see outside of your body. Your vagina is inside of you. We can all be guilty of saying our vagina instead of using the correct terms but I do think to have a pro body mental attitude we need to be correct with the terms. Most times people say vagina and they mean their vulva.

Starting in the water!
They say water is all you need and honestly it is. If you do use soap it should be as natural as possible and unscented and never let it enter your vagina & urethra. Clean the vulva & both inner & outer labia carefully daily with cool water as warm water can help bacteria to . I do keep a bottle of natural feminine wash in the bathroom but I will only use that while I'm on my period instead of daily, I try not to use it if possible and some of the ones available in stores have harsh detergents and parabens, best to go natural. I've read that women have experienced UTI or yeast infections when washing daily using them because they make you more susceptible to these conditions. Some have even fallen victim of the bubble bath, so if you do feel there’s any dryness or irritation, don’t soak in a bubble bath! When you wash, you wash like you wipe from front to back. Washing or wiping in the opposite direction will cause bacteria from the anus to become trapped in the vagina & urethral opening, giving way to infections.

Some say that you should clean your hands before the toilet because your hands are dirty with daily bacteria on there & you could transfer the bacteria onto your skin when you wipe!

illustration Sarah Hurst
What you do with your pubic hair is your own business!
Nobody should tell you how you should keep your pubic hair, but the past 3 years I’ve gone between hair and less hair and back again but personally I feel more womanly with more hair, I keep it tidy underneath and the bikini line but keep the mound with hair. Having hair is practical because the hair traps any discharge and keeps bacteria off your skin, leading to less to no irritations. If you're like me and prefer to keep more of a trimmed 70s bush than a Brazilian I wouldn't say we've got to work any harder to keep clean because they do say hair helps to fight any irritation from discharge on the skin but as hair does trap sweat, it’s important to keep it just as fresh often.

Yes, there’s a smell.
I remember someone saying women weren’t so fussed about how their vagina’s smell since oral sex became more favoured – well I don’t know about those women but I’ve always cared about how I smell, not out of paranoia but because it’s important to take notice of these things, any change in smell is to be noted. We naturally have a slight scent there and it’s normal. Ladies, do not fret or make any man make you feel bad. Everyone's scent is a combination of loads of bacterias specific to your body but if you notice a foul/fishy/unpleasant change in odour from your vagina, that’s when you need to see your doctor.

Keeping it fresh during your period.
I've found since using the menstrual cup, odour is limited during my period & it’s a lot more freeing for myself but of course this isn't for everyone. Doesn't need to be said but I will still say while on don't leave pads or tampons on longer than you need too. The pads are damp and have natural organisms - such as sweat from the genitals - that have become contaminated with the menstrual blood, are sitting on the pad and they love warm and moist places, left for too long they’ll likely multiple leading to UTI, skin rashes and vaginal infections. While tampons left in can cause toxic shock syndrome, this is a condition where bacteria infiltrate the body, leading to a severe infection, the body can go into shock and needs sudden medical attention in some cases, it can lead to serious complications & even death. Please ladies, change regularly and if possible wash between changes to keep fresh.

Don’t dismiss the discharge
Don't worry about discharge as this is normal, seeing a change can be more hormonal than an infection but as there are different types of vaginal discharge it is worth to take the time to notice. Abnormal discharge may be yellow or green, chunky in consistency, or have a foul odor. These are usually caused by yeast or bacterial infection. Unless you get a foul or unpleasant odour, colour change or any itching/uncomfortable sensations. Visit your doctor to be checked out ASAP.

Underwear is important but so is none!
They always say 100% cotton is better as it allows you to breathe down there throughout the day by stopping bacteria from becoming trapped but one practice I’ve started to get into is at night, going knicker free, of course you can wear something loose so you’re not just all out there but allowing it to get some air during the night is beneficial. Let everything breathe because even at night we sweat and yeast and bacteria love these dark, damp areas to multiply. Of course this applies to gym & swimwear, change out of them as soon as possible.

Keep the juices flowing.
With water and cranberry juice, I mean. You may have been told cranberry juice (the more organic the better because normally store bought cranberry juice is full of sugar which bacteria loves) is good for UTI’s and some regard it as an old wives’ tale but research has shown that it can help to prevent E. coli bacteria from sticking to cells on urinary tract walls but don’t rely on it as an only source. Water, especially lemon water, helps to restore the body’s pH balance and also helps prevent UTI’s and so does peeing after sex!

What are the best tips for hygiene, that you have?

Feminine Hygiene Tips!

I was notified quite a long while ago that Fragrance Direct are now stocking MAC Cosmetics which gives you a couple of pounds saving - a save is a save right? Popular items are available such as eye pencils, lipsticks, blushers & eyeshadows.

Honeylove Lipstick (£13.99) & Peaches Sheertone Blush (£16.99) are two products that you are likely to find on Fragrance Direct. Honeylove is a light beige toned with rose undertones and a matte finish. Even though this is in the matte finish section it's not as drying as you'd expect some to be. Of course your lips shouldn't be dry or cracked to begin with otherwise no lipstick especially matte isn't going to look good. Peaches is a pure peach blush, no shimmer, no undertones just a straight true to each shade and I find it's buildable on my skin to get the desired look as it goes on a slightly sheer but I find it's a nice subtle colour for a day to day blush.

What's your favourite daily lipstick or blush?

MAC Cosmetics is available at Fragrance Direct

Samples - MAC Cosmetics is no longer cruelty free.

MAC Honeylove Lipstick & Peaches Blush

Summer is nearly over but caring for your body never does and we always need protection. I for one always try and use products with SPF in it somewhere, whether it’s my skincare, makeup or sunscreen but sometimes it doesn't happen and that isn't good. We tend to forget that it’s not just our face or bodies, feet, hands, neck and backs – it all needs coverage to be protected. With two different types of Ultraviolet Rays it’s sensible to look for products that have both coverages if possible. UVA is able to pass through glass and may cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. UVB is linked closer to the development of skin cancer and melanoma. UVB radiation causes sunburn but does not penetrate through car windows or other types of glass.

Garnier Ambre Solaire have launched a sensitive advanced range for skin protection with high SPF 50+ & UVA & UVB protection, if you or your children burn quickly due to being fair, sensitive & sun intolerant skin, this range is a must have, you’ll also find a preference with formula between lotion and spray - Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Lotion SPF50+ & Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Very High SPF 50+. It’s free from perfume, parabens & colourants. It has a Hypoallergenic formula, light texture while being non sticky & whitening, so if you want to wear this under make-up, don’t worry about flashback. I personally have the opposite issue, I find it hard to tan, I might brown a little but nothing major but I also don’t burn so I can’t comment on the range too much on how it performs.

Badger Balm have SPF30 certified organic ingredients within their sunscreen and protection against UVA & UVB, so if organic is more your thing. Badger Sunscreen SPF30 Unscented is organic & vegan and like all of the sunscreen in the range are Nano free. Badger Kid Sunscreen SPF30 Tangerine & Vanilla, with most children loving to be in the water during holiday’s & in local pools…this provides up to 40 minutes’ water resistant coverage for your little ones. Being chemical free it’s 100% safe for them and being that it smells delicious, children won’t hesitate but want to cover themselves in it. We can’t forget the bambinos, Badger Baby is also water resistant and paediatrician tested & approved, it has a slight smell of chamomile & calendula. These all RRP for £14.99 each and can be used for all ages to be honest.

I've mentioned nano free and you might huh? Badger Balm brief this by explaining "Zinc oxide is a powdered mineral that sits on top of the skin, scattering, reflecting, and absorbing UVA & UVB rays. Although zinc oxide is the safest and most effective active sunscreen ingredient, the best protection from the sun is to seek shade and cover up with clothes and a hat. All Badger sunscreens use pharmaceutical grade uncoated Non-Nano Zinc Oxide as their only active ingredient."

Looking for some body odour protection during the long days, during the commute at the gym you can read my posts on Sure Motionsense & Impulse Why Not? by Charli XCX

How good are you with your sunscreen care?


Sun Protection Essentials.

Makeup is there to be experimented with, have a go-to comfort zone style, do as you please attitude. At the end of the day makeup is wiped off, it's nothing permanent. Yes I studied to be a makeup artist & the face is the walking advertisement but I rarely wear makeup, especially if I don't have too but throughout it all nude or bold - lips are mostly my statement piece.

I've been wearing makeup quite frequently, unlike last year where I rarely wore much and did very little FOTD/EOTD's. One brand I've been loving a lot is Makeup Geek, the shadows are pigmented and inexpensive, the fact that there's so many options and also cruelty free & vegan dupes for MAC makes it a go to brand for those on a budget or not fond of non-cruelty free brands. On days when I cannot be bothered to do anything so out there, it's easy to reach for my z palette filled with my makeup geek shadows and I like a highlighter, little bronzer, winged eye and lashes of lipstick. This look was soft but the lips give it that pop of colour for difference instead of a nude.

Get The Look

Illamasqua Matte Primer (Primer)
NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%
LA Girl Pro.Conceal Yellow, Orange(corrector)
EX1 Delete Concealer (under foundation)
EX1 Foundation "F300"
MAC Pro Conceal & Correct Palette "NC40xNC42" (spot concealer)
Guerlain Terracotta 4 Season 02 (bronzer)
Topshop Glow Stick (Highlighter)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish "Soft & Gentle" (Highlighter)
RCMA No-Color Powder (Setting Powder)

ABH Brow Pomade "Ebony"
GOSH Defining Brow Gel "004"

Benefit Lemon-Aid (base)
Too Faced "Nectar" (lid)
Makeup Geek "Cocoa Bear"(crease)
Makeup Geek "Mocha"(crease)
Too Faced "Puree" (lower lash)
Illamasqua Precision Liner Gel (liner)
Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liner - Alchemy Gold* (liner)
Rimmel ScandalEyes "Nude" (waterline)
Benefit They're Real "Black (mascara)
Esqido Mink Lashes "Big City Nights"* (falsies)
Esqido Companion Long Lasting Bond - latex free* (lash glue)

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip "Trap"

Do you have a go to face?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review.

FOTD Double Wings

I like to look at this post as it being a tag, so far I've seen 3 other posts doing this Rachel Shuchat Makeup, Beautylymin & The Indigo Hours. The latter of where I decided I'm going to do this. Makes me wonder 10 items? A full face for me sometimes takes a lot more than 10 but multi-purpose products are key. Being on a desert island how would I like my face to look until the end of each product is finished, hmmm well, this list really wasn’t easy.

NIOD photography fluid, Opacity 12%
That filter blur in a bottle. This can be used alone, with moisturiser, under moisturiser, under foundation, with foundation - you getting it? It's got a beautiful radiance that makes you lit from within, it minimizes lines, helps conceal dark circles and pigmentation, although I don't have any of those severely it's nice to see how something used sparingly can help these issues while wearing make-up. It's got a yellow-red hue corrector by knocking out the red tones in the skin and also minimises yellow tones.

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation
An oil-free, non-comedogenic liquid foundation has been made with asian and olive tanned women in mind, the range isn't huge but F300 fits me perfectly and I like that it's not heavy and I can apply a little and it's satisfactory enough for me to apply and spread out. It's light and when I set it, there's not much transfer. I use it in most of my make-up look and day to day make-up because it's a good fit with how it adapts to my skin. Note - they're not officially certified.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick
I couldn't think of a shade. Maybe when push comes to shove, I will be able to chose a shade. I like how long these last, how affordable they are and as you know for the past month they've been doing international shipping - whoop. I'm in love with Dr.M which is a green shade but also Chi, Trap and Beeper but there's so many more shades that I would like to try - maybe a red would be my go to shade - you know I love me a prostitute red as I use to call it.

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer Highlighter
Rich in pigmentation and looks beautiful on my skin, I think I could live with strobing over bronzer because if my desert island has sun, I don't have to worry about that part. This is a light-medium, golden champagne, warm undertoned with a pearly sheen highlighter, I like to use this on my nose tip and on top of my cheek bones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade
All kinds of proof, it was a hard decision because I've switched from pomade to pencil for a more natural look but having the other brow product for a more natural look. I do like how even with this I don't have to use a lot of product and it can be used gently for a natural look that lasts all day.

GOSH Defining Brow Gel - Black
This has become my HG brow gel, it works better for me than a clear one. It makes my brows thicker and puts them in place, it can be a little wet when first applied and sometimes the tips of my brows end up getting on my forehead but that's a quick clean up and it dries quickly - the bummer, I can't seem to find it to repurchase besides on eBay.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Z Palette
Maybe a slight cheat? But because all my MUG shadows are within the Z palette making it a customised palette - duh! Therefore I can put a range of different shades to do different looks daily. Saves on other palettes where all the colours might not be utilised & end up being wasted, you must of heard about how amazing these shadows are for the price and I 100% agree, they're amazing.

Illamasqua Precision Ink Gel Liner
This really has become my go to gel liner, I love how black it is, how the gel is smooth and glides effortlessly and it stays for HOURS! What more can a person want when it comes to an eyeliner. It's not smudge proof but that doesn't bother me.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara
I always go back to this mascara. I tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara as a replacement but I found it flaked, smudged when dried leaving raccoon eyes as the day continues and was pretty wet when applying but They're Real from Benefit seems to work exceptionally well for me. It separates, gives good length and my lashes look good without false lashes, win-win!

RCMA NO-Color Powder
I'm pretty much done with the banana powder hype and this has become my converted setting powder and I couldn't see myself going backwards. There's no flashback best believe no-color means none. It's finely milled which is best as it'll never cake.

What would be your items?

If I Could Only Keep 10 Items of MakeUp.

Dove have released products that are aiming to heal dry skin, keep in mind I do not have dry skin but it can get irritated or dried out if I use certain ingredients, dry skin can be a huge concern as you want to limit dryness as much as possible with whatever you're using. According to Dove, new research has shown that 9 in 10 women are concerned about dry skin and 7 in 10 agree that dry skin impacts their overall confidence. I've been trying three products Dove have released to care for dry skin, Nourishing Care & Oil infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, Nourishing care shower oil with Moroccan Argan Oil & Cream Oil Beauty Cream Bar with Moroccan Argan Oil.

Oil body washes are my favourite because they leave my skin feeling hydrated and soft no matter what and that's what I need. I've tried both in the shower the nourishing care & oil is a cream with hydrating small argan oil balls throughout so when you while the nourishing care shower oil light, non greasy which is important. Amber Rose has said that she's never used nothing but a bar of Dove soap in her skincare routine, I've started to use soaps on the face as long as they're not drying which most can be and the last thing I need is my face stripped of every oil it has but as I have not had an issue it has got me swaying to be a convert, it's handy in the shower to just wash the face using soap that's nearby. I noticed the nourishing care & oil & cream oil have Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate & Sodium Lauryl Isethionate within the ingredients where are SLS alternatives which is probably why these haven't irritated me and would be great for those with dry skin because they won't dry out the skin. Out of all the Dove ranges this scent has to be my favourite.

Purchase: Dove Nourishing Care & Oil Body Wash, Dove Nourishing Care In Shower Argan Oil & Dove Exfoliating Argan Oil Beauty Cream Bar

Do you suffer from dry skin? Have you tried any from this Dove range?


Dove Moroccan Argan Oil Shower Heroes.

I think the stand out product for me this month was the Candy Kittens Sweet Pineapple Vegan Sweets, they're fun in shape, with the kitten head which was launched in June, their first vegan product. Made with tapioca and potato starch, it's damn addictive in taste, sweet and fresh. Doesn't get any better! Landgarten Organic Dark Choco Balls are a snack from the family run business from Austria, they use only organic, fairtrade and GMO free prducts to make their vegan treats. These are puffed millet balls dipped and coated in dark chocolate with a reminiscence of Maltesers. These come in a snack bag and can make good toppings on cake, maybe once we've used the next product to make the cake...
Vegan eggs? Yes they're real. I remember seeing this on TheVeganKind instagram a couple months ago and it's now featured in the August box, it's a plant-based egg replacer, so you can still use egg in any recipeS you may need, baking, scrambled, omelettes, pancakes, cookies, muffins and cakes. I've not tried them as of yet but I'm really interested to see how these Follow Your Heart VeganEgg work within food, they're a costly replacement at £7 for 12 'eggs'. I love the after pepper kick these Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs have, I got the Pepper Power in my box & they remind me of wotsits in the puff style. They are a great source of protein & high in fibre making them a good snack. Squirrel Sisters Coconut Cashew Raw Energy Bar, a guilt free bar made with 100% natural ingredients. There's 2 x 20g portions per pack that have 82 calories per bar! Definitely guilt free if you count those calories.
I've used deodorants similar to this before, I believe TheVeganKind even introduced me to them, since then I've even heard of Erykah Badu using them who says the trick is “to stroke under the arm 100 times on each side.” to get them to work effectively. Crystal deodorants are to be used on wet underarms. The Native Unearthed Deodorant I received, is made of potassium alum with Curcuma Longa Root within it, which is great for anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. The other type of salt mineral deodorant you can purchase have Ammonium Alum within instead of the Potassium.

Purchase: TheVeganKind


TheVeganKind #34

Growing up as a child, I was obsessed with Egyptology & Greekology. Books upon books I had were on Ancient Egypt. I've still not been able to visit Egypt but it's on the bucket list. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Eye of Horus is also an Australian brand of colour cosmetics. They have an amazing range of eye makeup based on formulas of the Ancient Egyptians, who are the originators of beauty with the sacred ingredients including organic Moringa Oil “Oil of the Pharaohs”. Last month I featured Moringa Oil on the blog and all it's benefits so imagine that in a eye product. Egyptian God's claimed it had beautifying and regenerating powers and also castor oil which I swear by.
I wanted to do a mild-dramatic makeup look, with the alchemy gold Eye of Horus pen eyeliner, it was only right to do a lot of rich & gold make-up on the eyes. With the non blended highlighter on the brow bone, gold leaf paper, lightened brows with flecks of gold running through them and some budget but full eBay lashes. The Alchemy Gold Liquid Metal has a fine felt tipped point, making it easy to start off with a thin and build up to the desired width. It's a beautiful shade that dries into a metallic shade with vibrancy. I've never come across a shade like it, it'll be nice to explore the others in the collection.

Get The Look

NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12% (primer)
LA Girl Pro.Conceal Yellow, Orange(corrector)
EX1 Delete Concealer (under foundation)
EX1 Foundation "F300"
NARS - Laguna (bronzer)
Mehron Mixing Liquid - Gold (Highlighter)
RCMA No-Color Powder (Setting Powder)

Mehron Mixing Liquid - Gold (dots)
ABH Brow Pomade "Ebony"
PUSH Brows Be Wow - Brunette
Billion Dollar Brows - Highlighter

MAC Paint - Bare Canvas (base)
Makeup Geek "Afterglow" (lid)
Makeup Geek "Cocoa Bear"(crease)
Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner (liner)
Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liner - Alchemy Gold* (liner)
Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil "Zero" (waterline)
Makeup Geek - Corrupt (lower lash)
Gold Leaf (inner corner)
Benefit They're Real "Black (mascara)
Unnamed (falsies)
Esqido Companion Long Lasting Bond - latex free* (lash glue)

Lime Crime - Cashmere
Mehron Mixing Liquid - Gold (cupids bow)

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review.

Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liner in Alchemy Gold.

Photo Source

On one of my past TheVeganKind posts, 'The Lazy Curls' As Told By Chlxe left a comment saying she'd like to read how I became a non-meat eater, I don't think I've ever dedicated a full post as to why and how I survive, lol. Honestly it's something I'm normally asked as meat eaters are intrigued as to why? Which is cool because it gives someone else another perspective of a conscious lifestyle.

I had tried a couple of times to give up meat, The Simpsons 'Lisa The Vegetarian' resonated with me but was unsure how to do it and the bacon just kept luring me back. Until late 2008, I was on Google searching Goats, as you do, and saw a skinned kid - for me that was it. My nan didn't believe me; certain I'd crumble for a bacon sandwich. Weeks later, I was still not eating meat, I would eat a fair bit of seafood and dairy within my diet but I was eating so much prawns until I was turned off. I started to cut out milk slowly and replace it with almond milk but now I don't drink it, more out of choice. I started to notice with my body that if I had too much dairy, my stomach didn't appreciate it, so limitations were being set upon me. For me it wasn't a challenge to give up meat as it wasn't too prominent in my life, the cheese - yes. Gradually it was, limiting cheese where I use to sprinkle it on most meals or have a melted cheese sandwich or pizza. My body could only take a certain amount otherwise my body would expel not long after if I had too much. I’ve looked for vegan cheese before, I certainly don’t get a huge amount of grams of it like you do in the diary alternative but I’m still on the hunt but I don’t eat much of it anymore, the exclusion is getting there so it’s not been without it’s challenges somewhere.

Many become vegetarians or vegans for a few reasons - inhumane treatment to animals, diet, environment. Mine was for the first reason, my love of animals overtook my love of food. Growing up I wasn't much of a meat eater but I did eat it, mostly chicken or bacon and if I ate out, chicken would be a choice, I knew no other way. One thing I've come across is a lot of ignorance, ignorance stems from not understanding and a lot of people along with ignorance. They pre-judge your choice, you're a PETA fanatic, tree hugger, strange because you've gone against the 'norm'. Also some have no respect or a judgment to say let's agree to disagree. I continuously come across those people, you'll mention the words vegetarian or vegan and they'll laugh and question why I've chosen to eat that way. No matter the answer, most will dismiss and disrespect.
This occurred just the other week when someone told me, "You lack iron & protein because you don't eat meat", Then they ask the insulting question as to how I was raised because I couldn't have grown up in a Jamaican household if I don't eat meat. "You have to take the vitamins when you could just eat meat."

So why do meat eaters take vitamins?

If they researched they'd notice that soybeans, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, pinto beans, rye, oatmeal, green vegetables, kidney beans, figs and apricots are rich sources of iron. Corn, green peas, kale, sweetcorn, spinach & more are high sources of protein.
Photo Source
I juice frequently, therefore I’m getting vitamins, antioxidants and more in my large tumbler and it can act as a meal replacement for me or to eat with a meal it fills me up. I’ve detoxed before, you can read that here. You can find in-store meat alternatives Quorn now do vegan options as well as vegetarian. A quick way is to find the V on labels, it’ll say suitable for vegetarians or suitable for vegans – some don’t I’m still questioning Heinz Tomato Ketchup, I read the ingredients and wonder, why no V? I like to check this blog for UK vegan food in supermarkets: The Vegan Womble. I do suggest if possibly eating fresh and cooking your own meals, so that you know exactly what's in the food and how much etc. I always feel there's a good vegetarian / vegan and bad vegetarian / vegan lol and on my lazy days I really can be bad and ready meals and then I wonder where that extra few lbs have crept in. I've noticed that a few blogs I now regularly visit have some amazing recipes that make me want to cook, Becca at Amuse Your Bouche, she's got vegetarian recepies I love. Hungry Healthy Happy, on Dannii's recipe page she has a section for vegetarians and vegans and anytime I read her blog it makes me want to cook & eat which is good because it's inspiring. Celery and Cupcakes, Jemma has a mixture of smoothies and salads that always look colourful and appealing. That for me is a bonus - because I eat with my eyes first! This is also why I support TheVeganKind because for those wanting to try or already are vegetarians/vegans it gives you a chance to discover new brands & products.

I don't understand why meat eaters are so offended by those who choose otherwise? Just with other things, preconceived judgement is at fault, people do it when others choose to believe or live differently to them, whether it's religion, sexuality or your personal views. I have had people who have respected my choice and have said while eating they won't eat meat in front of me -which is a nice gesture, I always tell them, I respect your dietary choice & it doesn't bother me. I made a conscious choice to try & live a different diet but it doesn’t make me a different person.

Why I Stopped Eating Meat.

ColourPop that inexpensive but popular US brand that's hard to get hold of in the UK but not now since 12th July they now offer international shipping (exceptions Turkey and China) but thanks to a lovely friend, I got 3 orders shipped over not long ago and yes unfortunately a couple of eyeshadows did smash but I found it aided the product more - more pigmented. I had previously purchased ColourPop Ultra Matte liquid lipstick from the UK in February 'StingRAYE' which cost me £8.99 + p&p. Although a few weeks ago I went in my drawer and noticed that the formula had separated, wasn't easy to just shake it up, looking online it wasn't just me who experienced this but it doesn't manipulate the product itself once it's been hit among the mattress a few times to shift the formula.

Cami (neutral mauve pink) - Lippie Stix // Matte X finish
Grunge (cool-toned plum brown) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Hollywood Blvd (yellow- toned brown) - Lippie Stix // Matte X finish
Taurus ( mid-tone yellow brown) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Pillow Talk (mid- tone greige) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Tootsi (cool-toned grey beige) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Chi (cool tone nude beige) - Lippie Pencil
Kae (deep warm yellow brown) - Lippie Pencil
Kapow (muted grey taupe) - Ultra Matte
Guess (dark blackened violet) - Ultra Matte
Dr. M (deep blackened green) - Ultra Matte
Clueless (dusty mauve pink) - Ultra Matte
Beeper (warm mid-tone taupe) - Ultra Matte
Limbo (deep chocolate brown) - Ultra Matte
Teeny Tiny (deep greyed out plum) - Ultra Matte
Trap (dusty greyed out beige//greige) - Ultra Matte
StingRAYE (cool toned mauve brown) - Ultra Matte
Chi (cool tone nude beige) - Ultra Matte
Kae (deep warm yellow brown) - Ultra Matte

Bandit (warm rusty brown) - Matte
Beverly (Deepened blackberry) - Matte
Bill (muted plum beige) - Matte
Birthday Boy (cool tone golden) - Metallic
Crenshaw (warm saddle brown) - Matte
Deux (mid tone warm brown) - Satin
Flutes ( mid-tone yellow brown) - Matte
Girl Crush (mid-tone true gray) - Matte
Hanky Panky (soft cool toned taupe) - Matte
Mixed Tape (mid-tone cool grey) - Pearlized
Party Time (mauve grey) - Matte
To-A-T (mid-tone warm brown) - Matte
- swatches taken with no primer.

I also got their new brow pencil in Jet Set Black (rich onyx black) and a blusher but I prefer to use it as an eyeshadow Swift (rich deep warm brown). Best part, ColourPop are cruelty free! Their Lippie Liners and Lippie Stix are vegan & almost all of their Super Shock Shadows, Creme Gel Colours & Super Shock Cheeks are vegan. With exceptions see their FAQ for the list.

Have you tried ColourPop? Anything on your wishlist?

ColourPop Haul.

Being an 80s baby, 90s kid & millennials teenager…I feel the 90s were that last great decade for me & it shows by the fact we’re doing nothing but reviving the fashion & beauty but thanks to 90s cable T.V. it allowed me to have the access to MTV – you know the good MTV that meant Music Television - Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, The Children's Channel, TCC/Trouble & Sky One, these channels defined my childhood. I get super nostalgic watching certain shows. MTV actually launched on 1st August 1981 and from August 1st 2016, there's been a new channel called MTV Classics (replacing VH1 Classics) and focusing on shows such as “Unplugged” episodes — Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Erykah Badu — and shows like “Beavis and Butthead” and “The Real World.” And with that, I feel Summer '16 for me has been made...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
First episode date: December 28, 1987 - Final episode date: November 2, 1996
Oh my..TMNT! I stay watching the first cartoon series, not so much a fan of the new cartoon / films but the original, hit me with that anytime. I'm such unashamedly still a fan, my purse is a TMNT one - no shame here, mugs and what not. As a toddler I outwore their sweatshirt (that had to be purchased in the boys section). I can't even explain why I love it so much, I just do - might of been because our favourite food is pizza too and I was fond of April because my birthday's in April - kid logic, go figure. The drawings and colouring was smooth and clear and worked well, the storylines were interesting and exciting and even now I can continuously watch it. Trivia: Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince, voiced Shredder.

The Simpsons
First episode date: December 17, 1989 - Present
There's a reason The Simpsons is the longest-running American sitcom, the longest-running American animated program & the longest-running American scripted primetime television series! The dynamics work, the jokes were funny and witty, I really loved the earlier seasons, I still watch the show but I do prefer the earlier writings but with it being on t.v for so long it becomes familiar to generations old and new. Easy to follow with rarely any episode continuations. Creator Matt Groening has remarked, "The Simpsons is a show that rewards paying attention." With things happening in the background and pop culture remarks, you'll watch an episode a few times over and notice something new. I remember when I was first told as a child about the chalkboard, slight things like that have you watching the intro. It's a show that long marked its position in pop culture itself! I'm sure when I had my Sunday 6pm - 7pm double bill of The Simpsons on Sky One with a bowl of rice krispies that I'd of thought a dysfunctional family cartoon would of lasted...

First episode date: August 11, 1991 - Final episode date: August 1, 2004
Who wouldn't want baby squad like these! Tommy was that old soul in a baby's body and every show needs a brat and cue the original 90s cartoon brat, Angelica and her Cynthia doll, who was more of a forced friend and one of the few times she had compassion for something else but was most likely still for herself, when Cynthia went missing if Cynthia had an ounce of sense I'd of stayed missing. I think a lot of young kids could relate to Chucky, he had those kiddie type fears such as being scared of bugs and the dark. I think it was good at showing how babies interpreted stuff they'd heard or seen, I remember Tommy saying the cat had Angelica's tongue (because she was being quiet for her mum) as he had heard cats could do that - lol. I also went to see the Rugrats Movie! Couldn't tell you to this day what happened in it, but I remember the Blackstreet & Mýa featuring Mase & Blinky Blink song for the film and the music video "Take Me There" ... still waiting on my grown sized Xylophone.

Beavis & Butthead
First episode date: March 8, 1993 - Final episode date: November 28, 1997
The best first series run of B&B, the revival though I watched - wasn't as great, too PC for my liking. I know Beavis and Butthead wasn't for everyone but for me it was everything. Different from children's cartoons in a way because Ren & Stimpy & Cow & Chicken were just beyond odd for Nickelodeon (loved them too!) I've got the entire Beavis and Butthead collection included the banned for T.V episodes. It was rebellious, sick and gross and for the tomboy like me, it was funny - it seemed to work for the 90s grunge, outcast type kids vibe.

First episode date: March 3, 1997 – Final episode date: January 21, 2002
Daria Morgendorffer - first introduced in ... Beavis & Butthead. This was a very popular spinoff. Daria had a dry humour but you could feel for her in situations, compared to her popular, pretty younger sister who often dismissed her as a distant cousin she was a misanthropic, sensitive teen but smart. Trying to blend into the background at best but rarely succeeding. Her parents were not help but she found comfort in her best friend Jane & Aunt Amy, who sympathised and understood Daria.

South Park
First episode date: August 13, 1997 - Present
You know me, you know that South Park is my lifeline. Especially my Butters ♥ The programme is very unapologetic and no holds barred and I love that they don't conform for the censors. It takes relevant pop culture and takes a satirical approach but it's pretty genius that's all I can say GENIUS! To others they feel it's foul mouthed and rude but if you give it a chance and bypass the humour most times SP, is saying what you've really been thinking. You know I'd love to be animated on South Park. Trey & Matt let's make this happen *dreams* South Park this September is heading into its 20th season and with South Park picked up until 2019, it's another one embedded in pop culture and my life - forever, Mmm'Kay.

Spongebob Squarepants
First episode date: May 1, 1999 - Present
As I type this I'm currently sitting wearing my Spongebob pyjamas #Shamless. So if you didn't know Spongebob lives under the sea - in a pineapple, has a pet snail named Gary and a best friend named Patrick who is a starfish - can't forget Sandy who is a Squirrel and for that she has on diver gear because what squirrel can live under the sea? What makes Spongebob for all is that it reminds me of the Ren & Stimpy show, made for kids but as you get older you start noticing innuendos and not so childlike references. Even this show has banned episodes now. I'm still waiting for Nickelodeon to read out my name after I sent in a postcard with my name & address for a Spongebob goodie bag filled with stuff but now I know those things aren't for real I guess I should stop looking. With a lot of shows now earlier episodes are better for me with the cute, Spongebob charm - he's too cute.

Tween / Teen
Saved by the Bell
First episode date: August 20, 1989 – Final episode date: May 22, 1993
Centered around 6 friends at Bayside High School, looking back the characters were very stereotyped - cheerleader, nerd, jock, brains, shallow daddy's girl but they all managed to still be friends and do things together as there was no segregated the different characters. As cheesy as it could be it was a show that tried to deal with issues teens went through, homework pressure, low self esteem, crushes, bullying etc. A child of the 90s at some point saw this show - it's quite a guilty pleasure. I not long ago thanks to Viva recorded the entire seasons.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
First episode date: September 10, 1990 - May 20, 1996
If there was a theme song that most could memorise and rap along too, it was this one. You could just hear the beat come in and off you go - it's impulse "Now, this is a story all about how, my life got flipped-turned upside down..". A street wise kid from Philly living in Beverly Hills, the two different environments alone was enough to make you watch because both parties could teach each other a thing or two. And there's only ever been one Aunt Viv, I felt the show jumped the shark when Janet Hubert left the show and how could fans forget the epic dance off...*finger snap*.

Beverly Hills, 90210
First episode date: October 4, 1990 - May 17, 2000
Life wasn't relatable with Beverley Hills, 90210 to me but it was fun to watch. I had stickers on my bedroom door - holographic 90210 logo stickers, so 90s, I miss that! These people in my young childhood reminded me of Barbie & Ken's but with a lot of drama. Hello, the Kelly, Dylan, and Brenda triangle - How could nobody feel for Brenda. But once again another show that showed good looks and money didn't stop image issues, drug addiction and heartbreak.

Clarissa Explains It All
First episode date: March 23, 1991 - October 1, 1994
Who didn't want a bedroom like Clarissa and not to forget her pet lizard Elvis. Clarissa had that 90's bright fashion, where things didn't look like they belonged but she made it look effortless. The stuff Clarissa had and did, I thought my teens were going to be just like that! Yeah times moved on and I don't think anybody had it like Clarissa. I liked how the show dealt with crushes, spots & wearing your first ever bra! Just general teen girl things that made girls watching understand not to be scared.

Sister, Sister
First episode date: April 1, 1994 - Final episode date: May 23, 1999
Tia and Tamera are twins who were separated at birth, with each being adopted by a different parent. One day, the teens have a chance encounter while shopping at a clothing store in the mall. After the families meet, Tamera's adoptive father reluctantly allows Tia and her mother to move into his home so the girls can be together. For me, it was about seeing girls on t.v. who 'looked similar' to me. Mixed race with curly hair albeit their hair texture at best was more 3C than mine it was comforting. Jackée Harry as the mum, Lisa Landry, was nothing less than funny I found. The family dynamics weren't conventional but they did their best and who could forget the classic catchphrase "Go Home, Roger!".

Sweet Valley High
First episode date: September 5, 1994 - Final episode date: October 14, 1997
I use to read the Sweet Valley High books that I'd take out from the library and then when I saw it had been turned into a show, I watched. The lives of identical but very different twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. One sweet as pie sister and another one a total mischievous bitch - even to her sister to get her own way. I'm not sure why I liked the series so much but it was part of my watchings in the 90's and how could I forget the males with their curtains haircuts *ugh* and Brittany Daniel who played Jessica went onto star in White Chicks - which is always a must see funny film.

Kenan & Kel
First episode date: July 15, 1996 - Final episode date: May 3, 2000
"I DROPPED THE SCREW IN THE TUNA!" The comedic duo who worked so well together. I can't believe it's been 20 years since they filmed the first show. Kenan always coming up with schemes with his BFF Kel "who loves orange soda? kel loves orange soda. is it true? mmmhmmm, i do, i do, i do-oooo", could say Kenan wasn't a good judge of character with whom he trusted to do these schemes with.

Smart Guy
First episode date: April 2, 1997 – Final episode date: May 16, 1999
I just started watching this again (along with Kenan & Kel) which sparked the thought for this post. It made me realise how T.V. had some good black shows on t.v. back then. Tahj Mowry plays a 10 year old genius who skips 6 grades to be in high school with both his older siblings and he ends up in most of his older brothers classes. The show had cameos from Destiny's Child in one episode very early on in their career, I think it was during the promotion of their first album "Destiny's Child", Bianca Lawson (who forever can play a teen even now and she's in her 30s), Tia & Tamara (whose brother was the lead in the show). It was a show that dealt with single parenting, dating, crushes, feminism & more. It was pretty good and surprising for a Disney Show. I loved Omar Gooding in this show...after last seeing him previously in Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.

Married... with Children
First episode date: April 5, 1987 - Final episode date: June 9, 1997
"Love and marriage goes together like a horse and carriage..." Hearing Frank Sinatra singing this opening theme about a man living the Bundy curse, love and marriage seemed more like a chore for Al, at times while his wife Peggy tettered around in her mules and eating bonbons with her flame red bouffant hairdo. It was unapologetic in it's approach. Al would be either be on the couch hand down his pants on his crotch, reading porn magazines, going to strip clubs and leering at women even with his wife right there. Kelly Bundy was the Pamela Anderson of t.v. before CJ hit the beach, the ditzy but attractive, promiscuous & stereotypical blonde.

Other honourable mentions: Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, In The House, Martin, The Steve Harvey show, Ren & Stimpy, Everybody Loves Raymond, Cow and Chicken, Cousin Skeeter, Angela Anaconda, Sabrina, the teenage witch, Hey Arnold, Recess, Friends, A Different World, Heartbreak High, Ready or Not, Martin, Wayans Bros & The Parkers.

There are so many good shows that I loved watching during the 90s thanks to cable t.v. and some of these shows are still something I watch, some I look back and think WTF did I find interesting but I think for me it was more the fact of that being a teenager was the next step up in life and all the anticipation of what being one is going to be, high school, crushes etc. Of course most of these shows didn't show UK high school life but I do like how they did deal with some issues that affect girls and sometimes boys.

What 90's tv shows do you get your life from?

Getting My Life From 90's TV.