Neom Organics Scents of Christmas

Christmas Wish
Mandarin, Cinnamon & Tonka Bean
I had a miniature Christmas Wish last year and it's truly a Christmassy scent. It's relaxing and it makes you want to sit by a fire and burn. Cinnamon is vibrant throughout this scent and we all know cinnamon is comforting and is around in drinks and scents all up until Christmas and this is no different. It's probably one of the best luxury festive scents around.

Perfect Peace
Pine, Myrrh & Lime Peel
Subtle and sweet. I was certainly attracted to this one because of the Lime Peel, I adore citrus scents. Being that it's included alongside Christmas Wish, it's on the opposite spectrum, where the other I'd say is more spicy this is more on the woody with a blend of citrus. It compliments the other and is a different option for Christmas Wish if you want to switch up the festive scent. Can't stop sniffing it, I have it right by my bed so I can smell it even when it's not burning.

Scents of Christmas £49.95

Do you have a favourite candle at Christmas?

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