Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Shocking Pink

The Vegan Kind have now launched their very first and one off beauty box and what a box it is.

AH-MA-ZING-LY SOFT. This just proves to me, more and more that we do not need to have bristles made from fur. Synthetic can be just as soft and work just as good. I honestly wish I could brush you all with this to show you. It has a design that reminds me of a luxurious paint brush. Having a handle that's easy to grip is important and this cone shaped handle gives me a nice grip due to the circumference.
It's probably not as dense as a brush used for foundation so it wouldn't be good to use for that, probably stick to blending out cream / mousse products & possibly your primer.
(look at this set from Furless ⇆ Must Have Brush Set)

The make-up brand of co-founders Kimberly Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls) & Laura McComiskie. Giving an overall look at the brand it's approved by BUAV and PETA and aren't badly priced in hindsight. There's two eyeshadows from two different collections, Adobe Brick (Burning Spirit Collection - Shimmery bronze, brown) & Mississippi Mud (Earthy Princess Collection - Matt brown), it's a brand I would like to see more of and it'll be one I will feature in a future FOTD.

I've not tested this cleansing water yet as I'm already testing out skincare but this divine smelling cleansing water is said to be a alternative to face wipes which a lot of us are anti towards. It's an easy way to remove make-up and cleanse the skin. Contains spring water, orange blossom water, coconut oil, polysorbate 20, sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate and lime essential oil.

I've got a few Inika products already and there great for vegans and they are certified organic. I find this gives me a nice smudge as the pencil isn't hard or drying. Doesn't last as long on the waterline as I'd like and I've always found it's a softer shade of black.

This is made from raw cocoa butter and pure plant essential oils, all you have to do is break off a piece and add to running water. Due to the oils it's an oily product and good for those with dry skin for moisturising. I found it also softened my bath water and for me in a hard water area, it's very welcome - just be careful while getting out the bath.

This box values at £34.00, you get a saving of £19 from the cost of this box. What an amazing brush, there's definitely some stand-outs for me with this box, the brush being one of the major ones.

TheVeganKind Beauty Box £15.00 + p&p

TheVeganKind Beauty Box

If you follow me on Instagram, you would of seen this look from the weekend or even the Oxygenetix review, I added my face for y'all. I decided to ditch the black liner and try out some more of these Inglot AMC Liners that I picked up at IMATS last month.
-Can't believe it's been nearly a month already, waaaah!

Modern Pin Up

I haven't reviewed my last two The Vegan Kind boxes, you may of realised I wasn't really blogging but now I'm back on track, I'm sharing with you the TVK9 box, whaaat, insane that it's been so long already.

Pure hazelnut chocolate bar, yum. This was my favourite out of the box if I'm honest. Nut heaven for me and perfect, gluten free chocolate - absolutely divine.

From the creator of the #veganhour Twitter hashtag, this is Anne-Marie the founder of Heavenly Organics unique product. Shake the tub well beforehand, take a heaped teaspoon for short hair, bit more for longer hair. Then add a bit of water to form a paste and massage into the hair. I tend to part my hair into 4 sections and massage into the roots as when I rinse the hair, it runs down the hair shaft regardless.

The first time I had coconut water was in Jamaica when I was 6 and I didn't favour it and since then I've never touched coconut water. Yet I decided to try this - I gave some to my nan to ask her well known knowledge of how fresh coconut water should taste as this says it's as fresh as you'd get from the coconut and she agreed. She loved it, so 20 years later I tasted it once again and to be honest, it's not so bad. I noticed the last few years coconut water has become the 'new water' to drink.

As soon as I opened this the smell reminded me of those bacon crips, Frazzles. It certainly carries that smoked smell of those and only tastes like coconut once it's been bitten into. Even though I didn't mind the water or even the scent of coconut, I didn't favour these as much.

Here's another gluten free product but this one is free from nuts. You can have this as a cereal bar or even as a snack. It has a chocolate topping - I'm never too much of a fan of cereal bars.

I'm a juicing fan, it's the best way my body finds to boosts weight loss. Wheatgrass shots I've heard about for quite a while, it's loved by many. I've personally never tried it and even had to find a way to include Kale within my juicing (that I now love) so I'm looking forward to trying this and seeing if Wheatgrass will become a favourite for me. Known to be a powerful detoxifier and protect the heart and liver, it can help endurance during exercise a help build red blood cells, boosting your immune system and stimulate your thyroid glands.

All in all not a bad box, once again with a variation of snacks and a beauty product. I'm hoping one day they may find an alternative for cheese, that'll put me on my Vegan course so easy if that could happen. Plus it helped me to realise, coconut water isn't that bad after all.

What do you think of this box?

TheVeganKind #9

It's been very humid in the UK over the last week, amongst the night time thunderstorms this heat hasn't been pleasant and wearing make-up isn't as pleasurable when your trying to stop it from melting down your face. Oxygenetix is a foundation that allows you to wear your face in this heat...

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation Review + FOTD

O.k. so it's not a full blown peacock, it's just a pop of colour on the lower lash line that just gives a classic pin-up look a nice change for the Summer (or anytime)

Bronzed Peacock

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus collection has launched this week. This collection is comprised of 6 pieces, including such favourites as their body butters and eau de toilette. Here I have 3 pieces to share with you.

I normally prefer their body butters to work into my skin but this Body Lotion 250ml £10.00 is quite perfect for the warmer climate as it's light and almost watery, so it feels cooling onto the skin, it carries a fresh scent and I found it easy to rub in without any greasy residue.

This Perfume Oil 15ml £7.50 truly hits the spot, I've never tried a perfume oil before and this carries a strong scent of the notes that make up this scent, mandarin and litsea but it doesn't contain the Fijian water flower extract. These remind me of the classic women of the past, dabbing the perfume behind the neck and pulse points. You don't need a lot, mind. Hit those key spots and your good to go.

Fijian Water Lotus Eau De Toilette 50ml £16.00, I must say I do like their EDT, there's handy bag friendly to me due to the slimline bottle. This has a lighter scent than the oil that's included in the collection. Making it suitable for daily daytime wear this Summer.

Are you interested in picking up anything from the Fijian Water Lotus Collection?

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus

   Image by Sydney Hass

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go and get a Hollywood wax, I've only had a Brazilian or bikini wax in the past but I didn't feel otherwise to be able to lay down and bare all for a beautician I've never met before. I went through a phase of just not bothering to shave, it gave my skin a time to heal as I do find shaving quite harsh on my skin and that itching regrowth is intolerable. After a month or so from my last hair removal, I got fed up and just decided to get someone else to do the job.

My Hollywood Wax Experience

At the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to an Asian wedding, so it was a perfect opportunity to get dressed up and to also wear my Esqido Mink Lashes....

Esqido Mink False Eyelashes - Viola

When I looked back at these photos I felt like I should of been in a 90's r'n'b group or at least a girl in the video, must of been the slicked down Jada Pinkett hair, combined with the dark lipstick & heavy liner alongside the polo neck...

She's Got That Vibe

Do you remember how large headphones were the only headphones we knew before earbuds came into play and it was all about having the most discreet headphones possible until these started making a comeback? Now you'll see everyone walking, running, on the bus / tube listening to their music with these on. I've secretly wanted headphones for quite a while but they are a luxury to splash out on if honest but I've now got some that are budget friendly and quality....

When The Music Starts...

ProSkin is an advanced skincare clinic with 10 locations within the UK, they offer affordable treatments to meet your current financial situation. They have a variety of treatments some of which I have mention below :-

I'm an ink lover however not as inked as others but I don't see myself stopping at just the 3. Tattoos to me mean a lot and are personal, a lot of people get tattoos on a whim. In the UK alone 1 out of 3 regret getting tattoos, most of these are men. With these kind of statistics it's not wonder laser tattoo removal procedures are on the rise. Laser tattoo removal is not a cheap procedure however ProSkin Clinics have Picosure Tattoo Removal . These can be found at affordable prices and are done quicker than a lot of other clinics who offer this service. My advice would be to make sure that your in the hands of professionals, so your not left with scars, burns or some other skin damage. I've noticed a lot of celebrities who have got tattoos and have ended up removing them. Mainly due to it being a show of affection to a current beau, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Megan Fox and Kelly Osbourne have all had procedure to remove most of their ink.

I now recall another blogger got this 3D Lipo Fat & Cellulite Reduction done with quite amazing results, something that actually works without going underneath the knife, go figure? Some people may look at it like it's the 'lazy persons' way out but I can assure you that some people work out and that stubborn fat just seems to linger. I know that pain, I'd love to just be able to break down some fat on my stomach without having any surgery. With 4 tailored treatments there's something that'll everyone who is interested should be able to find, Skin tightening (Radio Frequency) // Fat reduction – inch loss (Ultrasound Cavitation)// Cellulite Reduction (3D Dermology & Radio Frequency) // Fat reduction (Cryolipolysis). I'd already know I'd want the latter - burn all that fat away.

When looking for a practitioner for any surgical procedure do the research and ask a lot of questions.

ProSkin Clinics

Bloody hell, I've not worn false lashes in months, since about March and I forgot how heavy they can feel and make me feel sleepy *snoozes* but I just felt drawn to doing this 60's inspired face while testing out this Eve Lom foundation that's been lurking in my drawer.

Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation // 60s Peach

Having had my Makeup Revolution Redemption Acid Brights palette sitting in a box for a couple of months and seeing how everyone was using them until they hit the pan, I decided to finally take mine out and actually use it!!

Tropic Bites

Drying Lotion?! What's that a few of you may ask, I know I was a couple of years ago. I had never used a drying lotion or cream before and I sampled one and absolutely loved the results. I suffer from periodic breakouts and I'm grateful that my skin is better than others, I don't have much to bitch about, besides the fact that any spot that occurs loves to leave a lasting reminder in the form of pigmentation - so to tackle that? Tackle the source of the problem and that in itself are these breakouts.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

It's Monday and what a more fitting day to do a Cheap Monday post. You may remember I did one last month featuring Cheap Monday x Specsavers and this is the second part to that, this time featuring spectacles & Bacardi, yes my cat got in on the photoshoot.


On Saturday me & Simone headed down to Olympia London for the V Delicious event that was being held from the 4th-6th July. We purchased two VIP tickets for the day off Groupon which gave us a 50% discount and some other 'perks'.


I grabbed this INGLOT Color Play Lipstick Palette at IMATS, mainly the fact that it had so many bright colours in one place is what drew my attention. Everything is just so vibrant and creamy. I got a deal on this palette, everything retails online for £55 but I got it for £38, £17 discount, cannot sniff at that.

INGLOT Color Play Lipstick Palette