I'm including this within my Summer Beauty week but it's not just for Summer but it's quickly becoming my favourite Summer scent but I promise you, it's for all year round, continue..

Soft perfume, is handy, no bottles to smash, leak and I've found there better to buy for people than some sprays, people can keep these in a bag, take them away on holiday without the risk of having them taken away *sighs*. When offered to review these, I chose "Rock" ah, why? Let me see, I love Rock, I love the look of Rock so why not smell like Rock and no I don't mean, vomit, alcohol and ashtray breath, in fact this smells a lot more better than that.

I slide this on my neck, wrist and back of my knees - I took that advice from about 2009 when I read the Rachel Zoe book, saying it was the best place to put perfume as the smell travels upwards, hitting they key points.

Let's lists the goodness, dermatologically test, not tested on animals, respectful to the planet, Good for 12 months after the box is open, recyclable, paraben free and safe to take on board!

With a Shea Butter base, Described as ideal for girls of a ‘rock chick’ persuasion, bam, me! citrus mating with spice with notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Orange that allows the Cedar and Musk love in the middle before a leather-esque base notes give way for a irresistible scent, having to sniff this right now. Perfect choice!

It's a sexy scent, perfect for those intimate times, gigs and festivals. Appealing and lustful, the scent lives a slight linger in your nostril and for the price I don't think you can go wrong, with other scents to chose from it'll be good to smell some more. Guess there is a reason why rock can be sexy....

*pr sample
I won't lead you astray, I've never been told I smell bad...to my face anyway.

Summer Beauty | Le Soft Perfume - Le Petit Fou Rock

Let's get skin ready. During these days, you want to have a quick burst of water and some lathery products all over yo' body! Giving you life in the morning(& evening), let me show you what's been in heavy rotation because I just cannot chose between this trio! I also won't leave out the aftermath of when the skin is dried and ready to be moisturised - btw I didn't forget the armpits, mm sexy!

1. Palmolive Mediterranean Moments*
Newly released Mediterranean Moments, these come in two scents "Argan Oil from Morocco and Almond" & " Apricot from Italy and Strawberry". Quite happy I've got the Argan Oil bottle, the oil of the moment (or past few years) but these Palmolive shower milks are soft, lathers up well and glides down the skin while giving a burst of sensual aromas. Argan oil is full with vitamin E and has great skin benefits. Good for all skin types but especially dry skin. My skin in this weather (currently overcast humidity) it can get dry by the end of the day cos of the sun exposure, the scent lingers on the skin afterwards but unfortunately any cream put on top, the scent disappears.

2. Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel*
One of my favourite brands and of course it's citrus. Duh, wouldn't be me otherwise. Now this shower gel, you get such a burst of the peppermint and citrus, sometimes it's hard to tell if it's the mint or citrus your getting more of, sometimes I think it might be the mint. Refreshing start to the day to wake up and be alert, starting your day with a product that has no harsh chemicals,SLS FREE! Natural & organic, vegetarian & vegan approved and has 100% natural foaming agents. This shower gel is good due to the properties each ingredient holds, peppermint is a natural antiseptic which cools the skin, the citrus notes of lemon that cleanses, detoxes and revitalises dull skin, orange essential oil naturally eliminates toxins, while stimulating the lymph system (which helps rid blood of acidic and toxic waste)

3. Rituals Happy Buddha & Mandarin Bliss Stick*
Since being introduced to this brand a couple of years ago, it's been one that I buy from for treats & gifts. The scents never fail and of course this one scores big. Citrus (again), I can never fault how these shower gels, foam up on my skin. Once it's squirted out, it begins to slightly foam up before it even touches water but once that is added it builds up into a creamy lather. Unfortunately for those against SLS, this is the second ingredient within this product, I must say that my skin hasn't felt stripped or dry after use but it's a shame this does contain SLS.

What's in your shower?
If you have a post on your current shower favs, share the link below :)

*pr samples
Let us all just smell good and tumble around in the water of cleanliness

Shower Heroes & Beyond

Oh it's a grey Summer day and I wanted to do a week of Summer Beauty but you know what I still will, starting with the nails. If there's one thing we see more than anything daily it's our nails, on the keyboards of our phones & laptops, cooking, creaming, endless our hands are everything, so of course once we look at these hands we want them to be looking eye catching.

Rococo Nail Apparel have a collection of creme polishes with some Summer ready colours, above is a trio from left to right "Bombshell*" "Flashback*" & "Flower Child*", all three of these have become an instant hit in my life from the pastel yellow, to the vibrant orange and the Ribena toned purple, the creme collection takes it's inspiration from the 60's to deliver us some real Flower Power shades!

Which one is your favourite?

- mine might just be Flower Child.

*pr samples
Summertime, child, your living's easy. I will not let you down with my nail recommendation.

Summer Beauty | Rococo Nails

Since this curly hair gig has been happening on my head, I'm adjusting, yeah I find it hard. What products should I use and all that jazz! I wash my hair twice a week and then at the end of the month have a big wash. Where I really do everything needed. It's the end of the month, meaning it's that 'wash day'.

On my weekly grind, I use Naked Curly Girls products, having just placed an order for the trio (£3 per item), as there's free p&p for July & I'm running out but it's lasted me a good few months. The shampoo, it's gentle and my hair doesn't feel stripped but I can definitely tell it's clean after use. I won't shampoo twice in the week only at the end of my week, the other day I will co-wash. I find my hair really needs to be washed twice a week, I never comb my hair dry so you can imagine the amount of hair that comes out when I'm washing MMMHMM. The conditioner from Naked I adore, not only do these products smell good but they are 97% natural and animal cruelty free so it makes me feel so much better. I've officially been converted and it's something that works and doesn't break the bank - score!

The ultimate wash day, can sometimes be like a war with my own hair and my army of soilders are of course my products, I don't use ALL these products at once, it's just a little overview, if my hair feels like it's lacking moisture, I will put the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Coconut Oil but Apple Cider Vinegar is a must, it's such a beautiful and natural clarifier but I do use my curl shampoo afterwards, cos jheeze no matter how much that hair is rinsed the vinegar, loves to linger.

Paul Mitchell Curls line, I've been using this since June and O-M-G, I'm so in love, I mean literally, what it says, it does for my hair. Curls, crunch and frizz free. It's amazing, I don't even wash my hair for a week after the big wash day *sighs* Paul, I love you! Can't forget Paul Mitchell is an animal cruelty free company. After Curls was released in the States last year, I wondered how long would it be until it got to us. Being that natural hair has become such a movement that we are all started to embrace it's nice for companies to recognise we need more curly products that are UK available and we spend a lot on our hair as it is, let alone thinking of shipping from out of the country. With four products including a shampoo, leave in conditioner (which I love) and two products to help define your curls, can you go wrong? I find other leave in conditioners /treatments leave my hair hard and signalling that my hair has product in, this absorbs, moisturises and dries beautifully with no issues.
SO, if you want to watch, view above...I guess that's been played before this was even read right?

Interested in any of these products, links to purchase below!

*pr samples
We don't share the same hair, so what works for these spring beans, might not be the same outcome on yours but I've loved showing you skin and curls today!

Will You Be My Curlfriend? | My Curl Routine

oriflame tube
Oriflame is a Swedish brand, it kind of reminds me of AVON especially as I'm browsing through their catalogue with a range of make-up, skincare, body care, fragrance, hair and accessories. It's the first time I've used this brand and it's using their relaunched 2FX Mascara. It has two brushes, the first brush is designed to give you 40% longer lashes while the second brush is to give 9x more volume

Below in the first picture I've used the first brush (silver top) to give longer lashes, I find it gives a gentle coating on the lashes, I've been using a serum to enhance my lash growth so it was nice to see if the lash would exageratte that more.
oriflame lash 1
oriflame lash 2
The second brush (black top) is to give volume, I preferred the lashes without the volume, I found that I needed to apply the volume lash effect brush quickly before the length dried, otherwise it gets a little clumpy and stumpy. That's not a look I like for myself.
oriflame mascara tubing
Oriflame 2FX Mascara has one brush. It's interesting to notice how the one brush can work for two effects, a first use I thought it was two different brushes but when I put on my Columbo coat and noticed that the length effect brush is squeezed through and smaller tube and most of the mascara is wiped off the bristles, giving you less product to apply. The volume effect is applied directly from the tube and gives you a great deal of product onto the brush.
I've had previous mascaras that you have a wand and either end, coat the lash with one, use the next. I did like that this had this little technique for the brushes and I still stand by that I prefer the length effect, it's softer and effective for what I like.
oriflame mascara
I'm not sure I would purchase this myself, only because I did prefer the one wand effect and considering it is a dual product, it's a waste but I do like how the length effect is on my lashes, that can only occur once wiped clean of extra product, oh such a tough one.

*pr sample
Yeaah, I took some time to review a mascara and see how it looks all for you, it's honest and 100% my eyeballs and lashes.

Oriflame 2FX Mascara

bronzed goddess
Wow, this feels like a long time coming, this video was meant to be done a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't 'camera ready' unfortunately life played it's hands and threw me so many inconveniences but now it's done, phew. I was asked to do a Summer Beauty Challenge and I chose the Bronzed Goddess look as I thought it would be a challenge (so to speak) and be fitting for this time of year as Summer has showed itself.  Most important thing for me when recreating a look, is making it your own. I hope the video is good, I debated doing a voiceover because it was pretty straight forward but I still included it just in case. Oh so accomadating lol. Enjoy xo
products used
*pr samples
All products used within the video were sent to me, to use to recreate the look. Thank you World Duty Free

Bronzed Goddess | Summer Beauty Challenge

Seaside Splash!

This months box is one that's pretty much ideal for all of us. It's Summer, the weather is finally resembling the season we need to take extra care, swap routines bump up the SPF, show more skin and feel like beach bums. Glossybox* have rolled out their July boxes so let's see what I got this month.

In my box this month I got:
Anatomicals - Spray misty for me facial spritz 100ml for £6.00 (FS inc)
With extracts that include Lavender, rose, peppermint and Witch Hazel alongside Castor oil this facial spritz gives awakens and refreshes the skin. I know a lot of people don't see the purpose of facial mist, kind of like parting your money for 'fancy' water. I did find once I sprayed this over the weekend my face felt quite dry, my nan used it too but she didn't feel her face was dry once it had absorbed.

Essie Sleek Sticks one set £9.99 (FS inc)
I'm getting a growing collection of these nail stickers. Yet to use them but once again a good and quick alternative to nail polish if you want a quick design for a night out.

Sleek MakeUP Pout Paints 8ml £4.99 each (FS inc)
These are my favourites, I use these a lot in make-up looks, everyday. People often ask me what lip colour I am wearing and I tell them it's my own mix using these. Best way to get the colour you desire and something unique. I got these in the shade Peachy Keen & Minx.

Coola Organic - Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint Full Size 50ml £29.99
I used this tinted cream over the weekend, blended in well. Couldn't detect much of a scent, I wish the SPF was higher on it but still a good cruelty free, green friendly product. Not sure if I would purchase it, due to the low SPF factor

Alterna Haircare Boho Waves Full Size 125ml £23.00
Sweet smelling and sounds like an easy product to have if you have straight hair it would be good as you can able it to your hair from the roots when wet and style it with your finger tips into a toussled style. Seeing as my hair is quite curly I don't think it would work well on curls.

Like the look of this box? What did you get inside your box this month?

*pr samples
Some links on this page are affiliated

Glossybox July 2013

Summer looks like it's finally arrived and sometimes it's nicer to be able to stay in with friends and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful Summer eves. Night outs are so expensive these days and I'm more of a homebody and prefer the nights in, your in comfort, with company you enjoy, can listen to music you love and you don't have to spend as much.

MoneySupermarket gave the task to bloggers to do a Big Night In on a budget of £50*. Nights in on a budget can be tricky but if you find something that everyone loves and can be customised to everyone, you'll find something fun. Being that it's been unbelievably hot, we went for home-made milkshakes, yum! With toppings that can be customised, nuts, sprinkles, cherries, marshmallows...even stick some bubblegum at the bottom for a treat at the end. Of course don't forget the whipped cream & straws. Milk bottles for others to pour cooled summer fruits punch from out the glass tap dispenser, cute bottles for people to use and it just adds something to it. Darrel commented saying it felt like he was in an American diner having shakes lol. Maybe I should of served some fries in baskets.

For snacks I cooked peri-peri mac & cheese and vegetarian wraps, which are friendly for meat eaters too. This is something that can be done indoors or even outdoors while enjoying the summers cooler evenings. Sitting around listen to music while talking, it's the company that make the night in and that's what is priceless!

*£50 was provided by MoneySupermarket

Summer Shakes

Hi Beauts,

As I'm now over this flu/virus whatever it was that struck me down over the last week, I'm bouncing back into posts and the next couple of days I will be featuring beauty boxes. New month, a new menu, BeautecoBox* is back and really I'm a fan if BeautecoBox is new to you it's a new relatively new box that's available but with a twist, you get to select your box! No more guessing, get what you want so I chose my July menu as I wanted to try these Neal & Wolf products and after being introduced to ArtDeco earlier this year being able to add a couple of new pieces to the make-up drawer is never a negative. Four full sized and a sample product - ah, lovely.

neal and wolf
Unfortunately my hair has been washed before this box arrived but open taking a whiff of these two products, I sniffed & sniffed. They smell so good to my senses.
HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment 200ml £12.95 & ELEVATE Volumising Lotion 200ml £11.95. I'm continuing my intensive hair treatment for my hair, after all the bleaching and dyeing it took it's toll and stole my curls from me, so keeping the advice I was given, I am looking forward to trying this as my mid-month intensive treatment for the next couple of months before giving a full blown review on it. It's only fair! Plus it's suitable for all hair types. The volumising lotion will be cool once I get my BaByliss Big Hair styler back, whenever I blow out my hair, it's the volume and bounce I'm looking for...I'm actually excited, geeky huh!

pukka radiance
Pukka Radiance Serum 50ml £24.00
A brand I've heard about but never used. Cruelty free and 97.5% organic ingredients ideal for those like me who prefer products like that. Gotu kola and lemon balm to tone and brighten, Aloe Vera & Manuka Honey, from experience I know that aloe vera and honey are great for the skin, to soothe and battle spots due to the honeys antiseptic properties. Free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colours. I've been including serums in my routine so I'm going to see how this one works for me.

ArtDeco I think some of their prices are fair, think drugstore, I've had a lipstick and nail polish from the brand previously so now trying eye products is nice cos finding an eyeliner that's soft and easy to smudge is good for me as I do like to smudge my eyeliner a great deal. Soft Kajal Eyeliner in the swatch below you can notice it transfers soft, I applied it using the side of the pencil, not the tip. Due to how soft it is, putting it on the delicate part of your eyes i.e. the inner rim it will just glide on.

Eyeshadow base comes in a tidy small pot, I don't have any other e/s primers in a pot, different packaging. Vitamin E formula it allows the skin to be protected and moisturised before applying your shadow. Texture is creamy, almost silky it just glides onto the finger, the Bisabolol ingredients helps calm any redness, neutralising the skin tone. The shade is more champagne - highlighting when swatched, gives a brightening look, I did apply eyeshadow afterwards unfortunately the one I decided to pull out of the drawer was MAC Bamboo and just blended into my skin but when I patted it onto the base it adhered evenly and smoothly. FUN FACT : ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base is free from animal derived ingredients.
Later this week when I do a make-up look I will include these two in the look so you can get an idea of how well e/s takes and the eyeliner looks. It'll also let me see how good the eyeshadow base holds up compared to my HGs.

ARTDECO Soft Kajal Eyeliner 1.2g £6.75 // ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base 5ml £8.00

Have you tried BeautecoBox yet?  

*pr samples

BeautecoBox July

merumaya skincare
When I was first made aware of Merumaya I was intrigued due to the fact I've never heard of the brand, I was sent their Luxury Facial Wash* and a Manual Cleaning Brush* and a little sample of their on the up popular Melting Cleansing Balm*.

I've tried a few cleansing balms in the past and they tend to be greasy/waxy and it can linger on the skin afterwards, this balm takes off make-up, cleanses the skin and doesn't leave any residue afterwards, I put it this silky smooth cleansr on my skin and begin circular motions to get the blood circulating and start off the break down of the dirt or make-up, I'll apply some water which then turns this cleanser, milky leaving it easy to just clean off. Could be beneficial for all skin types, at the moment my skin is quite oily due to the humidity but quite dry - nightmare. I've used this a couple times a week for a good cleanse, when I have a cleanser I prefer the cleanser to do all that it can, none of that double cleansing.
merumaya luxury facial wash
Moving onto a new facial wash from any current one that works for you is a gamble. This one is aimed to help those who experience break-outs and it good for those with oilier skin. AC.Net is a clinically tested ingredient to help reduce pores, control spots and oil all the while keeping the skins moisture in balance. At the point of using this my skin was clearing up well and the only thing I was targeting was my dark spots. Using this daily, morning & night for the last couple weeks with the manual cleansing brush, this brush reminds me of one you might find in a barbers, that's used to brush around the foam before the shave, it's extremely soft, great for those who have sensitive skin because it will not irritate any breakouts or skin problems you may currently have.
merumaya manual cleaning brush
The brush is dense and reminds me of a kabuki brush, the only thing is it gently spreads the wash around the face but when I look at the brush it's still white foamy I don't see any dirt. So I wouldn't say it cleans my face deeply but it helps to evenly distribute the wash and not irritate any problems. The pomegranate enzymes are there to gently exfoliate and unclog the skin.

Rhodiola Rosea extract, Mangosteen extract and Baobab are anti-oxidant protectors. Only within the last week did I see a difference in my skin but I'm not sure if that's only cos my immune system was low due to the virus I had, I had a few breakouts which of course has lead to a few more dark spots to attend too ugh. My forehead is still slightly greasy and I have a few heat bumps by the looks of it but this didn't claim to help heat bumps but I did hope that it could keep the greasiness at bay and un-clog my skin.

So though the verdict is still out on the luxury facial wash, the cleansing balm is a dream and I would definitely recommend the brush for those who have sensitive skin. I wouldn't rule out a few others things from the brand, I like the sound of the Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel & Pure Radiance Mask, what do you think?

Have you heard of Merumaya Skincare? Does the brand interest you?

*pr samples
to be reviewed and honestly shared on here, for you :)

Merumaya Skincare

2011 was the first year my nails gained length and strength using OPI Nail Envy, it worked a few times and then my nails started to break and even a few more nail strengtheners didn't work. So with the opportunity to try Dr. LeWinn's award winning nail strengthener*, I accepted as I wanted to see the fuss. Last year my nails were brittle and short, as soon as they would grow they'd break. Oh it just wasn't the time for my nails, the longest the got unaided was when I did the furry nails at the end of February, not much of a growth difference huh.
So taking my Dr LeWinn's challenge seriously, I started to use it as instructed and what a big difference it made. Pictures don't lie, I had to start treating my nails like any other routine that needs attention. Refer to this video for my routine if you are interested, I believe in Dr. LeWinn's products so much I even had to purchase more. That's right #backupmode

I have since cut them down because they were starting to get too long, more than anything I do prefer the original nail strengthener with calcium as my nails are a lot stronger than using the nude one (pink bottle) I didn't mind cutting down my nails because I noticed they gain length and strength using this religiously.

How do you keep your nails strong and have you tried Dr LeWinn's products?

Dr. LeWinn's 3 Step Programme (£23.40) Feel Unique
Dr. LeWinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener (30ml £17.85 )

pr sample
all my own views and experience on this product. The nail strengthener was provided to me for review purposes but I purchased the rest with my own monies! Yeah baby.

Dr. Lewinn's Nail Strengtheners


I don't know about you but this weather change can reek more havork on my skin than a straight winter. E45 is a brand I've recommended to people before with dry skin, when my skin decides to play the fool. I often purchase their products including the bath collection because it feeds my skin. Having said that, going from cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, cold, hot my skin just doesn't know what it wants. I do love skin oils as I can be very lazy but let me tell you something the last month or so I've used these E45 my skin isn't dry or lacking, it's been giving a consistency so on those lazy days I can get away with using dry oils. I especially like to use this after hair removal, which I can find to be drying on the skin.

I've been testing out the Nourish and Restore* formula, good for dry skin and unfortunately my skin has been feeling that affect a lot more than usual. It includes Vitamin B3 and within 3 weeks it claims it will restore the skin suppleness. I've been using it for longer than 3 weeks and as I said above, it's given me more of an opportunity to be lazy after washing, yeah I know bad. The consistency is a little runny, as soon as you tip the bottle it begins to pour out, so be careful. It absorbs into the skin nicely once it's rubbed in and I can see a sheen on the skin but not one of grease.


It's given my skin more balance and I love how my No7 dry body oil leaves me hydrated and my skin looks healthy but sometimes my skin then needs a bit more when it's going through a transitional period. Some of the products from the new E45 body lotion range are lightly fragranced but they've made sure that they will not irritate. The scent on this, hmm it does remind me of something quite medical, not in a bad way but you'd expect the scent if say your doctor prescribed you cream for your skin.

These bottles are value for money, everyone can use them, I've used E45 a lot previously to this campaign. My skin benefited even more using these, when I use to swim a lot. My skin felt stripped and my Nan bought me E45 to help my skin not feel and look so damn ashy and dry - so not cute!

You may have seen my previous #ReadytoGlow post featuring Veet, giving us that inexpensive at home, hair free body we desire. That's if you can be brave to wax. The Ready to Glow campaign is supported by five top beauty brands – Scholl, Clearasil, Veet, Optrex and E45 – all of which enable women to glow from top to toe at home with no fuss. You don't need to be a professional to be able to get the best out of your skin all year round.

These come in four different formulas, find one to suit your skins needs:

E45 Nourish and Restore Body Lotion £3.99 (250ml) £5.49 (500ml)

E45 Touchably Smooth Body Lotion £3.99 (250ml) £5.49 (500ml)

E45 Intense Recover Moisture Control Lotion £4.99 (250ml) £5.99 (500ml)

E45 Moisturising Lotion £3.84 (200ml) £7.20 (500ml)

I'm nearly out of all cream and oils that I need for my skin routine, so I will be topping up later on this week cos just like the weather my skin is unpredictable!

Do you enjoy using E45 creams?
How do you treat your skin when it's all over the place?

*pr samples

E45 #ReadytoGlow

The sun is out, Summer looks like it's definitely on it's way so diving into the nail polish stash let's match the weather. Seeing as of late I'm adoring accent nails it's most likely to be a continual theme throughout the season for me.

The rest of your life, I'll take you to paradise..
(Paradise, is very nice)
- LL Cool J ft Amerie "Paradise"

Sinful Colors are affordable and come in a range of beautiful shades and glitters, when I think of summer, I think coral and gold so feeling like I'm on holiday I decided on the Ted Baker Golden Girl Duo* for my accent nail alongside the Sinful Colors Island Coral

*pr samples

Any of you rocking a fresh mani this week? Share below!

Manicure Monday : Sinful Colors Island Coral