Red or Dead Release Me 50ml £16.67*

The first thing that captures my eye with the ROD Release Me spray is the cage bottle, it's beautiful and sits on a vanity perfectly and the accent handle gives it a bird cage effect, I'm in love with the bottle, it's the simple things right? Of course the smell is what will either make or break it after getting past the packaging. This pink coloured scent has fruity, floral but musky notes.

Top notes of rose and plum
Heart notes of jasmine and orange blossom
base notes of tuberose, coconut and cedar wood

The first spray you can smell the musky note this perfume offers, I'm not keen on musky scents but it starts to fade to allow the top notes come through, I can definitely identify scents, it's like being a perfume connoisseur, spraying on card and trying to identify what comes out the most and of course it helps more when you know them away from the mixture.

For my own preference I would wear it during the evening as it's heavier than what I would wear for the daytime. Perfect for the Spring/Summer evenings, oh what Spring at the moment.

Are you lining up your S/S scents?

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Red or Dead Release Me EDT

Organic Surge Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish 400g -  £32.00

During Winter, it's so touch and go body wise. I hate being hairy but once I let that growth, grow, it then becomes a chore to start to bother - oh the image. Then again nothing beats, silky soft skin that looks as if you just left the womb. A good body polish is ideal, especially during these winter months I feel the skin needs a lot more attention.

About the company
Organic Surge is that perfect company, they say they are organic and stand by the belief that they are friendly to animals in everyway, the environment, vegetarians/vegans and leave out nasty ingredients that a lot of us don't like:

They Hate
-Parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate
-Synthetic perfume, artificial colorants
-Chemical antioxidants mineral oils, propylene glycol
-Aggressive foaming agents

They Love
-Rich in pure plant extracts and organic essential oils
-Certified organic essential oils
-Cruelty free; no animal derived ingredients in development or manufacturing
-Kinder to your skin and the environment

Organic brown sugar crystals help polish away dry or dead skin cells, while the organic & natural oils lock in moisture. I've had some polishes in the past minus oils and sometimes my skin has been left feeling that no matter the amount of lotion afterwards, I've still managed to dry my skin out more.

Sucrose, Sucrose*, Helianthus Annus*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis*, Simmondsia Chinensis*, Vitis Vinifera, Punica Grantum, Tocopherol, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis, Vitis Vinifera*, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia*, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis*, Limonene, Linalool.
*ingredient from organic farming. Naturally occurring within essential oils.

Open opening this, you can already tell there's no perfume involved, it smells like outdoors. It's relaxing and not overwhelming, leaving the experience during polishing, more enjoyable. Knowing that it's not harmful makes me want to indulge more.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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Organic Surge Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish

Toni & Guy Infusion Straightener Normal RRP £79.99 Currently £39.99

Since November I've been 'Curly Sue', I've enjoyed, yes, enjoyed getting my hair back to a curly thicker state. I think part of that has been not using heat on my hair frequently and of course no straightening or colouring *screams* It's been hard but it has been for the better. I did want to see though when I was contacted to review electrical tools how my hair would look, react and length check. I decided to review the Toni & Guy Infusion straightener.

Product Blurb:
The ONLY straightener to Infuse a treatment in to the hair*, a Unique Conditioning Treatment Reservoir delivers the TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist straight to the hair as you straighten. Leaving the hair silky smooth and heat protected.

Designed to protect your hair & colour with the Ceramic Tourmaline plates, its unique Colour Lock Technology is developed to enhance shine, smooth hair follicles and lock in colour as you style.
This Infusion Straightener heats up in seconds with variable digital temperature controls and a maximum temperature of 230C.

The 32mm ceramic tourmaline floating plates glide through the hair TONI&GUY Salon Tested Professional Performance guaranteed, with a 3m salon length cord for ultimate styling freedom and 2 year warranty. For your safety this Straightener will auto shut off after 60seconds, if you forget to turn it off because you are strutting down the Catwalk.

The Product:

The side panel of the bottom plate you have your steam on / off - temperature dial - on light - on / off button. I have noticed on the few occasions of use that I have changed the temperature higher, I didn't find that good. As I have been using this at a certain heat setting.

The protect spray comes from the top plate, there is a switch to indicate if you want the spray to be in use or not but I do find you have hold it closed quite tight to get the spray to activate which can be a pain channelling my inner Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can here once it's released as you can hear the slight noise.

On the top you will find your product reservoir, the slide release and near the end the lock to keep your straighteners closed once not in use. With my nails being a little longer it's a little pain with the release, to get the reservoir back on, not sure why - maybe I was having a bad day as the first time use was perfect. ( See more about the product reservoir below )
TONI&GUY Prep Heat Protection Mist 150ml £6.39 - sold separately

Aqua (water), Dimethiconol, VP/VA Copolymer, Tea-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Dimethiconol/Silsesquioxane Copolymer, Laureth-23, Parfum, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Citric Acid, Disodium Edta, Dmdm Hydantoin, Methylisothiazolinone, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalool.

The smell of this reminds me of a hair salon. That's the best way for me to pin-point this, no matter what hair salon I have gone into, this smell is present. Before, during and after my appointment. The smell for me then makes me feel as if I'm being hair pampered, even if it's me doing it to myself. It's never as relaxing as when someone else is doing it but I like this smell, maybe it's the citric acid I can smell. Mmmm

Once you release the product reservoir slide the top comes off easily enough, the underside has a rubber plug, which once popped open you find a hole big enough to insert the heat protect spray nozzle in, so there's no spillage just a smooth transfer. Careful not to fill it up too much.

Overall Thoughts:
The straighteners are straight forward enough, besides having to really clamp it down to activate the spray, that can be annoying to me as I would of preferred that once it's clamped down no matter what pressure it releases. Of course as mentioned before the dial that keeps moving, I try to keep it between 120 - 160 at the most nothing higher, though I noticed it can change during use.
I can tell the difference when I use no heat protected spray in my hair especially in the ends the most. The hair has a nice sheen to it, thicker and nicely manageable.

My hair has been growing nicely since it's cut in November, it was layered from jaw length / mid neck / shoulder length, it's near past shoulder length now, I think keeping it curly has helped. Straightening it out has of course let me see the length.

What's your favourite straightener to use? Are you brand loyal?

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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Toni & Guy Infusion Straightener

Last Saturday the best friend & I made our way down to Kings Cross to attend a secret gig with Professor Green, hosted by Barclaycard even though it was cold as the south pole, we wrapped up and was told to get there for 7pm and all I can say about that is, the security guard there, one in particular was testing my patience to an unseen level, he had us walk around the building 3x after telling us the entrance we was at, wasn't for us, only for workers & press. Turns out I was correct after having a stand off with him and 45 minutes later, we was allowed in, only to be told we had to go back and wait. We decided to just go inside the Arts building as it was warmer before going to get our VIP pass and rubber wrist band.

They had turned the former Victorian goods depot in King’s Cross into something of a little festival, with stalls of food and beer, a bar in the centre and a photobooth with vintage routemasters surrounding us.

The atmosphere was a friendly one minus the scuffle that broke out behind us during a performance cos a girl was pushing to the front and one man took her hat off while people decided to kick it back to force her to go back to get it.

On our wristbands we had £20 to spend on food and drink which was a nice touch, upon entering we had to use it on the electronic reader co-operating within the whole theme of the night.

It was a good night, can't say I'm a Professor Green fan but it was an experience that I did enjoy. His girlfriend Millie Macintosh was in attendance on the grounds too but during the performance she was spotted on the bus enjoying from the warmth, looking on her instagram I could spot myself cos me being me, I had to be in the first row lol.

I did a Vlog of the night, poor Darrel never knew if I was taking images or recording. Enjoy :)

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Barclaycard Contactless Gig

RapidBrow 3ml £37.00

As a lot of you know, I first and last used RapidBrow Feb - April of last year and I was so content with the thickness of my brows, I barely touched my brows for months, just let them grow and I might just touch up some areas but pretty much left them be.

Well lazy me decided to let the Better Brows threading, tidy up my brows! I asked her to tidy the top and a few hairs underneath the shape, I had filled in my brows already to how I normally have them and told her, my words specifically were :

"Just like Hair to Samson, my eyebrows are my being! Keep them thick...please!"

Why did I bother to say anything cos she proceeded to thin out my brows and give one more of an arch than the other. I thought to myself, hold on why is she taking so long on one brow!? She let's me look and asks me what do I think? What can I say "No, that's not what I asked for, implant my hairs back" I just looked at her and said, that's drastically THIN! She replies to me: I made them like mine.

O...kay, don't recall asking for that at all.  I had to let her do the other brow cos I would just look weird, suffice to say I wasn't a satisfied customer and she didn't listen to me which made me even more upset. Talk about she made sure my eyebrows were not twins but sisters, two different shapes.

Having thinner brows than what I've had for nearly a year, feels odd. For some of you reading this you must be thinking, it's not that bad, stop having a bitch fit. I've been having one since last week Tuesday! My sleep Tuesday night was so disturb by it all, yes I know it's only eyebrows but to me it's all I had lol. That's why I'm revisiting RapidBrow, hoping last year was no flake, I probably won't let them grow as much as I did before because I know where I need the hair to grow back to get my brows back. Where it's a lot lighter on my brow is where my brows normally are. She was way too cotton happy. So rant over and RapidBrow challenge has been revisited from last week, I missed a few days in honesty, I just crashed out at night.

There's not much to report growth wise, threading really pops out those hairs from the roots, so over a week of use from when they were first done. Which of course even though I view this serum as a miracle in a tube after using it last year but I must be honest with myself. The denial I lived in last week made me realise that.

How do you ladies prefer your brows? Natural? Thicker? Threaded and Shaped? Let me know :) 

The Brow debate! 

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Why I'm revisiting RapidBrow

Nintendo 3DS XL & New Style Boutique Game £37.99*

Not sure why people are shocked when I say I'm a gamer. I love to play games, computer games to clarify. I've had them all from a Commodore 64, yeah that's an early 80s computer gaming system, sega, playstations, Gamecube, Wii, never did get on the X-Box vibe, guess I wasn't much of a gamer after all. Yet there is nothing better, umm well I guess at this moment on time, heat would be better but a game to sink your mind and teeth into. There's a reason they are deemed addictive.

When I first got New Style Boutique to try out I thought oh how targeted, I'm a female, who enjoys playing dress up, make-up and hair oh and who writes about vanity daily. Bingo, it's for me. Let me tell you I spent TWO and half days on this game, that's right, I wanted a permanent crick in my neck. Tell you what, my Dad even tried it out and my Nan!! My Mum opted out of trying lol. I carried this around Ikea, Sainsbury's, yes the addicted was brewed and nobody heard a peep out of me unless I was showing them my progress. It had me second guessing, I should be a stylist lol.

Now I have no shame, if I like something, I don't care who knows, that's just me. No hiding in the closet here, R. Kelly won't be singing about me. I thoroughly enjoyed this, I do have a addictive and competitive personality and I have to complete and beat myself in whatever when the time presents itself, this game was no different.

About The Game:
Nintendo says "Always had a passion for fashion? Think you can create a stylish look for just anybody? Well, now you can be the trendsetter you always wanted to be and get your fashion fix with Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique!"

I've always personally liked fashion, dislike shopping yet enjoy viewing trends and finding new outfits that go together.

Within this game  storyline you start off as a assistant at Verano boutique owned by stylist Evie within a town that's steadily building itself into being the 'It Town'.Customers come into the store, requesting a certain look, you have different style categories such as 'casual', 'chic', 'feminine', 'bold', 'lively', 'babydoll', 'rock', 'girly' to name a few. When a customer comes in, it gives you a brief blurb on their name and interests. When you are spoken too, words come up highlighted in yellow, which allows you to read more about it in the fashion 101 dictionary.

Being in charge of the stock within the game, you must go to the warehouse using the stores cash and purchase items for certain categories, during game play the more you achieve, more stores open to purchase items from for the boutique. ALSO once you have purchased something it's also there for your character at her apartment, a delivery man comes to your home and delivers everything to you, so you can also wear whatever you have - Sometimes people come to the store, see the type of outfit you are wearing and they may compliment me on it and say, they've always liked that style but can't pick it out for themselves, this is where you come in and can put together anything ranging from :

Inners, Tops, Jackets, Dresses, Shoes, Bags, Jewellery, Glasses, Scarves, Socks - there's over 12,000 items to choose from, like most games, with more play, more items become available. All within their specific category.

Now it sounds easy as I thought it was until, people start to come by and say can you put together an outfit for them that suits their style. They give you no hint and you often have to go by what they have on. Once you've picked out their outfit, you get the chance to tell them to 'take a look' or 'try it on' if you are confident they will like it, you can tell them to take a look, if you do that and they don't like it, often enough you will lose that sale.

It's safe to say that really the outfits don't have to be put together well, as long as their somewhat within the category they've asked for your safe. I did find that if I had the majority of things from for example 'girly'...I could mix it within items from 'chic'. Keep in mind, some of your customers do have maximum budgets, while some have approx and you can more so get away with bumping up the costs with those customers. Eventually males also begin to enter the store and you can have a unisex boutique.

There are fashion shows where you compete to become the top stylist. Other shops open within the town such as the hairdressers, beauticians, furniture store, tea room, fairground, park and live music club, photo studio and the contest hall. So you can go get your hair done, change your hair colour and highlights yourself or pay for a top stylist. Purchase make-up and beat your characters face!!

It's truly addictive!!

There's fashion within this game that's in trend, do you know this game turned me onto loving brogues, so much so, I had to buy a pair.

It's also online interactive, you can visit other players shops, buy their clothes, let them put an outfit together for your character.

Another point, just by doing simple things like, changing your outfit, pleasing customers (you get more points if your characters takes a look and loves the outfit), redecorating your apartment or boutique & more you have a happiness jar which fills up during the day / night and when it gets to late night before dawn the jar will empty and fill up the moon which turns into the sun, if filled up it sprinkles goodness over the town and something will happen, maybe gifts? A new store opens? Who knows!

There's little things like your mobile phone and you can read emails, take photographs of customers, yourself and others at different locations and even a magazine. The months on the game go accordingly to the current month we are in, set by the date on the Nintendo, the weather even changes, so you do have to remember to buy items that are suitable for the season. I found that quite cool.

Ease of Use:
It's very easy to use. Being that the Nintendo is touch screen, all you have to do is touch the screen, there's no character talking, it's just the games music and text to read. It's straight forward and there's not much to think to deeply into. The contests when they get higher ranked it can be more difficult, I got so use to winning all the time and then when I hit the highest contest level it can be more difficult to win.

Who is it Suitable For:
All ages, seriously I know children would love it and teens but come on I'm going on quarter of a century and couldn't put it down. It's a guilty pleasure on a grey day, sunny day, whatever the weather. I wanted something different to sink my teeth into and this did it. Made me think about outfits I may try for myself - like the brogues. It did take me a little longer outfit wise because maybe in that retrospect I did think more deeply about.

Whoa, now that was a lot of writing lol and I applaud and thank any of you who did read all of that!

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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New Style Boutique

Having a few new items to try out I thought, let me try them all out in one post but I'm kind of focusing on one item at the moment and that being my lashes, these Kiss Wink lashes* come in a pack of 5 and have an applicator included to help those who find it easier with one to apply.

I myself have used this applicator to try it out and it reminds me of using tweezers but they seem lighter as in the sense of when I'm using tweezers I sometimes have a feeling my heavy handed self will cut or tear them. Plus I have been so use to winged lashes like my Eylure Nicole Lashes ( my favourite ) that fuller ones seem too much for me. Being the meanie I am I thought I'm not going to like these but amazingly they may be full but on my eyes don't look heavy or feel as if they are too much and I love that. Yes these are something I would wear daily if I was a daily make-up wearer. Easy to apply and don't look bad if I say so myself.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review by ghd. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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Kiss Wink False Eyelashes

Enca AC Drying Pinky Powder 15ml $10.99*

I've been lucky with my recent skincare routine. I don't wear make-up on a daily basis, I just go out with cream on my face and that's me for the day, if sometimes I feel a little plain, might put on some mascara but I find I like to let my skin breathe as much as possible. I do find my skin likes to rebel once make-up has been worn, kind of screams at me, throws a tantrum and gives me a few spots. Once I got on last week, I thought it was about time to try the newest Wishtrend product that had arrived Enca AC Drying Pinky Powder.

Product Blurb: Do not let yourself frustrated by skin troubles and acne scars any more with a touch of AC Drying Pinky Powder. AC Drying Pinky Powder will return your smile by soothing the most tenacious skin troubles and nourish and maintain your skin to its mildest and softest form. AC Drying Pinky Powder is even more effective with its powerful skin care ingredients: Portulaca oleracea extract and Grapefruit peel extract. - Taken from

Ingredients: Isopropylalcohol, Calamine, Water, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Camphor, Beta Vulgaris(Beet) Root Extract, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, Niacinamide, Azelaic Acid, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Extract, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, Methylparaben.
Active Ingredients

Methylparaben: The six most commonly used forms of paraben are Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, p-Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, n-Butylparaben and Benzylparaben. Parabens are used due to there properties to help extend shelf life of our products. There's been some controversy surrounding parabens with possible links to breast cancer, it was found in breast tumour samples but nothing has been scientifically established that parabens are linked to breast cancer.

The longterm use of parabens on skin was reopened and studied by the French at the time they suggested parabens may accumulate in tissue over time. After applying paraben to the skin surface every 12 hours for 36 hours, it was found that repeated applications every 12 hours increased quantities of parabens moving across the skin barrier for the first 24 hours but after 36 hours the parabens had not increased in quantity.

Different reports suggest that parabens aren't good for you and can cause skin damage, eye damage, male fertility issue and increase the risk of breast cancer cells. While others do say that parabens haven't been scientifically proven to cause these problems.

From my research of these reports, these test were conducted on animals besides the paraben found within the breasts.

Smell: This does have a very strong smell, best way to describe it is like nail polish remover ( thank you Grace for waking my brain cells for that )When I let my nan smell it as she hates the smell of nail polish remover, she said it smelt like her 'rum mixture' which is ,something she brought over from Jamaica when she left and has stayed true to, it's good for muscles aches, spasms, oh God the works and to me it smells more like that than nail polish remover but of course you've never smelt it so nail polish remover is the next best thing. It's strong, potent BUT what I found was if the smell is a bother for you, use it at night. I found the smell didn't last once it was applied on he skin. (I was hoping it smelt like calamine lotion, ah the days of chicken pox)

Ease Of Use: It's simple enough, as I was using this before I was going to bed I did my night time routine but avoided the area where the spot was so the pinky powder to be applied directly on this.
You can see that the powder is at the bottom, where it should be 'Do Not Shake The Bottle!' Get a cotton bud and dip it into the bottle to the powder and apply it onto the spot and let it dry.

Once dried, wash off - but I did this at night so I let the pinky powder get to work during my beauty sleep.

The Morning After: O.k. so some of it had been wiped off by my pillow but that's fine as I'm sure once it has dried and got to the root of the problem, it's working. So I washed it off and was really impressed that the redness and the spot itself had reduced in size and colour.

Overall Thoughts:
I was thoroughly impressed. The results are there, I applied it on the 7th March, the next morning results were on the 8th March and even on the 9th the spot had started to go down more so. Besides the smell which doesn't last it does work. Besides from the paraben included it's a good product, not too expensive for something that has proven to work on my skin.

Rating: 4½ / 5

The other ladies in the panel:
Sarah from Life in a Breakdown // Grace from All That Slap // Liss from Latino Look // Bex from Futures and our well organised WUBB Panel Organiser Donah of SweetjellyBean

Sweetjellybean WUBB Review Panel

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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Enca AC Drying Pinky Powder

The Glossybox* March box have started to arrive and this month is all about being City Chic. Inspired for women that need to go from the boardroom to the barstool, easily maintained look while great. There is a City Guide included with tips for your next weekend get away, with stickers too, must say I didn't pay too much attention to that - I never go anywhere for the weekend. So what is included within this box?

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant - fragrance free // full size 50ml for £25: I have previously reviewed this product already. Albeit it wasn't the fragrance free cream but you can read my review on this here. It is a cult product for some but the smell of this can be very off putting for some.

Renu Flash Relax Mask // full size 100ml for £32: Flash relax mask should give an instant radiance effect, helping giving a boost to your skin. Ginseng and magnesium relax fine lines, while the vitamins C & B5 enhance natural radiance all the while promotin the skin's moisture balance. It's paraben free which is great for those against ben and have sensitive skin. I may try this over the weekend.

L'Occitane Brightening Hand Care SPF15 // full size £19 for 75ml: The aim of this hand cream is that it firms, smoothes, reduces age spots and protects against UV damage. It's a non-oily texture that works good on clean hands and massaged into dry areas of your hands, between the finger and knuckles are key areas of dryness.

Pearlys Weekly Teeth Brighten Powder // full size 30g f0r £15: Use in replacement of your regular toothpaste once or twice a week. They suggest you use this in conjunction with other Pearly Whitening products to get best results. My mum likes all these teeth whitening products, so I've passed this onto her. I have been using BlanX which I'm seeing fantastic results with.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics - Lip Blush, Lip Stain // full size £12: I was very happy to see Jelly Pong Pong in the box again, the cosmetics had been included in a previous box last year and I loved the smell it gave, mm so sweet. This time it's a lip stain. A lovely red, that of course doesn't last throughout the day but it is a nice shade. I'm enjoying lip pencils lately so this was right up my street. Due to it's smooth texture which must be the beeswax and ceresin wax in the ingredients it doesn't feel drying on the lips - bonus.

Glossybox March

NEOM Contentment Candle £39.50* 

All year round I have candles burning, I have sconces on my wall, tealights, oil makes my room feel cosy and of course a fire hazard but none the less, I enjoy candles but scented ones are the best. Rock On!! So when I got the opportunity to burn & review NEOM's candle I was happy enough to do so. These luxury organic candles are 3 wicker burning 380g of relaxation. With up to 50 hours burning time, there's a lot of life in this wax work.

This fragrance is of a blackcurrant scent that's part of the South African buchu plant, according to reports the Duchess Kate Middleton is burning candles that carry the buchu scent, as it's helping her overcome nausea. Spicy nutmeg and warming ginger are included in this candle too. My nan puts pieces of ginger in her mouth when she also feels sick, I myself cannot take the smell of pure ginger, I can drink ginger beer but for some reason, tea, raw ginger - nah uh. So this seems like a safe bet for a relaxing night.

For me, I'm so use to dainty, floral scents. Think vanilla, coconut, sandlewood, those are my scents. For me I didn't like it was a bit too strong for my personal fragrance choice but my mum and dad love it (they said it smells fresh, like cut grass). So instead of it just sitting in my room, my mum has it to burn - only fair. Once it burnt off and settled I will admit it wasn't as bad once burnt but before burning it was very strong.

I wouldn't write off NEOM candles, you won't like every scent of a candle and especially due to the fact they use vegetable wax in their candles, nothing is synthetic, nothing harmful or toxic being released, so you can definitely rest assure your relaxing in a good environment. There's a few on the website that I would grab, minus anything with Lavender in.

NEOM Contentment Candle

Since the release of the I'mPerfection collection by Illamasqua the speckled nail polish & eyeliner look has intrigued make-up lovers and bloggers. The inspiration taken from natures own birds eggs. The speckles on these eggs are irregular but still beautiful. This is why while I attended AOFM, I butt licked Illamasqua, lol. I was always asked by the make-up artist tutors why I admired the brand and for reasons like this. We live in a society where we are held higher at times based on our looks, from our peers, from the opposite or same sex. If we aren't their vision of beauty, perfectly trim and proper, we aren't someone. When we are and our imperfections are what make us individually special and perfect. I haven't recreated an Illamasqua look since the Throb Collection in 2011, view here.

I find this speckled eye, very wearable for myself. It can be made dramatic or subtle, mixed up and made your own. I decided to do white and gold speckles on my thick eyeliner. Just think your going out but no time to do much to your make-up, this is eye-catching in itself.

I use to not like my 'beauty spots' I was born with one, on my right side of my chin and I felt so odd having it, was just this mark on my face that I focused on, thought others would too...later on I developed a second one on the opposite side. I grew to accept it to the point I don't even notice it anymore. It's just there and apart of me just like that permanent hole above my lip thanks to my Monroe piercing.

Don't worry if you don't have different coloured eyeliners, use an eyeshadow or loose eyeshadow pots, mix them up with a mixer and the possibilities and combinations are endless. Illamasqua are selling a Speckled Eye Liner Bundle for £30.

Illamasqua I'mPerfection Speckled Eyeliner Inspired Look