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Nearly a fortnight ago I was contacted by Prairie Charms and introduced to Project Blogger!

For beauty and fashion bloggers there is a 50% discount from July - August on all their bracelet range. This even still allows them to donate their minimum % to their chosen charity GOSH ( Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital )

The order process was simple and fast and I received my item within 2 days of posting. I decided to settle on the Buddha head "Peace comes from within" [purchase]- I don't think anyone but my Grandmother knows this but I've always felt quite drawn to the Buddha head - I'm not sure why maybe it's something I should study and find out more about.

I think this fits me personally to a T. The black beads compliment the silver Buddha charm and at £8 (£4 with 50% discount) it's a steal worth taking full advantage of.

There website has plenty of bracelet charms to chose from - I think there's something for everybody and on top of that your also helping a fantastic charity in GOSH.

Visit Prairie Charms and take part in Project Blogger there's something in-store for August...


Prairie Charms

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Oprah are just a select few who are Anastasia Soare's clientèle for their eyebrows but when it comes to our eyelashes there's just one thing that we really need and want ... waterproof mascara that works!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius

Peau, (Fr.) noun, feminine [po] 1.skin

I've had this sitting on a shelf since December with no sign of any Sun it wasn't going to be a good time to review this. Until of course recently with this sudden burst of Summer!


The name is different, the packaging is unique, the product is AMAZING. Have you ever wanted those sexy, glowing, legs that all of the female stars seem to have? Well, Prtty Peaushun (which means feminine skin) has your answer. But why just use this on the legs? Get glowing ALL OVER!! This product created by Hollywood makeup artist Bethany Karlyn not only looks gorgeous on, but, contains 92% raw ingredients that can help improve the condition of your skin as well!

This fragrance free, as we like to call it, “liquid gold” goes on like a lotion, comes in five alluring colors -- plain, light, medium, dark, and deep dark. Prtty Peaushun evens out skin tone and enhances muscle tone (have you headed over to the site to order yet?) The “anti-packaging” design takes up minimal space in landfills, and has a clean dispense mechanism. Yes, you get every last drop of this luscious lotion!

Slather on a flattering glow that will help diminish the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and all the other imperfections many of us have. So, what are you waiting for? GET GLOWING!

Prtty Peaushun

I asked my readers to leave me some comments on my feedback page to let me know anything you would like to see as a post or to ask me Q. I got a question that I thought was very important for me to address.

Dear Dolce Vanity,
Hope you're well! :) Just a quick question about your stance on animal products in make-up, since you're vegeterian but I believe some of the products you've used (e.g. MAC lipsticks) have animal ingredients (e.g. carmine) in them. As such, are you selesctive in the make-up products and brands that you use, both on yourself and other people?

Thanks Tasnim for your question.

I do try and be a good vegetarian and I'm still getting to grips with dietary, clothing, skincare & makeup that contain things from animals.

You may have noticed that I have used products in the last year that contain things from animals/insects :
De Tuinen Snail Gel [1 Manuka Doctor [2]  

I don't mind ingredients that have been derived from animals / insects unless they haven't been harmed but of course it's hard to be 100% sure and seeing as they don't market these with a suitable for vegetarians / vegans label it does make me think from a company point of view as these are insects it's not as bad! Yet I view it as because I'm not a vegan I am a pescatarian I include dairy, honey and fish within my diet & at home skincare routine.

In regards to cosmetics now it's quite the same. You have companies that say they don't test on animals but use ingredients derived from insects such as Carmine is a red made from a crushed female Cochineal insect now unfortunately in this case they are killed for this. As I mentioned before it does seem as though because insects are not looked upon as a higher rank as animals it doesn't matter.

In regards to using on others it's a no go if it's coming from my own kit as I don't believe in using from companies who test products on animals. I am looking to invest more in vegetarian  - vegan brands. AVON is a company I use to buy specific products from and was even better as they had a no animal testing policy up until recently.

It's quite hard and some may feel it's slightly contradictive but you may view the fact that I eat fish and not meat as that too.

So in short, insects maybe in my eyes I haven't held them in a high enough rank as other animals. As I said I am still trying, researching and my views may seem a little odd but it is quite hard to do a lifestyle overhaul.

*phew* I must say I quite enjoyed that question and it really gave me something to think about.

if you have any other questions please do drop me a line on my feedback page!


Ask Dolce Vanity | Animal Ingredients in Products

I wonder where your mind went, I was referring to facial wipes...

For a long time I used baby wipes to take off my makeup, fragrance free, normally with aloe in the ingredients until my skin decided to rebel and when I discovered LUSH Babyface that become my next thing to take off my face but sometimes even when I'm at my most tired and I cannot be bothered to crawl to the bathroom I need a face wipe.

Finding one that doesn't feel drying can be trial and error .. earlier this year I was sent the new Kleenex range that consisted of eye wipes and facial wipes - both of which after a while I found rough and drying.

I've always had Simple wipes handy, I enjoy the moisture they seal in their wipes but at the same time after wiping my face can begin to feel as if it's drying out *womp*

Being sent the BeautyWorksWest Cleanse which are organic cloths [ being the organic nut I am] these contain Aloe Vera and Pomegranate to help against ageing, smooth and calm the skin. The claim is that they are to leave the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised without any residue.

Really want to know the wipes I cannot live without...No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes - the ultimate wipes in my life. Now these are the wipes that go well with my skin - they are for all skin types and as much as my skin causes havoc and changes it's ideal but also if I take my makeup off and say don't wash my face - when it's drying it doesn't feel taut or dry it actually feels moisturised.

1.BeautyWorksWest Cleanse* · 2.No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes · 3.Simple Radiance Cleansing Wipes*.

do you have favourite makeup wipes?

·*c/o sample

Do You Wipe?

Pumpkin for the face too!?

Whenever I get one time use samples I don't like to review them as I don't feel I can give in-depth feedback but there was some mishap with receiving the full sized products and I thought I would at least give the company a feature.


Prana Skincare intends on being the energy that will "Breathe Life into Your Skin" through the use of invigorating, all-natural ingredients that have been specially formulated to target unique skin concerns. Anti-ageing, Acne, Hyper-pigmentation and Rosacea treatments are available from Prana Skincare while also offering natural products designed to improve the skin's moisture, protect the body from damages caused by the sun and firm the body's contour. Prana steer clear of any form of Animal Testing, use plant extracts, keeps products free from synthetics, parabens and harsh lathering agents and use environmentally friendly ingredients.  

I was sent samples of their Pumpkin Scrub Exfoliator [1] Active Vitamin Lift Serum [2Reflect SPF 45 Mineral Based Moisturiser [3].

Pumpkin Scrub Exfoliator - Sensitive Skin : There are two types of these one for sensitive skin and the other for problematic skin types. The pumpkin extracts actively stimulates cell renewal unveiling a smoother, softer and healthier looking complexion. I used this when I decided to test out a tan I was sent to exfloliate my face. This needs to be used once or twice a week, applied to a clean, dry face and neck - gently exfoliate and leave on for 5-10 mins, rinse. [purchase] £43.00

Active Vitamin Lift Serum : AVL has a high powered surge of vitamins that are combined with Rare Swiss Apple Stem Cells that help to combat chronological aging and wrinkle formation. This needs to be used morning and night on a clean face & neck! Good for all skin types. [purchase] £54.00

Reflect SPF 45 - Mineral Based Moisturiser : Silky elegant tinted skin care mineral moisturiser, nourishes, protects and hydrates the most delicate of skin. So when I applied this it flaked on me, I had little flakes which when I rubbed in the moisturiser appeared that I had to brush off my face, not exactly what I look for in a moisturiser. Reflect is an optimal moisturiser and flawless makeup base that protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays with SPF 45 Umm well due to the flaking I wouldn't exactly say it's good for a makeup base but that was my one time experience with it. [purchase] £57.00

Pumpkin is a great natural ingredient for the skin due to the Vitamins it carries A & C as well as Zinc it soothes and helps environmentally damaged & sensitive skin. The exfoliator most likely would be a purchase to trial for longer if I was to choose one.

· c/o sample

Prana Skincare

How good is this for colour treated hair?

After my unsuccessful experience with the Go Blonder John Frieda range, I decided to start testing this Argania range from Boots that I was kindly sent for a review.

Argania hair oil are made in New Zealand by mixing certified organic aragan oil, almond, jojoba, macadamia and evening primrose oils and Vitamin E. This treatment is to leave the hair silky smooth with a healthy shine.

Included in my lovely package was Argania Moisture Repair Shampoo · Argania Moisture Repair Conditioner · Argania Organic Moroccan Argan Hair Oil Light

I was asked what my hair type at the moment is because with the Argania Hair Oil there are two types available all hair types & light coloured & fine hair with it being heavily coloured with hair dye & bleach of course I went with the latter.

the products

  • Argania Moisture Repair Shampoo : Okay Laa on a broken record moment here - I don't like shampoo, I really try to avoid it when possible. No shampoo feels good for me. I may need to try a pre-poo again so the hair doesn't feel so dry and stripped of it's moisture. As I'm trying to hold back on heat this might be a wise idea. Knowing how to read ingredients are important. Ingredients are listed in order of their proportion in the product, within this shampoo the top 5 are :- Water,  Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Cocoamide DEA, Cocamidopropyl betaine & Lauryl Glucoside. Argan Oil is the 6th listed property in this, the main reason I dislike shampoo it's due to sulfates but some are not as bad as others but it's good to know your sulfates and cones. I cannot give a 100% review on this as me and shampoo are solid enemies after the pre-poo routine I will revisit the review for it. [purchase] £7.99
  • Argania Moisture Repair Conditioner : The sweet smell is relaxing and uplifting, the repair range is aimed to hydrate damaged hair. Listing the 5 top ingredients in order :- Water, Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol & Behentrimonium methosulfate (and) Butylene glycol with Argan Oil once again being the 6th (or 7th depending how you look at it) property. BMSulfate is a good one for girls with curly hair especially as it's one of the mildest detangling ingredients and not to mention it's a good property to condition hair.  [see why I say it's important to research your sulfates] Do I feel it hydrates my hair? My hair always seems to need more in it's routine I cannot just shampoo & condition. After it's rinsed it's not dry but still needs more. [purchase] £7.99
  • Argania Organic Moroccan Argan Hair Oil Light : The light oil is targeted for blonde, silver, lightened & fine hair. Good for mine as it controls frizz and fly aways. I've noticed my hair ends especially have got more prone to frizz and dryness since the ombre so it's important to keep it hydrated. Most oils are greasy but I enjoy that this one isn't overly greasy and doesn't weigh the hair down + ( this can be used to rub on the skin after so nothing goes to waste )! This is meant to extend the life of the coloured treated hair which ok it's one of my fears as sometimes I do feel products can destroy a colour so far this hasn't. It can be used in damp or dry hair so it's great for daily use. I prefer oils in the hair than cream as the oil is a lot lighter, gives a nice sheen! I have been using this to grease the scalp also as it says its soothing and conditioning for the scalp. Cuts my hair products down.  [purchase] £14.99

Maybe we need some more time together.
Did I mention that Argania products are not tested on animals. Cruelty Free!

Official Website | ArganiaOil.com
Shop | Boots.com

have you tried this range?

· c/o sample


Not for my face though * clears throat * for my most intimate friend!


This procedure that's a mixture of the worlds vajayjay & facial [is anyone over that word vajayjay as much as me?!] is basically what it says - a facial for your vagina or more public speaking appropriate a bikini facial.

This isn't anything new in the beauty world but I will not lie, it is the first time I've heard of it. I took to the #bbloggers tag and asked if any had tried this suffice to say I got the responses I expected a lot of

"Huh? What's that?"

Didn't find any who have had it done - have you?

A few weren't sure it was something they would book an appointment to get done but for those of us who aren't sure what this entails let me explain to you.

Some of us when we have whatever hair removal treatment mostly through shaving end up with bumps or dark areas from the hair removal. A vajacial / bikini facial targets those type of problems just as a normal facial targets say acne & dark spots.

  • They open up the pores of that area using misty vapours
  • Apply a antibacterial & anti-inflammatory wash 
  • Astringent - witch hazel to tone  
  • Exfoliate 
  • Pluck out any ingrown hairs 
  • Mask - a soothing antibacterial mask to reduce irritation, hydrate and smooth the area and prevent future blemishes. There are three different masks depending on your vulva's needs "anti-acne" "anti freckle" and "calming"
  • Cream - a lightening cream is then applied 
Some treatments use a topical peel or microdremabrasion to lift off dead skin cells and discolouration of the skin.

You can find beauty therapist that do this - I couldn't be sure on the price it would more than likely depend on your area or reputation of the clinic.

But I wonder is this something I can do myself ? You guys know I'm a nut for at home routines / products so if I had all the things myself could I do it .... well that's what I'm willing to try out for a future post series.

I find that even now on some Beauty blogs the subject of personal hygiene is a taboo when it comes to our intimate area but I believe and know it's apart of us, we shop for these things, we may go to the salon to treat it, some are more reserved about it than others e.g. me but I bet it won't stop the SATC Charlotte's reading and trying it -  I'm not saying shout from the roof top but sharing is caring - I'm sharing!

In the next part of this series of at home d.i.y. Vajacial will be dealing with ingrown hairs as we need to prep the skin.

I'm not a trained/professional beauty therapist if you try anything at home on your head be it.

have you heard this or tried a vajacial?


I Would Like A Facial Please ....

My Emergency Mask!

I asked you to leave me suggestions on my feedback page as I would love to accommodate your reading needs when possible and seeing as homemade recipes are one thing I like to do and was a top suggestion I decided to share with you my EMERGENCY mask !!

Last week or so my face has decided to rebel, I'm dealing with an angry teenager in reference to my spots. There's a few reasons I can put my breakdown to but it's not a current situation that's in my hands to correct. All I can do is calm it down a little.

Avocado, honey and aloe vera juice face mask.

Benefit break down

Avocado : Anti-ageing, Vitamins A & C, Protects against sun damage, some sources say due to the deep cleansing it's great for acne.
Honey : Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory.
Aloe Vera : Soothing, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, Folic Acid and Niacin, Anti-Inflammatory.

Before doing this mask my forehead resembled a mirror it was so oily and shiny it was a travesty. I have a few breakouts on my cheek and a few on my jawline ( just why? )


1/2 Avocado
1 tablespoon Honey
1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Juice

Take 1/2 of an Avocado (peeled) and place into a bowl
Using a fork begin to mash the Avocado into a paste.
Taking 1 tablespoon of Honey & Aloe Vera juice and mix into the Avocado paste.
Mix until well blended.
Apply to the face. ( wow the light just bouncing off the oily patches lol )
Mmmm appealing - not. Even at room temperature it's cooling, leaving on for 10 - 15 minutes, I washed it off with warm water and continued with my normal face routine. My T-Zone didn't feel as oily and my spots started to soothe - even this morning the redness has gone down to pink which is now going to start the second stage being that of applying Vitamin E oil to prevent or reduce any scarring which may occur.

This is safe to use daily, every other day - doesn't have to be a one hit a week wonder.


-- The quest for that perfect skin huh.

Would love to know if any of you try this and what you thought of it!?

Homemade | Avocado Face Mask

Those smooth kissable underarms....

Remember I was getting laser hair removal done at the SK:N clinic at their Milton Keynes branch ? I had decided to get the LHR on my underarms to see if it was worth the time & money + I hate the shaving shadow.

You can read back posts on the consultation & first time experience [1] ·[2]

I had my last free session on the 4th July. Upon arriving I'm not sure why but my underarms just felt sore and irritable, left me wondering if this session will hurt more than the previous.

It did!

After removing my deodorant or whatever was left after my sticky icky heat walk yuck. I laid down, bracing myself on the anticipation that I was already irritable there well I did feel this removal more than the others - middle of the underarm just reminded me of an electrical crackling surging through my delicate skin.

Good job I put on my big girl panties that day and just got on with it and curled my toes and bent my feet downwards to wince at the pain.

Couldn't of been more thankful it is a quick treatment in terms of doing the removal.
Less than 10 minutes and finished - I was a little red afterwards but it wasn't irritable but considering my previous sessions I had no problem I do put it down to the fact I was sore beforehand.

No problems after the redness ceased. No rash, no irritation & no lasting damage. Within the period from Thurs - Sun of that week I did have to shave twice ( Fri & Sun ) but since then in a week I haven't had to shave again since. If I run my fingers over my underarm I can just about feel in some places hair starting to poke through but I don't see me having to shave for possibly a couple more days.

I decided not to go forward with the treatment but to now carry on or should I say try to epilate the underarm instead which you cannot do while having laser hair removal. I find the middle section to be the place where my hair grows faster but sparse while the sides grow very slowly.

Grateful that I was able to part take in this experience and while in 3 sessions it's left me with sparse underarm hairs at least it's not an every other day shave and I can say ' I have done that '.

Not saying that it's not for me but it's a huge luxury to spend on when I feel I can now just continue with my Braun Silk Epil 7  after all would be rude of me not to after all the knicker wetting and screaming.

· c/o sample

SK:N Laser Hair Removal Finale

I was contacted by Best British Bloggers a few weeks ago alerting me to this contest and I thought yeah I'm going to enter well I am but Damn this is one late entry, considering the closing time is midnight!

Let me explain the hairstyle I've chosen, when I'm away on holiday the one thing I want is a hairstyle that doesn't take long, doesn't involve a lot of heat or none at all and can be worn whenever at the beach, socialising and of course in the sea.

I'm a naturally curly haired lady but this hairstyle can work for girls with straight hair and curls more so I think having a braided up-do saves time, no fly away hair, it can be decorated as I decided to do with hair rings.

All this hairstyle requires is :

  • Brush or Comb
  • Elastic hair bands (same colour as your hair or clear ) 
  • Kirby grips / bobby pins
  • Hair rings - optional 

Do you like this hairstyle?

It's a hairstyle I like to wear even when I'm not bothered to do my hair lol just so easy and versatile for me.

Best British Bloggers | Ultimate Holiday Hair Competition

I wanted this blush more than the palette when I first saw the pictures for the new Sleek 2012 collection (limited edition). I managed to get the last one available and the cashier dropped it and it did crack at the side but its still fine.

Described as a Rose Bronzer when I first lay my eyes on it I expected it to look more like the colour in the press image but of course I should remember that online swatches / images are not always true to life.

This shade is a darker version of Sleek MakeUP Sunrise blush to me by comparison of my sleek blushers. It's a shimmer blush that I'd probably use just above my contour very lightly.

Here's a swatch taken by natural light :

In the swatch it's more to the rose gold its described as, highly pigmented I would suggest to use this lightly and build it up to the desired look.

This would be great blush for a bronzed look if only we had the Summer for it but when has that ever stopped us.

Sleek MakeUP Honour Blush

Can I really keep my blonde and go blonder?!

On the heels of my Ombre within two weeks my hair started to get a little brassy. It went from a nice blonde to a slight brassy/brown/orange mess. Still new to all this 'blonde' jazz I took myself to Boots and decided to give the John Frieda Go Blonder range a go dropping in the shampoo & conditioner to my basket.

While browsing I also noticed the Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting range so I thought what the hell - let me pick up the shampoo too.

John Frieda Go Blonder + Toner

PETA gives UD award for cancelling sales plans but was it a PR stunt?

I love Urban Decay & like a great deal of us I was disheartened when I learnt that they had plans to sell in China. The hubbub over selling cosmetics in China? it's REQUIRED that animal tests are required to happen by law.

Urgh as a mama of 11 rabbits [yes 11] things like that kill me but just in general I've never agreed with animal testing. Yesterday and this morning my PETA newsletter arrived telling me that they have now pulled out of the choice to sell in China.

Well here's where maybe my loser/slow moment kicks in - wouldn't of Urban Decay of known this regulation before making such an announcement?! #imjustsaying

[This isn't a bash/rant towards Urban Decay - I'm simply voicing my mind.]

UD have prided their brand on being that of a "We don't test on animals. How could anyone?" standby motto. That I've always admired as it's hard to find great quality brands who don't test.

I did business studies at School, done a business course - who, her, what, she..that's right me! One of the many things you learn in business is RESEARCH so was this a lack of research or something else!?

Around the time the plans were announced sneak previews and press releases were being shot around various blogs re their newest palette "Smoked" soon to be released which was dubbed "The best thing since Naked" - already with Naked palettes being such a hot seller for them it was bound to get people looking. After causing that stir another one is made in the form of the selling in China. Yesterday when the palette went for public sale they were now cancelling their plans to sell in China.

On one hand I don't feel UD need a PR stunt to really sell as their products speak for themselves but then doesn't controversy sell, it creates a media buzz and draws more attention to a brand -doesn't it?!

It could of been down to a cause of a genuine mistake. Other companies such as Estee Lauder, AVON and Mary Kay have decided to drop their animal testing policy so that it can sell within China.

The palette if I'm correct hasn't been launched in the UK yet but is it something that you would be willing to get for all those dark smokey eyed lovers?
· image source [1]· [2]

Urban Decay Cancel Plans to Sell in China

I'm so shocked at the price for this box and the quality & value of products....

If you're yet to know who and what BeTrousse UK is about it's a French box that was launched here a few months ago with products that are mainly organic / natural products but wait they are all 5 full sized products - no samples, no one full sized item.

Sometimes it shocks me as to the total value of the products for what you pay is amazing. What's even more better is - it's a no subscription base box - just purchase whenever you want to.

This months box looks delightful.

Betrousse UK The Must Haves Kit

image credit : Lula of Lulapalooze // image edit : me

If you had all the correct products at hand would you be more willing to D.I.Y?

April I turned myself onto the Ombre craze - felt I missed out on some kind of 'hair craze' after the whole half head / quarter head shaving do that I was never going to have enough balls for.

The ombre do for me was a trial and error or is that trial and horror! People have asked me questions re 'how did I do it?' 'what shade did I use?' and etc.

It was a process because at first I wanted to go ALL OVER blonde but I didn't want to use bleach so I just lightened my hair gradually using ash browns and then ash blondes as it started to get lighter but my roots were coming in thick and fast as I was dying my hair every 4-6 weeks. I stumbled across Lulu's blog Lulapalooza [no-more but here's her tumblr] and I saw her hair :

That had me wanting Ombre hair even more especially after I had to cut it after my first attempt to have it feeling a little bit more 'fresh'. My hair surprisingly wasn't damaged as much as I thought it could of been while doing it but after every colour in put I trim it.

My second attempt was my kept attempt after I had put an all over colour of Clairol 10 Medium Ash Brown I left it a few weeks and went back to work. Learning from the first time it worked out and a few months on I've kept the style - up-keeping the blonde is a pain in the A if you ask me.

Let's just put it this way in 4 months my hair had more colours running through the layers I gave the Rainbow a true run for it's nursery rhyme. The boxes and money spent - yes D.I.Y. is cheaper but calculating it all up and the up keep can become an expense.

Scott Cornwall is a hair expert and he has put together a step by step guide on doing ombre hair at home.

The Decolour products are what Scott has been working on Decolour, Colour Restore and Shine On. With this step by step who's to go wrong...

- The following excerpts are from Scott Cornwalls Blog :

Ombre on Dark Hair

If you currently have a dark hair colour, you can use a Decolour product to ombre your hair with no extra hair colouring.

  • If you have dyed dark hair with a lighter base underneath, you can use Decolour Remover to remove just the artificial dye. 
  • If you are working on a naturally dark colour, use Decolour Stripper to remove artificial and natural colour from your hair.

Ombre on Fair Hair

When working on a fair hair base you have two options:

  • If you are looking to add a fashion colour to your ombre such as red or pink with a chosen hair dye and are looking to create a light base for a more vibrant outcome, use Decolour Stripper to remove natural and artificial colour. 
  • If want a dark colour on top and lighter ombre tips, you will need to dye your hair a darker shade all over and use Decolour Remover to remove the artificial colour only from the chosen ombre area.

All hair treatments and colours work best on clarified hair, so wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo a few washes prior to treatment.

1.Work with towel dried hair pulled into two ponytails.

TOP TIP: Rather than mixing the product in the supplied bottles, combine them in a tint bowl for 1 minute, you may not require the whole mixture.

2.Using the suitable Decolour product (see above), use the tint brush to apply the product to the ends only. Allow to develop for 10 minutes.

3.Now apply the Decolour to the next section of hair and leave for 10 minutes, continue this process until the desired result has been achieved. Applying in stages will help to achieve the dip dyed or fading out effect.

4.Leave Decolour on for a further 10 minutes to develop to the desired results.

5.Reapply Decolour to the entire length of hair to even out application, leave to develop based on personal removal requirements, see pack instructions.

6. Rinse and apply the Conclude Balm or continue to use the Colour Restore product of choice.
Want to enhance your at home ombre hair? You could apply a fashion colour of your choice or use Colour Restore to improve and maintain your ombre colour.

Colour Restore Cool Ash can be used to remove unwanted orange tones, Colour Restore Iced Platinum to remove unwanted yellow tones and Colour Restore Deep Red can be used to add a vibrant red pigment to your ombre.

1.Rinse out the Decolour product and apply the Colour Restore shade of your choice like a conditioner, before rinsing towel dry and reapply Colour Restore and allow to develop as instructed.

2.Rinse and dry as desired.

To see more and be updated on Scott Cornwall's future hair expert tips visit his blog here

Must get my hands on these for future ombre attempts ....

Are you still feeling the ombre vibe?

Ombre At Home Guided By A Pro

I've been slacking, I know...
but it was within good reasons as to why. Cue excuses & update 101!

  • My dear old HP laptop, we have been together for over 4 years now - been through a lot. We started our blogging together, ended my MySpace addiction together, self diagnosed me until I believed that I was going to die with each breath I took. Yet in Laptop years you must of been getting old with daily use ... a fan seemed to break and that was the beginning of the end. Your still going but not fast enough for me. Samsung Rose has joined us...oh I was in dire need for a new laptop so this week here she came to rescue me ... in her virgin state she's yet to be filled with fonts, music, videos and junk - just Photoshop CS6  [love love love.] Point of this was I got a new laptop it's fresh and great and I will reply emails asap :)

  • Shock horror  I updated my layout .... sorry was too excited and in love with CS6 to not just take my grey rainy weekend and do something. This is not an advertisement to ask me for layouts cos it's not going to happen *that was said all sugar and spice nicely* Been wanting to do a watercolour theme for the longest time
  • Personally the last 3-4 weeks I have had a few things on my mind and situations that need to be and are in the process of being sorted out. Having 2% of my brain to blog just also didn't feel right. I did try and push out a great deal but my heart sometimes didn't feel there.

  • Self explanatory - think it's been nearly every woman's bedtime or daytime reading. Purchasing a trilogy of erotic books is a first for me, could you imagine my response when my grandmama asked me what was the book about and was it necessary for me to get all three? lol.

  • Had my last session of Laser Hair Removal on Wednesday, I've had to shave a few times since then - yes I realise it's only Sunday but I will do a blog post on my update.

  • Currently I'm loving Benefits! Porefessional -such a fantastic primer · Manuka Doctors Bee Venom Foaming Cleanser · Aloe Vera Gel · Betrousse UK Box (loved this months products) · brand new laptop aw rose · Cocoa Butter Palmer's & Jergens · the rain.

  • Currently I'm hating slugs  · being ill · breaking and peeling nails · the humidity & no fan · sore armpits · twitter (back at the hate part of the relationship).

OK that sums me up slightly. Most of my blog posts that are upcoming are reviews such as Anastasia's Lash Genius, Manuka Doctor and Various Argan hair products.

How has your weekend been ? 

Excuses 101

I adore how to videos and these two by Jake Davis shows my two favourite hairstyles so far of the year.

Priscilla Presley · Lana Del Rey · Bridget Bardot · Cara Delevingne

The 60s beehive has always been a hairstyle I've loved, all that back combing and POOF it just makes me want thicker and longer hair - not saying people with short hair can't do this hairstyle as it's possible just my personal opinion - I love it long. *don't shoot* Below shows you how to do it correctly and with less damage to your hair. Got to backcomb right and if you do want to practice this my lovely hair guru Glam Locks Extensions does a fantastic step by step tutorial here

Adrienne Bailon · Kim Kardashian · Hollie Fernando [source] · Lauren Conrad

Just a few days ago me and my girlfriend Rella were having a brief conversation re buns and over the last few weeks I've been wearing my hair like that and I think a topknot/ballerina bun/messy bun is a versatile look to have especially as it can be elegant, fun, relaxing and a go to style. This video shows you how to do the topknot if it's something you would like to try. So many celebrities have been wearing this style for quite a while and it's so beautiful to do.

What's been your go to hair style of the year?

John Frieda | Favourite Hair How-to Tutorials

I've ditched my crystal glass nail file...for this funky nail file.

I've had these for a long time now - ok maybe roughly since March. I remember I just looked at these upon receiving them.



Curvy Snake looking nail file?

How is this going to work!?



*looks back intrigued*

I decided it was time, this year my nails have been in such a state - my right hand is the only one growing nails, my left hand keeps splitting unless it has a nail strengthener on. Driving me insane - the biggest thing is my nails snag on ANYTHING ever so easy to break.


Jergens moisturiser reminds me of Jamaica - I'm not sure why but I always have a product that just takes you somewhere, will the new and improved Jergens still take me back..

Jergens have a new range that's been launched with 6 products that consist of :

  • Jergens Daily Moisture - 24 hour hydration enriched with Silk Proteins and a citrus extract blend. Transforms dry rough skin into smooth, visibly healthy skin.
  • Jergens Ultra Healing - A deeply hydrating moisturiser with Vitamins C, E and B5. Penetrates below the surface of extra dry skin, making it look quenched and moisturised.
  • Jergens Soothing Aloe - Aloe and cucumber, this fast absorbing moisturiser quickly replenishes moisture and soothes dry skin caused by the elements, leaving skin looking and feeling beautifully refreshed.
  • Jergens Skin Firming - Focus on more than just moisturisation and have visibly firmer skin too, this exclusive firm perfection complex containing collagen and elastin, this moisturiser tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Jergens Cocoa Butter - a rich cocoa butter body moisturiser that gives your dry, dull skin a radiant sheen that makes it look and feel instantly more beautiful. 
  • Jergens Original Beauty Lotion  - This classic Cherry - Almond scent lotion moisturiser dry skin, leaving it looking and feeling softer for 24 hours resulting in skin that is beautifully soft. 

I will be reviewing the Cocoa Butter lotion for you today. 

Funnily enough in the last year or so if a body lotion is perfumed I can't use it on my skin after a very long time especially after shaving (not straight away) but two days later or so my skin gets irritated but I notice if I allow myself to grow into a werewolf it's not so bad (must just hang to the hairs)!

As of late I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter No Fragrance. I decided to give this a go when I was asked to review this as it's been such a long time I've used Jergens and I need something especially on my legs that conditions and enriches. 

Formula is light it almost borders on an aqua texture as you begin to rub it in, it's a great thing it's not heavy - I hate those creams that just need rubbing, rubbing and more rubbing. 

Upon application it gives the skin a sheen I won't lie to that and once it soaks into the skin it's soft to touch upon comparison to one without any of the cream on.

It has that cocoa butter smell that some products that contain it have ( except some that smell chocolatey ) it's mildly sweet and I enjoy the scent, very fresh.

The new Jergens range is available from this month at supermarkets and high street chemists starting prices are £3.49 

View more products here


From 2nd July Jergens Facebook fans are invited to sign-up for the chance to visibly transform and showcase their skin, as part of the "Style Your Skin" competition over on www.facebook.com/JergensUK.

THREE lucky Jergens fans will be chosen to enrich their skin with Jergens unique and new moisturisers, before being fabulously styled and professionally shot in their own photoshoot. These winners will end up enjoying the opportunity to show off their new radiance for everyone to admire in the pages of Marie Claire -exciting or what!

What you waiting for like - sign up and keep those fingers crossed!

· c/o sample

Jergens Cocoa Butter Body Lotion