Wordless Wednesday

---------------------- WARNING : The following images may cause offence to some readers ----------------------

I enjoy going on Tumblr. Not an avid tumblr user but I occasionally post, reblog,♥ and browse but last year while doing just that I came across some positive tumblr's to do with weight loss and with me struggling to lose those last 20lbs needed I started following a few.

I started noticing they was reblogging from other weight loss blogs that I decided to go browse, which in turn, turned out to be 'thinspo' (thinspiration) and 'pro ana' (pro anorexic) themed. This truly shocked me - why? As I know there are such blogs, forums dedicated to that stuff. Self rewards for purging and not to mention the 'trends' !!

I was only speaking about this to a friend very recently and I understand these are serious illnesses but encouraging others to go about it is just as dangerous. One person may not be so lucky 'dying to be thin' and to get praise for being the first to reach the goals of trends.

Trends such as thigh gaps, collar bones, hip bones, ribs and back bones to be visible.

A blog is a personal space - some use it as an open diary/journal, our blog is for us to express our thoughts and beliefs but where or is there a limit line?

This week Tumblr released a new content policy that will prohibit blogs that they find inappropriate  :

These typically take the form of blogs that glorify or promote anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders; self-mutilation; or suicide. These are messages and points of view that we strongly oppose, and don’t want to be hosting. 

Don't post content that actively promotes or glorifies self-injury or self-harm. This includes content that urges or encourages readers to cut or mutilate themselves; embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or commit suicide rather than, e.g., seek counseling or treatment for depression or other disorders. Online dialogue about these acts and conditions is incredibly important; this prohibition is intended to reach only those blogs that cross the line into active promotion or glorification. For example, joking that you need to starve yourself after Thanksgiving or that you wanted to kill yourself after a humiliating date is fine, but recommending techniques for self-starvation or self-mutilation is not.

Reading thinspo bloggers reactions to the new content policy is what you would expect - not positive.

A non thinspo blogger made this point regarding the new content policy :

I'm not promoting or glorifying eating disorders or self harm. I’m a healthy weightloss blog. I think Staff has gone a little loco. I mean I get where they’re coming from but some if the people that have self harm blogs, for example, have them to express themselves in ways that they can’t on any other site. In most cases, their blogs are what’s keeping them alive . This is the place they come to escape and be supported instead of judged. And I don’t mean support as in saying “cutting is good” I mean support from people that are helping them recover. Same for EDs.

With Tumblr wanting to actively put this policy into action if successful with doing so where else will these thinspo bloggers go ? To Pinterest of course.

Images are from Tumblr 

Thoughts on Tumblr Policy - Thinspo Etc.

I received my business cards :)
-- I expressed that as if I've been waiting my entire life to say 'I've got business cards' lol. When maybe I'm just a little behind on the fact.

Business cards are very handy, I noticed this especially with bloggers. We can go to events and do card swaps to fellow bloggers or organizers. Expressing to a non blogger to take a business card they won't pat us on the back for being a blogger and most times you'd have to explain why you have one to begin with.

For my cards I decided to showcase for both my businesses  - makeup artist and beauty blogger, as I am now both - save the cost on two separate cards, just double up the occupation space.

Keeping in the theme of my blog (for now) I just used my header design for the front and of course the digital art image by DKDesigns  on the back alongside my phone number, email address and url.

Ordering from  MOO was so easy to do and the website provide different business cards.

I decided to go for the mini cards because there small and you get 100 for just under £10! You can have various designs on your cards, so you don't have to stick to just the one. The business cards come in a box with paper separators for you to put other peoples business cards into a section. Adding to my order is a MOO minicard holder for £2.99

Fits up to 12 cards and includes a key chain ring which is handy, except if I didn't lose my keys in my bag it would be ideal for me.

If you want to order from MOO here is a 10% off code from me to you " click here  "

Simply design your cards and use the code given to get 10% off your order.

Hope your all enjoying your Saturday :) Welcome to the new followers & Hello to my other dearest! I am going back to sleep as my head has a steel pan band playing the migraine song for more days than it's been welcome :(



....Honestly I feel I am going through one.
Maybe it's a bored image crisis more than an early life crisis! 

Ever get those moments where you need that radical change?

Especially as I'm growing out my eyebrows and on top of that gave up make-up for lent - I'm feeling blah. 

So what's left to fuss about with - my hair of course! Yet what to do !?! 

Ciara's extreme "dip dye" lace front wig. The blonde is reminiscent of a Playboy blonde at the tips but it's striking and there's no bad regrowth of the roots. Don't think I'd ever go to that level of blonde as I could imagine how dry and brittle my hair would look after but maybe a dip dye 'do ?

Kenza swedish model and fashion blogger has an enviable wardrobe and even more so enviable locks. Light brown / dark blonde sun kissed waves - loved the colour ever since I stumbled across her blog a few years back.

What puts me off going light is the up keep with roots ( if an all over job ) my eyebrow colour ( I'd have to continuously lighten them ) and *dramatic music* the bleaching.

Oh how I need some hairspiration, help me!!!!

Early Life Crisis

Remember earlier this week I told you that GlossyBox from the 24th February are going to start announcing their 'Mystery Box' ?

It's all starting now www.glossybox.com/mysterybox ... loading the site you get the logo and a box with the lid slowly bouncing up and down with a countdown underneath ticking down to the big unveiling I guess.

I clicked mine and got :

Sharing it on Facebook I then got a new letter 'E'  .. so far three letters have been discovered by me D E I  ( feel as if I'm on Seaseme Street .. Today's Letter is.. )

Curosity has got the best of me with this 'mystery box' but knowing myself oh so well, I'll probably get bored and only want to see what's happening once the timer has reached 0 : 00 : 00 : 00

What letter did you get ?

Glossybox - The Mystery Box ...

When you think of classic beauty what & who springs to mind ?

For me I automatically think the winged eyeliner, defined brows, beauty mark and perfect red lips and the epitome of that in my eyes - Marilyn Monroe.

Yesterday I was looking for the Barbie collector dolls inspired by Marilyn that I was looking to purchase when along came the news that MAC Cosmetics are set to launch a collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe later on this year.

MAC (alongside Authentic Brands Group LLC) will release a collection of around 30 pieces that will be showcase in custom designed displays.

“Marilyn’s an icon, plain and simple. Her look not only defined a generation but also is relevant today,” MAC senior vp James Gager

The collection is in it's early days of course but I'm sure we could expect this collection to represent Marilyn's iconic image.

I for one will be looking forward to this collection of course, are you?

MAC announces Marilyn Monroe Collection

Happy Shove Tuesday aka Pancake Day !!

I indulged in a late lunch of pancakes, Canadian maple syrup, Strawberries and sugar.
Love my indulgence day very sweet.

Was reminded today about giving up something for Lent by my lovely friend Rella, which reminded me I'm giving up my craving of chocolate fingers and also makeup for ONE MONTH! 

Have you had any pancakes today? Are you giving up anything for Lent ?

Yummy Tuesday

Shocked by how quickly this box came around this month. When I saw the van postman, I didn't expect to see the GlossyBox* in hand. Yet here it is The Fashion Week Edition

Unless your completely oblivious or uninterested to the fact it has been London Fashion Week since last week Friday. This GlossyBox would be our fashion week saviour with the 5 essentials we would need to keep looking glamorous with that being said let's see what's in this box :  

GlossyBox - February 2012 The Fashion Week Edition

Heavy rainstorm hovered over my town from early in the morning. Surprisingly after quite a rough night sleep, I managed to get quite a bit done around the usual routine of feeding the animals on the farm, eating and cleaning.

Cornmeal Porridge : Mmm yum! Woke up with a cactus feeling throat but just had such an urge for porridge plus got to be on the PMA with healthy food.
Faux Fox Tail : I've had this tail since 2010 but the chain broke last year so I repaired it this afternoon.
Chocolate Fingers : Never been a big one for chocolate but when I get the 'craving' for something, I consume until I'm bored. 
Beavis & Butthead 90s Marathon all day *I am the Great Cornholio* 
Fonts : Now this is a serious addiction, I'm addicted to finding and downloading new fonts. 
Post-It's : There quite an obsession too, I wish I invented them. My laptop and wall are covered in them! 
Vegetarian Cookbook : Going on 4 years of vegetarianism or pescetarianism I've never truly ventured into making my own dishes. I was given this by my Uncles family for Christmas, I wanted to try the black bean nachos but no nachos or sour cream :(  
Guitar : Haven't picked this up in a while but playing Nirvana acoustically is great on a rainy day!   
30-60 day Challenges : Gathering my 3 main 'ingredients' for the challenge that will officially start tomorrow. 
Colour Changing Candle : I find this candle so relaxing, reminds me of those changing lights that babies sometimes have. 
Making Space : Storage is an issue in my room for my make-up, while sorting it out I noticed ... Why do I keep them inside the boxes ?! Doesn't that take up more room!?!
Brushes need love too : Had to clean my brushes today, seeing as I'm not going to be wearing make-up too much until my face gets sorted a bit more, they needed to be cleaned before negligence takes place. 
Don't forget ducky : How many of you know about my bubble bath addiction? I collect bubble baths that I have now been forced to go through *sad times* candle lit bath with - aromatherapy associate oils great to relax.
Behind closed doors, under the sheets : Can you guess another addiction of mine ? Yes it's reading BUT I adore buying second hand books, there's a store in US I buy mine from when I can't find them here, I love the smell and I feel it has so much history just like the book I am reading *nerd* I've read this book before and due to the fact I'm a criminology/cult obsessive it's amazing to get first hand encounters.

How has your day been ?

A Grey Day

No matter how long you have been following me there's one thing you do or should know : I'm obsessed with eyebrows. I could say this all day long, we all know eyebrows can make or break the face.

To be honest when I see you the first thing I'm noticing are your EYEBROWS! Last year kind of around this time or before I started to grow back my eyebrows and I decided to try out the HD Brows which I loved but the upkeep and expense can grow heavy on the pocket after awhile but I do recommend HD Brows especially if you do want thick brows because the process does give you bold eyebrows.

Last month they were even reshaped by the Eyebrow Queen while I was attending AOFM. Barbara moved my arch over ever so slightly but I loved how elongated they looked you can view that post here.

So what's the problem now ?

No problem to be exact except THESE :

I feel like a beast !!!

Just two weeks ago I took the picture below, so what you see above is two weeks worth of mess. My eyebrows were also lightened as I've gone lighter with my hair colour and believe me the dark brows just stuck out like a sore thumb. { btw the below photo has been altered on Photoshop - been practising :) }

This leads me onto my new 60 day challenge :-

You've heard of RapidLash now let me introduce you to RapidLash's new partner in crime: RapidBrow*

The big brow trend isn't showing any signs of it slowing down *jumps for joy* RapidBrow is on hand to help us restore our healthy & full brows.

The Blurb:
RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a clinically proven formula with an exclusive Hexaten 2 complex, a unique blend of of fortifying proteins, stimulating peptides and nourishing ingredients designed to help condition, restore and repair the appearance of eyebrows as quickly as in 60 days.

60 days you say well let's put this one to the test. My birthday is 28th April and I want to have gorgeous new thick brows ( again ) I'm sure I did that last year hence the HD Brows - lol I wonder if this is going to be an annual thing.

How to use : Apply RapidBrow with a few quick strokes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Within a few weeks the overall appearance of your brows will be visibly improved.

Let's break down the key benefits of RapidBrow :

  • A Blend of potent peptides helps renew and restore the youthful appearance of brows
  • Biotin and Panthenol help nourish and fortify to boost the appearance of eyebrow density
  • Keratin helps rebuild, restore and rejuvenate the appearance of brow hair
  • Apple Fruit Cell Extract helps rejuvenate to amplify the appearance of brow volume
  • Sweet Almond Extract helps add shine, sheen and softness for a healthy appearance of brows

To be honest I'm quite looking forward to this challenge and by the end of the 60days I think I shall compare the appearance of my brows when I grow them back myself with just natural oils to using RapidBrow.

60 Day challenge on my brows / nails / skincare / yoga starts tomorrow 18/02/12 until 14/04/12

I'll do an update every two weeks :)

Does RapidBrow interest you?

Purchase : RapidBrow
Price : £37.00

Shop The Post

· c/o sample


Last year Lipcote turned 50 and for decades it's been a cult favourite of many women and it's growing on me.

Today I decided to really test it out after picking it up a couple of weeks ago. This morning I applied Sleek Heartbreaker lipstick around 8am. Apply lipstick - blot with a tissue - apply a thin coat of Lipcote on top and allow to dry.

It did tingle slightly while drying and try not to rub your lips or eat too soon until it's completely dry.

After letting it dry, for me it felt like of course I did have a coating on it, I was scared that if I spoke, laughed or yawn -lol- that I'd end up 'breaking' the seal and it may end up looking as it I've got cracked lips but I gradually forgot about it and just carried on with my morning, talking and yawning away.

Checking on my lips after nearly two hours I was surprised to see it looked exactly as it did at 8am.

After a snack (ahem a pack of chocolate fingers), I had a burger for lunch now this is where the Lipcote started to wear off just slightly as you can see below.

The reason I said Lipcote is growing on me because it's obvious to me that my lipstick obviously lasts longer than it does by itself. I think packing on my lipstick thicker is where I need to go on my next Lipcote try out. All trial & error.

Price : £3.49 
Available from : Superdrug, Boots and other selected stores

Have you tried Lipcote ?


Blush by 3 are three complimentary shades. Four out of the five available have one shimmer while Pink Sprint is a trio of mattes.

These blushes are available in 5 different palettes  : Pumpkin, Flame, Lace, Pink Sprint and  Sugar. Suited to every skin tone there's no excuse to not find a blush that suits you.

Blush by 3 is a limited release 'til 11th April or until stocks last and will be sold in Superdrug stores nationwide.

Price : £9.99

ALSO : Buy the blush and recieve 100 extra beautycard points.

Sleek Blush by 3

Frequent readers know that I'm trying my hardest to get my nails back :( I did this around the same time last year read here!

Last December I was offered Nailtiques read here to help get my nails back into the enviable state Besides 3 nails that are constantly growing the other 7 continue to peel. I won't be saying anything bad about Nailtiques as I want to at least give the products a 2 month trial but I honestly think come March 1st if I don't see an improvement I'm going to move on to another course of nail treatment more so in the name of Renunail.

Dr. Lewinn's hopefully will be the saviour I need. I've seen such great reviews regarding Renunail so last December when Debenhams was having a sale on selected items I grabbed this set for £25 50% off.

Don't you just love that.

Do you have a favourite Nail Strengthener ?  

Dr. Lewinn's Box Set

Hair extensions have become very common with us females. It's hard to find those high quality extensions, red carpet hairstyles and most importantly extensions that don't destroy our natural hair.

In December while I was laid up with my injury I was looking through YouTube and stumbled across Glam Locks Extensions and I had instantly fallen in love. Watching Claire reminds me of chilling with a girlfriend who is calmly teaching you how to do a fabulous hairstyle we've awed over on a celebrity and letting us know it's simple with practice and we can look just as good.

I typically wanted this to be a vlog between us but schedules and lack of time on my part it's just a little awkward for now but hopefully we will do a Vlog :) So I'm going to do this as a blog interview :)  As I want you to know and see what I love. If your a lover of hair extensions this is a blog interview not to be passed up!

Want to thank Claire so much for taking the time out to do this and being ever so patient with me lol :

When you started off on YouTube, what was your main goal ?

There is more then one real answer to this question

I would say the first is that I am constantly asked my family and friends on how to style hair, and I thought it would be fun for me to make tutorials and reach a wider audience.

I also found it frustrating watching some youtube videos i.e when I see girls being really rough with backcombing, and whilst I don't believe there is right and wrong ways of doing hair, I do think there are better methods of doing certain styles etc.

What made you get into primarily hair extensions ?

I decided at 18 to get my first set of extensions and luckily I went to a fantastic hairstylist and had the extensions applied whilst I was on a short break.

I literally tried over 10 different extensions methods and stylists and I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the extensions and service I was receiving, each set was costing anywhere between 600 -900 pounds.

The last straw was when I had a set of extensions and I was going on vacation to Brazil, after 3 washes my hair had matted and resembled a birds nest, I was devastated and my boyfriend was less then pleased when we had to spend 2 days of our vacation, trying to find someone to fix my hair.

It was after that vacation that I decided that I wanted to learn to do extensions because I could not believe how hard it was to find a good stylist using good hair and aftercare. Something that should be simple to find was like a needle in a haystack.

Do you ever see yourself making your own clip-in hair extensions line?

YES :) I am using my experience of working on editorial shoots and catwalk shows to help me design and manufacture my own line of extensions.

The other reason I wanted to do this was that I see ridiculous amounts of bad extensions whether they be clip ins or permanent extensions and it really does the hair extensions industry no favours, because good extensions are undetectable,

I also thought it was a good way of hopefully stopping young girls and women going to bad extensions technicians. Its increasingly frustrating for me to constantly see and hear about women who have had horror stories at the hands of people who really should not be fitting extensions and the number of non hairdressers fitting extensions is unbelievable and quite scary.

What's been the highlight of your career so far ?

I'm blessed to say there have been a few.

I have one client in particular who I know my service to her, gives her a lot of confidence and raises her self esteem and its very rewarding to know that you have contributed to someone's happiness on a daily basis.

Being a part of an amazing team of hair stylists fortunate to work at Fashion Week

Working as a stylist at the Victoria's Secret Show 2010, this literally was a DREAM come true and one of my career goals.

My first time at Paris Fashion Week as a Hairstylist, I was able to work with some amazingly talented hair stylists and work at some of the worlds most famous fashion shows.

How do you choose your hair tutorials?

I have always kept hair scrap books, sad but true, I literally tear images out of books, magazines of hair images I like and stick them in my scrap books and I also look through online style sites like STYLE.COM and watch events like the Grammys, Oscars, etc and then I literally pick the hairstyles that I like.

When you come across a hairstyle you have never done before, how do you go about researching for it?

As a hairdresser you are usually taught the basics, so I can in the most part look at a hair image and break the look down in my head. I usually need to see the hair from various angles to help me do this. I also don't think believe that things have to be done a certain way. 2 plus 2 equals for but so does 3 plus 1, so as long as you are not damaging your hair then there are multi ways of achieving a look.

I also look at online magazines and YouTube for research.

Do you recommend clip-in hair extensions as the safest application - if so or not - why?

I think clip ins are a great way of achieving thicker and longer hair on a modest budget.
I think with anything that you attach to your hair, you can cause damage , like sleeping in them is something I do not recommend. However if used correctly they are in my opinion definatly the best option for women and young ladies who are curious about extensions or just like the idea of being able to wear them when they choose.

I think if you are in position financially to have permanent extensions and you have researched and know that you are going to a Hair Extensions Expert, then there should no issue with the safety. Good extensions applied by someone adequately trained, who has extensive experience and actually cares about what they do, can be life changing and can have a positive impact on someone's self esteem and confidence.

What type of hair do you recommend ?

There is a major issue with the human hair market. The fact that it is highly unregulated.

The word REMY frustrates me. As someone who has been buying hair for nearly a decade, I can honestly say that the word REMY/REMI has been diluted. It no longer means what it did years ago to wigmakers or hair merchants. What has happened is that a lot of the hair manufactures in Asia have taken this wig making term and diluted its meaning. The word REMY now is used to determine "good" quality hair, but how many times have you purchased remy hair and it wasn't good?

There is also a lot of HYPE with regards to RUSSIAN, BRAZILLIAN, PERUVIAN hair etc, please please please do your research. If hair was really coming out of these countries in volume that is being sold it would be ridiculously high in price. You can still buy Russian Slavic hair but it is incredibly expensive.

Now I know from working with wig makers and hair merchants that the hair being sold as Brazilian and Peruvian hair is in fact INDIAN and CHINESE hair. These two countries are the worlds largest suppliers of hair.

I will be using Chinese hair for my line of clip in extensions. I have been working with a Chinese manufacture who has the correct certification for their quality and the way they source the hair that they process and manufacture.

For my private clients I source hair depending on their natural hair texture and race.

For my caucasion client I use European, for my clients who are Indian, Afro/carribean or Mixed race I always use indian hair. We either use in in virgin straight/wavy texture or I have my supplier process a light yaki texture into the hair.

The short answer would be the hair type that is nearest to your natural texture.

What's next for Glam Locks Extensions ?

I have a few projects in development, so watch this space.

For all you girls who love celebrity inspired hairstyles, here's a playlist that's featured on Glam Locks Extensions that has some fantastic tutorials.

To watch more and subscribe visit GlamLocksExtensions on YouTube

Glam Locks Extensions

A few things that I've been using lately : L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub*, Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed, Lucas' Papaw Ointment & Body Shop Round Body Brush

Body Shop Round Body Brush £7
If there's one thing that should be in all our bathrooms its a body brush, helping to get the blood circulating "reducing cellulite" and brushing off dead skin.

With it's small knob to hold it as you brush, I love how the size is just right to get a good hold and control over the brushing.

L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub £26.00*
This may just of become my HG body scrub. When I tell you it's nourishing - it's really nourishing! Its a blend of salt and oil so not only are you exfoiliating but your feeding your thirsty skin as you scrub.

Did I mention the smell ? Amazing ( me being biased ? - How ? Citrus scented ) Divine. Blend of oils such as lemon, geranium, orange and verbena. You just don't want it to end, the scent follows you and my skin hasn't ever felt so nourished especially with these harsh winter days.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment £ varies
Truth be told, never did hear of this multi tasking ointment until this year *GASP* Yeah I was introduced to it while on my AOFM course. It was very handy for various things while doing make-up. Loved it on my lips...I actually purchased this for my working make-up kit and it's now been firmly in my personal kit. Why?

Because I've now ditched the vaseline as this transparent but thick ointment is soft on the lips and a little goes a long way. I don't feel greasy as I do with other lip treatments.

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed £10
I really needed a deep cleaning face mask so I decided to try out the S&G No Clogs Allowed. It works as a self heating mask - masks like that, I love. It also comes with a sponge to wipe off :)

It's directions state that you should use once or twice a week and use a grape sized measure onto your face and wet your hands and scrub. This is where the heat starts as I scrubbed it got warmer and even started to turn blue. You can either then scrub it off or leave on for 3-5mins and use the sponge to wash away for a deeper clean.

Have you purchased anything lately that your loving ?

I'm Lovin'

Last year I took up the personal challenge to start going natural with my hair. Natural to some are different to others my version of natural wasn't so much stopping relaxing my hair as I don't do that to start off with but it was to use ingredients that are more natural. Excusing any cones & sulfates.

The Shielo shampoo I have contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate so I didn't use it but my nan isn't fussed with things like that so she has been using it occasionally. Yet they are a CRUELTY FREE! :)

Condtioner : This has been used regularly in my routine, I do use more than one conditioner in my hair as I need one that is going to help remove the dirt and another that  is more rich in moisture. Sheilo volumizing conditioner comes in the middle in my routine. Just after my dirt removing conditioner. Considering I wash my hair every 2-3 days and I've had this conditioner since around last November it's lasted me well.

Key Ingredients : 
  • Keratin amino acids : Keratin  is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. The amino acids which combine to form keratin  have several unique properties, and depending on the levels of the various amino acids,  keratin can be inflexible and hard, like hooves, or soft, as is the case with skin. 
  • Soy Protein : Provides structure and support for thin or weak hair. 
  • Hyaluronic acid : Strengthens, conditions and replenishes hair providing shine.
  • Acai Berry Extract : Rich in antioxidants and natural caffeine stimulates the scalp and protects hair against free radical damage.
  • UV Protectants : Guard hair and shield colour against the sun's damaging rays. 

Leave In Protectant : Confessional .... I rarely use a protectant. Terrible huh especially in the days when I use to always straighten my hair. I've got into the routine of using this. Spraying it on when my hairs damp and combing through with a wide tooth comb. Have I noticed a difference? Yes as my hair doesn't feel as dried out but I couldn't be 100% it's this protectant specifically or just the fact I am using one. 

Key Ingredients : 
  • UV Protectants : With natural antioxidants from white tea enhance colour protection.
  • Shea Butter : adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft.

Available online from Shielo

· c/o sample


My addiction to tribal inspired nails has been burning for nearly a year. Flicking through a magazine, I notice the above picture in a nail art piece. Sure enough I began to fall in love with the design. The Nail Rock Tribal Gold Designer Nail Wraps shall be mine. I have an unopened pack of Nail Rock Black and White Stripes only because my nails haven't been in the best state - getting back there! I'm missing nail art.

Glitter has really grown on me since I managed to start growing my nails last year. Before I use to think grown women and glitter is childish. When used right, it looks fantastic! Another example are these nail designs each nail with a different look but all involving gold.

  • Gold Diamantés 
  • Loose Gold Glitter 
  • Thin Chain
  • Gold Crackle Polish 

Different fingers a different design, I like the chain effect but of course it wouldn't be practical daily and for someone like me who non stop has my fingers through my hair.

These may have to be my favourite that I want to try. Think there really funky, gradient nail design / wrap or polish with clear nail nail tips with a CND ( creative nail design ) on the tips. Love them!

Images : Cosmopolitan Magazine
Are you a fan of nail art design ? 

Nail Art I'm Lovin'

Sleek MakeUP is hitting us now with their ultimate mascara : LASH OUT!
Mascara is apart of our routine day or night and we all want a mascara that gives us the effect of voluminous, long just BAM in your face lashes without the use of false eyelashes. The hot pink casing that just stands out with the urban inspired graffiti print, it stands out in your mascara pot.

LASH OUT has an intense carbon black formula that lengthens and volumises lashes. So normally what helps gives us that effect?  The Brush.

LASH OUT's brush is narrow and specifically designed for reaching the inner corners of lashes. Making sure it costs each lash. If you look closely the nylon brush is formed spirally.

Sleek says "The spiral brushes the formulation through lashes evenly from root-to-tip, without sticking together at the base"

let's test this out!
My eyelashes with nothing on, just curled with an eyelash curler.
This is my first coat of Lash Out
Second coat 

I didn't want to go any further than a second coat because I could see it would go down the spider legs route. What I do like is the narrow brush as it does make it easier to get into the corners and to get from the root-to-tip. HG mascara? Umm not 100% sure but it's okay as I said the brush I'm loving and also how it does keep my lashes quite separated.


Purchase : Superdrug Stores & Online
Price : £6.99

· c/o sample

Sleek MakeUP Lash Out Mascara

Over the weekend the winter weather took a drastic turn and snow fell upon us here in the UK! If it's not bad enough that during the winter our skin is dry & dull, sometimes the snow can make us feel even more dull.

I have a thing about wanting 'golden skin' ... people laugh at me when I mention fake tan - the only fake tan I've used is the spray in a can that turned me very oompa loompa looking. With no instant fix I had to wait for days until it became patchy and started to fade.

Unlike  KARORA* , it's an organic & natural instant wash off tan - oh hello.  KARORA  is an Irish brand that is famed for their eco-chic credentials which are bronzed luxury with a botanical twist. So what do I think about the only natural instant tan available on the UK Market ?

small sized drop on my hand...
There isn't much of a smell if any. You can see it's quite dark and bronzed, you don't need a lot to start off with. A little goes a long way - believe me.

Here's my arm :) very winter looking { looks like this all year round lol } exfoliated and moisturised before hand for best results. Taking a small amount I begin to work from my hand upwards.

Afterwards, looking quite alive and instant glow, love it. Doesn't transfer onto anything I touch and washing my hands afterwards is a breeze. Washes right off. Good sign for later to wash off my arm ?! Course. Most importantly - NO STREAKING!

what what, my NY Giants jumper :) 

You can see that the hand with my tattoo on isn't as glowing as my opposite hand. Even gives off a nice glimmer when there's flash.

This instant tan is packed with natural goodies for our skin such as :

  • Grape Seed Oil : - powerful nutrient and antioxidant to keep skin supple and smooth.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract : - soothes and minimises the appearance of minor veins and blemishes.
  • Sweet Almond Oil & Macadamia Oil : - fine textured, sweet smelling oils to soften the skin.
  • Argan Oil : - signature KARORA ingredient to keep skin intensely moisturised.
  • Pure Pearl Mineral Powders : - evens out skin tone and rejuvenates dull, dry skin for a luminous finish.
Price : £13.50 / 125ml 

· c/o sample

Winter Glow with KARORA

Any beauty product that claims to have 18 (count them) different uses piques my interest. Think of the potential time, money, holiday suitcase and bathroom shelf space that could be saved!

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap is one of those rare products. Listed below are its alleged 18 different uses. I can’t say I tried all 18 (douche anyone?) but I certainly do think it’s a great product. It’s 100% organic and fair trade and contains only natural oils and fragrances. Apparently Eminem is also a fan and uses the peppermint scented soap to brush his teeth.

I tried the Almond scented soap as a shampoo, body, face and hand wash and found it so mild, gentle yet effective that I had no qualms in using it on a 21 month old baby. It really is that gentle. No SLS, paraffin or harmful chemicals - it simply washes (leaving behind a pleasant gentle almond scent) and was surprisingly moisturising too. Not that I recommend it, but you could just wash n’ go without adding moisturiser to your skin after a bath and you wouldn’t be left with that tight feeling you can get after using some soaps.

I also love the random sayings on the packaging. It’s not often that I read every word on the outside of a product (I normally stop after the ingredients) but when the wrapping is saying things like ‘love is a wilful bird, do you want it? It flies away’ and ‘absolute cleanliness is Godliness’ – how could I not?

Dr Bronner wasn’t a medical Dr but that aside, the soap is great; 70% of the proceeds go to charity and the packaging is 100% recycled. Good for you, the planet and your fellow man. And it’s less than £10 a bottle!

Besides, any soap that tells you that the Moral ABC (whatever that is) is the way mankind can achieve world peace is definitely worth a try!

The 18 uses of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap:

  • Shave
  • Shampoo
  • Dental
  • Soap bath
  • Peppermint is nature's own fragrant deodorant
  • A drop is the best mint toothpaste; brushes dentures clean
  • A dash in water is the ideal breath freshener and mouth wash
  • Use in hand wash dispensers, to clean uniforms and/or your baby
  • Dilute for ideal body rub
  • Foot bath
  • Douche
  • Hot towel massage the entire body, always towards your heart
  • Wash pets
  • Wash clothes, silk, wool and your dishes
  • Spritzer - body tingles head to toe - keeps cool
  • 3 dashes in water rinses most fruit and vegetables
  • 1/4 oz in qt H2O is a great pest spray
  • No rash diaper soap

Dr Bronner’s Soap

Who doesn't like nudes & golds when it comes to make-up ? I love it, it's the go to look when your creativity stifled. Yet sometimes it can need a slight umph every now and again.

Bold eyeliner either top or bottom can be that way forward. Gold Pop !

Using the gold of your choice and a brown in the crease to define - 
liquid eyeliner with a cat eye.

What I Used

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Shu Uemura Painting Liner G Gold

MAC Antique Gold Pigment
Sleek Au Naturel Palette Regal & Bark

Sleek Ink Pot Dominatrix
Rimmel Glam' Eyes Liquid Liner Black Glamour
NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
Barry M Dazzle Dust Kingfisher ( mixed with MAC Mixing Medium )

EOTD : Gold Pop