Week 1 - AOFM Foundation

Hey, hey, hey :)

How has everyone been ? Fantastic weekend?!

Soo for me week 1 is over, finished, kaput, no more, onto the next week.

I'm gutted - ONLY because it's my last week.

Week 1 - Foundation level. We covered this week :-

  1. Natural, Beauty, Glowing skin / Smokey eyes
  2. Bridal
  3. Eyebrows & Glamour 
  4. Catwalk & Fashion vs  Commercial & Advertising 
  5. Contouring / Highlighting
  6. Understanding photography lighting / colours - etc. 
Briefly working on a counter I only did a handful of make up on others. The training on that job wasn't good cos it didn't exist and doing makeup on yourself is a lot different than doing it on someone else. That's something I've been trying to get use to as it's quite foreign for me & scary.

I think I've been getting quite frustrated at myself cos I know I can do it but then I do dilly dally when it comes to doing my own make up - were running on a time limit. It's great to see how everyone's progressing and even myself how from Monday to Saturday how much more relaxed and confident I'm feeling. Saturday 21st I have my photoshoot at 9am which is where they bring in a model, hair stylist and photographer and we create two looks beauty & editorial. 

{ they may just kill me for this lol}

I wonder if you guys can guess which images are for what topic I studied !? 
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  1. Oooooo this sounds amazing, what course are u doing??? X

    1. I am doing the combined course - foundation & advanced :) x

  2. Ooooo this sounds do amazing, what course are u doing?? X

    1. I'm doing the combined foundation & advanced certificate x

  3. Looks like a great course, I am thinking of doing this one too! Do you get a shopping day where you get to build your kit, I know that you do on some of the courses but can't find out if you do for this particular one! x

    1. Yes we do, I actually have my shopping day tomorrow. It's a long day but should be fun. AOFM at the moment are seriously amazing. x

  4. Hi, I'm Nicole from the blog Romanian Princess. I just ran into your blog from my friends site, I love your blog && I'm your newest follower! PLEASE follow my blog back!


    XoXo Nicole Mariana

    1. Thanks ever so much for your comment and for following, I'll be sure to check your blog asap - take care xoxo

  5. I am starting with AOFM 3. nov.12 so so so thrilled. Thanks for this post.


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