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Founded in 1996 by Brook Harvey-Taylor, Pacifica Beauty has launched in the UK exclusively to Cult Beauty. The UK launch coincided with their 25th birthday.

Pacifica Beauty takes care of the environmental impact and conscious responsibility its products have. To ensure this, they stock vegan, cruelty-free formulas and plant-powered aromatherapy while also having their recycling programme.

Pacifica Beauty has something for everyone, from skincare, hair, makeup, suncare, bath & body and even fragrances. Their vegan collagen and lavender moon are 2 of their best selling collections, and I was kindly given a few products from those collections.

Lavender Moon Body Wash

Bath products are one of my favourites when it comes to winding down & the scent is everything. Lavender contains chemicals that rapidly absorb into our bloodstream that have a sedative and pain-relieving effect.

The Pacifica Lavender Moon range has a pure, light and fresh scent. I like that it's a pump bottle, so I can use it as much as I want without wasting the product.

A clear gel so there is no artifical colourants, it's gentle on the skin with zero irritation for me and gives a good amount of lather, which is a pro. The calming lavender scent that bursts out once it's pumped and water activated, I wish the scent was more long-lasting, which I would prefer but this could solved by having it paired with the other Lavender Moon products for longevity with the scent.

Purchase: Lavender Moon Body Wash £13.00

Coconut & Charcoal Underarm Detox Scrub

Have you ever considered switching to a natural deodorant? If you are, did you know? That it can take up to 30 days for your body to regulate. It'll purge all the aluminium in your armpits, while the bacteria that grows on sweat will give off that bad, b.o. But if this is the way you'd like to go, don't be discouraged. Dermatologists agree that three key ingredients, charcoal, clay and exfoliating acids, can help speed up that process.

Pacifica has an underarm detox scrub that'll help with ingredients such as apricot seed, charcoal and arrowroot powder. Arrowroot helps soak up moisture whilst the charcoal helps draw out bacteria, dirt and oil, allowing the apricot seed powder to exfoliate the underarm.

Purchase: Coconut & Charcoal Underarm Detox Scrub £19.00

Vegan Collagen Creamy Gel Cleanser

Gel cleansers are becoming a favourite of mine to use as they don't dry my skin out. I have combination skin in spring and summer, normal to oily, which can turn drier in autumn and winter. Pacifica's creamy gel cleanser is suitable for all skin types, gentle but effective to remove make-up, oil and daily residue. Vegan collagen is produced through a plant-based fermentation process, infused with a sulphate-free coconut base that doesn't strip but refreshes the skin.

Being that I have oily skin, a gel cleanser is ideal. This one is very gentle and effective. I've encountered no issues whilst using it, a creamy but lightly-scented gel that removes my make-up or just that end of day grime. Honestly, I've only been wearing a light-weighted make-up application and this cleanser allows me to double cleanse with one product.

Purchase: Vegan Collagen Creamy Gel Cleanser £21.00

Vegan Collagen Overnight Recovery Cream

While I'm rejuvenating, I let this cream do the night shift on my skin to wake up to a healthy and radiant complexion. Key ingredients; sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, Vitamin C, orange flower extract, Matricaria flower extra and vegan collagen have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and brightening properties.

I do a lot of nightly skin repairing and treatments, which means I like a thick moisturiser to ensure that the skin keeps hydrated. Suffering from dry patches due to the cold weather & central heating that's wreaking havoc. As this isn't too heavy, nor does it sit on top of the skin, I find it absorbs nicely while leaving a glow.

It carries a light floral scent, which is quite relaxing at night. It's soothing whilst helping the dry flakes within a couple of nights.

Purchase: Vegan Collagen Overnight Recovery Cream £31.00

Lavender Moon Body & Pillow Mist

Carrying the same scent as the body wash, it's dreamy and relaxing. Use this on your skin and-or pillow to help induce a relaxed sleep. I love that this doesn't smell artificial but reminds me of a lavender field. In combination with a weighted blanket, this has helped me relax more being settling down for bed.

Improving sleep is something I'm focused on, cos of late, my sleeping pattern has been inconsistent. I've begun using this on my body, pillow, blanket and headboard 30 mins before bed, not overpowering, gentle enough to have a few sprays on each area. Allows my body time to relax and produce melatonin, the hormone that promotes restful sleep.

I have noticed a change when I use this as opposed to when I don't, my biggest positive is that this is a body mist as well as to be used on pillows etc. A staple in my nighttime routine, having a good nights sleep is necessary and this year one goal is finding a routine that'll have me sleeping like a baby.

Purchase: Lavender Moon Body & Pillow Mist £12.00

So, let me know have you heard or used Pacifica before? Share your thoughts below.
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  1. Loving all the products you have showcased here! I have always wanted to go natural when it comes to deodorant, so would love to try the Coconut & Charcoal Underarm Detox Scrub

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